Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2

CDJ-500 MK2, Tabletop DJ player from Pioneer in the CDJ series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 17 reviews )
 9 reviews53 %
 7 reviews41 %
Value For Money : Excellent

DGEKAD's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good platinum like the road well!"

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
I use a pair bought 120 euros .... leb, the plates are nickel, no scratches no malfunction only track search button to search for a title kidding, sometimes it works but most often this key no longer works so I must return with reverse search button.
Just if someone could give me a tip for cleaning track search buttons I'm interested ...
Maybe I just need to disassemble and clean?

As I'm on deck technics sl 1210 mk2, I also had the ttx Numark TT500 Numark, Vestax pdx2000, stanton st 150, I've always preferred vinyl to cd but as I sometimes do not always find the titles I want I bought the cdj 500 because I did not have much to invest in a way to CDJ 1000 or 800.

What I like most is its simplicity of use, loop / reloop is great but what I love is the accuracy of the pitch ... It is clear that the cdj 500 mk2 is not very young but if you stumbled upon a pair that turns nickel is a case for a small budget for people who would like to learn mix ...

I now turn to cdj 1000 mk3 because I need a cd deck in order to stall and launched as on vinyl ... In addition the price has dropped, I found a pair of cdj 1000 mk3 with 400 euros so no problem I am more than satisfied but I still keep my cdj 500 to troubleshoot if there is a problem ...

alainb29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
Hello, some of you have experienced problems with the cdj 500 II, if my experience can serve you is this:
I bought 2 used cdj, as announced in working order, the salesman came to deliver me at home, we tried a few minutes, it worked, hard for me to accuse him of bad faith reading began to jump once it's gone ... The cd was rubbing on the optical shutter. I try the other four keys not working ... Being an electronics specialist but not of this material, I have everything removed, and inverted the top one on the bottom of the other, it works. It remains to fix the other: I moved up slightly from the support disc at once cd screwdriver closer to the axis to distort nothing, checked the height with a card-type payment card placed on the support for visualize its height relative to the axis, the more friction but a "tac-tac" disturbing blowing up the optical block. The night with the board, the idea came from two periods of sleep and if I had damaged the surface with the screwdriver? Bingo! I moved up to fourth coat, it runs well. Remains the key: cola sank in, limiting the race (0.3 mm). I ordered 10, they are basic and cost 22 cents coins. The tests I made in the shunting are positive.
Ask me your questions if you have, I will try to answer.

frifrih's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Grandmother of CDJ"

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
I use a pair for almost two years.

It's simple and efficient, no frills:
-CUE/PLAY Usual (legacy)
Change-loop with the exit point
-Pitch + / -10%
-Jog (recess)

This is the first model to have the CDJ master tempo so it's far from what is done now but it's enough if you do not look too far on the pitch (or so we deactivate).

I had little money to spend so I took what I thought was simple and takes the road of opportunity ... My curls do not work very well but hey it seems to me that they had already lived before and I have opened the hood to see what was inside so it's not very surprising.

Before buying the stuff I learned about thus associated with the CDJ 400, 800, 800 MK2, MK3 and 1000 on Denon forgot the model. We find the simplicity of the layout of Pioneer.

I really do not know if it's worth it to invest in CD players of this type at present. Albeit at the cost which they occur is a good start with solid low-cost

davaso's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Of SL1200 MK2 CD ..."

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
So it's been 12 years since I work with and frankly, nothing wrong! never broke down (just take care of it!) a cue ultra fast, a loop / reloop ultra precise unlike other models already tested! when I bought them, I had a choice with cleaving TSB, Chesley OXO and CDJ500 II and frankly, I have no regrets! The day they let me go, I take the Pioneer!


Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
I do not use it again I am trying to reparrer (for purchase in poor condition)
but I have already had occasion to use them AT THE TIME
they are pure jewels.

+ She has all the controls bring hands the key is available in large format is svplait
+ I love the size of the AC drives gives the impression of having the real stuff not the toy kind cdj100
+ End loop direction is the beginning of high-end pioneer (proof that the cdj100 and a toy 3 effect has 2 balls)

I have already try the cdj 800 cdj 100 and the I have the denon dns 3000 possess in 2004 to buy nine
that I have to stop mix sold for 5 years and I'm back I 'm there with my hands through existing finance
I love everything about these players and I prefer by far to cdj100 gadget that make too much for my taste
no function and three loop effect 2balles I have already a nuo 5 for the effects

The value for money and excellent when found in good condition for my part I have to pay 200 euro per pair
and I knew I had to change the optical block and a switch on one of the season player, but I do it myself not too much I pay just the price of the pieces.

