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  • Gemini DJ CDJ-700

    Gemini DJ CDJ-700 - "A fantastic unit from Gemini finally! " has images


    So far I absolutely love this unit. Over the past 2 years or so, Gemini have seem to have turn a corner in the quality of there products. However, it's not a Pioneer. But it is a close facsimile. And I love that. People have been saying that Gemini h…

  • Gemini DJ CDJ-700

    Gemini DJ CDJ-700 - "Good audio output"


    The CDJ 700 is a table top unit from Gemini and it is average at best. The quality of it was not as good as I though it should have been coming from Gemini. I understood that it was priced pretty low but coming from some of the other units that I ha…

  • Gemini DJ CDJ-250

    Gemini DJ CDJ-250 - "Does not play all types of CD's"


    The CDJ 250 is not rackable, it is a table top CD player that is not very good. The jog wheel is pretty big though. It is a great starting point for a digital style DJ who wants to learn the ins and outs of mixing music digitally. There is a backlit …

  • Gemini DJ CDJ-700

    Gemini DJ CDJ-700 - "Lots of bugs!!!"


    Im sure it is a good product, but in my case I've had lots of problems with them due to the dozens of bugs they have... I guess it is because they have a pretty old firmware (2.6.9) I also know there is the latest one (4.1) which might fix most of th…

  • Gemini DJ CFX 40

    Gemini DJ CFX 40 - FP User's review


    Features are good. Personally I believe, all a dj needs to make a fair enough set is a cue button, a play button, a pitch control and maybe a loop in/loop out/reloop but these duals offer much more, including scratching, 5 controllable effects, +/- 4…

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  • Gemini DJ CDJ-210

    Gemini DJ CDJ-210 - " Gemini CDJ-210 Reviews"


    I is platinum since October 2013 it is very good but we started to lace quickly the plate (I recommend for anyone who knows nothing is started wish) I use with Behringer Djx- 750 very good mixer. I wish the past has proffesionel (Pioneer) type: CDJ-1…

  • Gemini DJ CDJ 650

    Gemini DJ CDJ 650 - " Bad"


    I used 6 months, as the third stage. I use Denon DNS 1200 home and Pioneer CDJ 850 in the evening. Most: - The price - Color screen, small but usable form Wave - USB playback, fast and reliable. - Possible use with Traktor / Virtual DJ /…

  • Gemini DJ CDJ-300

    Gemini DJ CDJ-300 - " CD player cheap"


    From: 10 days Yes, but a lot for rent. I needed a backup CD player The more its price, she knows how some simply and reads all formats The least: loading CD by platinum, not listening when moving in the title, no display of securities of a CDA …

  • Gemini DJ CDJ-210

    Gemini DJ CDJ-210 - " beginner and the amateur player that you need"


    yesterday the pair is mine I had already tested several times before it has 3 years but they are still alive Then I go through turntable dj controller numark tt tech i mix reload, numark axis 4 jb'system 200 denon dns 700 this board should…

  • Gemini DJ CDJ 650

    Gemini DJ CDJ 650 - " Excellent!"


    How long have you use it? February 2013 What is the particular feature you like best and least? Plus: jog correct size - Screen - reactivity of platinum The least: Charging time USB and CD Have you tried many other models before buying it? …