Casio WK-7500
Casio WK-7500
John-Michael Mahnke 07/23/2015

Casio WK-7500 : John-Michael Mahnke's user review

« Nice instrument »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I`ve played the Casio WK-7500 in a music store a while back. It can really imitate the draw bars on a Hammond organ. And they have all kinds of instrumental sounds to it, and a transpose button when your not use to playing in a different key. The only thing that I don`t like about it is that there`s no midi jack on it which is very rare, and the same goes with the other Casio WK series. But over all it`s a very fun instrument to take along to the beach or so, when you put batteries in it to play and have some fun.