Yes I ever did not hesitate this choice with the same budget fesait his 10 years that I wanted I sai s' is a little crazy to say that when we possess the denon dns 300 new but I lisai all sonomag THE TIME and I relive the years that I 've not known level stuff somewhere s' was the top al the time.
DJ josh04/11/2009

DJ josh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
I use the plate that I bought 6 years of OCAS

frenchie C bomb this stage I collect from u prob I just Emen for service after the purchase to make a good RVision jj'ai but no prob particulire!
function the cert its not a large cue trs a quick loop reloop master tempo pitch last 10% of which gives a good basis for a dj and s'clat can do in the world in good condition! pir Platinum C date of 12 or 13 years of age and I'll assume it always turns rivals and always! C ke meillieur the platinum did not this kind of memory vrment buffer or other memory ki gaug a little tonight so the cd will load your frenchie IMDi Bravo pioneer ilon hard to put this plate and I think the rsulta is still there!! C aillieur of my prfr ch veiled to those pioneer ki MKII loves me I susi Diron ke ch naz naz one but not the love too grav jes C Platinum
then for the report quality is the price I bought ocaz but I think she has the pok val every penny!
qu'avc I think the number of argument I will always be given the choice I C is the platinum is still a lil advice ailieur autan tale by putting them in a rack or case for it like it CDJ too large return air bass mode (for the gro fades back in full face pence a rack that protects the vibration (no memory on this kind of shock apareil)

I advice not C Platinum Only hosts dj who launched this spineless good mix of platinum dmar stroke to the second but not 2h after seeing YUFA cue on the button!
if not for the music fades in house or LTRO This board will do a good acompagné DJM600 ou800 addition to good effect ...
Long live the CDJ 500 II C of the bomb the ga!!

jaminou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
A friend had made me try I was on SL1200 AT THE TIME is the first platinum cd or I felt at ease since I have cdj1000mk3 but good to mix very well go cdj500

flo0210's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
Use for 15 days (I bought a pair for nothing 3X!
(I usually mix on vinyl: technics MK2)
The +: Simplicity of use, trs prcis pitch (+ / - 0.1% 10 prs), jog and prcis enjoyable, the auto-cue, to Get You Started on the first bass of the song: impeccable! Raction time the play button trs good ... and ... reading the cd and cdr.
The -: its size!
I tried the cdj 1000 Mk3. (500 cdj's not ashamed to share options ....)

Report quality unbeatable prices during a mug if you OCCAZ good!

I do it again without hsiter this choice rather than to a registered bank or altenative a new product today ...

Colyder's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
- How long have you use it?

It is now two years since I use this bike. I buy used a mouth bread. I let a very late notice, almost 10 years after the release of the product!

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

The big particularity of this CD is its simplicity and robustness. Even in the time machine never showed me one sign of weakness. In short, you will find the essential functions of a CD player for DJs and a loop!

- How do you report qualitprix?

The purpose of this commentary is to guide the buyer used that do not want to put a large sum in a very robust machine. Pioneer does not disappoint in this regard (unlike the early models CDJ 100s that fall down all the time because of the optical unit or power supply). In short if you buy a hsitez CD drive troubleshooting, choose the CDJ500, you will not be on it (unless the seller made the above gross!).

-With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

No problem! Ah, if only I had had before!

bigdav's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer CDJ-500 MK2
I used them more than 5 years and I had already purchased ocaz! Good stuff, simple, robust and ergonomic. But buying a 500 or even a nine 500s now would be like buying a brand new renault 14 left in stock while at the same price you could have a megane! Let's be serious, c'tait an excellent machine in its day but now the cdj 100 and best 200 in the bcp offers more for the same price! Otherwise it is nickel for beginners and low budget.
Damn new or Cdj 500 of OCCAZ? Choose the Pioneer without hsiter!
In fact a small ngatif point: It is sensitive to vibration and small bumps.