Casio PX-150
Casio PX-150

PX-150, Digital Piano from Casio in the Privia series.

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pianota 04/24/2014

Casio PX-150 : pianota's user review

«  Excellent value for money! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Digital piano 88 keys, 128 polyphony, ... (see net)

Connections common to other makes and models of similar range. Note two outputs stereo headphone jack; it can either connect two headphones (obviously) but also to use an output to amplify the keyboard and plug headphones into the second for a return (not via internal hp since the sound is muted but the return is still possible with a headset, it's not bad).

Many sounds, including several piano grand piano and classical piano (almost identical, the difference being the amount of reverb, which remains set for each sound), modern piano (more metal but realistic and very nice for the pop variety between other), a bright piano (not that much use to me) and finally a mellow piano (very soft, brightness is also adjustable for all sounds).

Different effects: reverb, brightness, chorus, touch sensitivity, balance to the superposition of sound (eg for piano duo strings, you can lower the volume of the violins and focus PIANOo, etc).

So the effects are classic, they are found on other competitors but the good point is the number of piano sounds available.


Keyboard very good (mechanical hammers but with 3 sensors against 2 yamaha p105), heavy just right, very inspired by the grand piano. The coating of the keys is nice, reasonably textured, beautiful work (I love this type of keyboard, I also a roland RP301 which also has imitation ivory). Well you catch the keys, dynamics and scale is good. The feeling is super good, I am surprised by casio, they were strong on this one; value for money is very interesting for this model!

My only complaint and this is why I am not 10, it's because the keyboard too noisy. In fact, the headphones volume or nearly full but it goes on playing muted means too keys back, it's a holy racket! The disadvantage of a very realistic keyboard, mechanical hammer ... I think if you cut the sound of an acoustic piano, surely we hear these noises too. Otherwise it was perfect.

Manual clear, simple config, flush


The sounds are really good, perhaps lacking a little bass to the piano but hey, this is quibbling. Different piano sounds make finding what you need for what you play, though!

I use the first 4 piano sounds (grand piano, classical, modern and mellow) and strings. The rest is gadget for me, useless except for experimental musicians or other ...

Realism so good and at this price is a bargain.

Internal HP does not completely convent noise keyboard phase of the game and do not fully convey the beauty of sound and sampling quality casio. The headphone is much better. A pity, then we know that the habit in this price range, little pianos offer HP satisfactory ...


I could compare several models: yamaha p35 (its ok, a lot of features and sounds and piano keyboard weighted plastic and friction sounds very unpleasant) / casio cdp 120 and 130 (its bad enough not sustain this but super keyboard / Korg SP170 (its ok, nonexistent graduation and keyboard too rubbery).

The PX150 therefore has some similar benefits p105 (sounds good, various functions, amplification, ...) and lower price. + For the casio (best keyboard feel and share) The - for casio (slightly limited connectivity the yamaha).

So for about 60 to 80 € less, the casio is a matter with respect to the yamaha. After the keyboard p105 is quite enjoyable to play and not noisy (it's still important), the sound is also very clean, etc ... If you can put a little more money, and according to his needs, from the p105 still a good idea. In fact, these two models are close and the choice is personal and exclusive responsibility of the customer, according to their expectations and needs.

For my part, I wanted a simple keyboard (without multiple functions such as yam), with an imitation ivory keyboard (while the yam is plastic) and cheapest possible. Hence my choice ...