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  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LSW

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LSW - "Big Feet Board~!"


    Having cut my teeth on a short ludwig Speed King, my size 13 feet have never been efficient.. The extremely smooth surface and long board allow me to do sliding or heel toe doubles with ease. It is so fast and responsive it feels like an extension of…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS - "Solid, high-value, quality drum pedal"


    I'm a professional drummer and I've been an avid user of Tama drums and hardware for over a decade already. I like Tama's drum products because of its great value, high sound and aesthetic quality, and its legendary durability. I've owned and pla…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LSWL

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LSWL - " Very good stuff"


    I use it for 4 months, in rehearsal and in the concert. I played before on a Pearl Eliminator. I think both are very good products but the spring under the pedal of the Speed ​​Cobra allows a better return of the pedal and (for me) a better flow…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS - " Magic"


    I use this double killing for three days, waiting to be filled to write a post but it's done. My old double pedal was a pretty basic Sonor single chain but very good quality for this price, even if I dropped, I do not speak ill. At the store I fir…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS - " Do not buy! !"


    I do not speed cobra I was able to try before you buy the Mapex killings that are the falcon! ! ! Then the speed cobra there was a demo with a game less than 1 cm on the left and a bat in return for the same repair blem! ! Ouahh cool enough! ! And I'…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS - " Hallucinating"


    I acquired this pedal (single version, I play mostly jazz) today. I was looking for a new pedal to replace mine, I bought a 6000 m2 store in Germany where a lot of pedals were in the test position on kick-pads, next to each other. Already there was…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS - " Incredible"


    I've had 2 days, but the sound! Power, fluidity! it's just magic! the difference in power, compared to a iron cobra "normal" type Powerglide, is dazzling. even a 210 sixteenth note is kept in a power game crazy. it's a real pleasure to play, jerky…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS - Drummyra's review


    * For how long have you been using it? Since late November 2010! * What thing do you like most/least about it? +: - No need to get lost in the settings, I installed, I adjusted the angle of the bat, and personally, immediately satisfied! - It'…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS - " Speed speed cobra"


    I just separate myself from my dw 5002 accelerator, I was 4 years too heavy to make parts faster. after many settings, be I never really been satisfied. I intended to use an iron cobra rolling glide as I saw this new double! Well even if i was a b…