Fender American Standard Telecaster [2012-2016]
Fender American Standard Telecaster [2012-2016]

American Standard Telecaster [2012-2016], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the American Standard series.

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All user reviews for the Fender American Standard Telecaster [2012-2016]

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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lovir's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Standart excellent!"

Fender American Standard Telecaster [2012-2016]
fabrquée the USA in the Corona factory in California in detail:
Alder body, maple neck, maple Touche, 22 frets Medium Jumbo Scale: 648 mm, 1 micro Custom Shop Twisted Tele (neck) and 1 micro Thomann Custom Shop Broadcaster (bridge) in Mystic Red colors look great, Delivered Case Fender SKB
It's all good !!


the handle is very nice as the up line telecaster, the frets are not prominent but well polished and finished, the varnish is brushed on the handle, shiny and smooth button = a treat! side access to acute and balance it's not a show
the level I give you the following below ......


then with microphones Custom Shop that comes finish the praise I did before.
in clean is happiness, the range is really wide with the tone that does not overwrite the medium. with a little crunch or even distortion of this shipment, the blues and rock (not hard) rings without problems, there is the sound.
Vox AC15 and played on Mesa Boogie Studio 22+


I have a few months, I have a TV with a P90 and a Les Paul.
the +:
-The handle
-the original custom shop pickups
-the tone control that does not overwrite the medium
-the sound palette
the - I have not found
Go for it is that good!

c2boss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent guitar"

Fender American Standard Telecaster [2012-2016]
Tele U.S. standard so everything is standard :) I leave you to the literature of web


his strong point: an ultra easy handle, late, great access, it's always weird to go from strat to the TV, it always seems to be faster on the TV.
it is a bit heavy but hey nothing dramatic.
I do not know why Fender strives to deliver his guitars in 9/42, even though the anchors and colors that do not always talk to ... but overall a TV, it plays better on tie a little harder this is a guitar that should therefore slams into him!


My TV has long been connected to a Hot Rod ... and I've always been frustrated because of screaming treble made, it is true that television is a guitar that beats faster in the high mids and I found that the combination VOX / TV sounded better, a more compressed bit rounder ... TV is my favorite machine funky casserole!


Me, it is my Heart Guitar, less versatile and less tolerant than my strat, it's still a great guitar clear sound saturated, she left for planif keep playing it but I hope to make it re- back in my rig soon

ColDay's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE modern telecaster"

Fender American Standard Telecaster [2012-2016]
Or the manufacturer site for specs.
To summarize, this is one of the oldest solidbodies, in a version that has adapted to the passing of time :)


The handle is an example of ergonomics. For me, the perfect shape, not too thick or too thin. Skiing is perfect with a very fine polish.
My only complaint is the glossy varnish key. This does not shock the touch, but visually I think it misses the mark.
Weight: 3.6 kg. Perfect for my taste, and very well balanced. Live dates 3 hours without back pain! Especially as cutting stomach is a blessing for me (as it seems to be a heresy to the purists).
But anyway, I think a purist of the tv is not supposed to move to the standard range.
Here we are in the modern tv, it sounds clean, it holds tuning, it is easy to play. Nevertheless, this does not mean sterile, there is always so much fun to get him in, because I must admit, a tele, it's like this ...
Small precision: the guitar is very resonant, which bodes well for as the question of its.
Finally here, the guitar is perfectly finished, the new SKB case for me is the top of the box guitar, it seems indestructible, it closes perfectly and is very well done inside.


I play mainly rock broadly, and I found that I was THE guitar.
After extensive standard 2006 Tele tried a friend, I fell for the specs of the 2012, and I do not regret my choice. It sounds as good or better than the 2006, it has more sustain (it resonates most is probably linked ...), and it is more lightweight and comfortable (thank you cut).
I will not detail the typical sound that everyone knows.
Just this standard, the sound is divine, very clean (no buzz, parasite), very defined and devilishly dynamic. And at all levels of gain, which few can boast guitar.
It is a treat to any self-respecting good amp.
I play guitar in a Marshall 2061X head and a Tiny Terror, and 2 amps fit him like a glove.


You guessed it, I love this guitar.
I ordered it in black / maple neck, and I replaced the pickguard for a black (tone on tone, the coup). It is beautiful, comfortable, light, and sounds of hell ... What else?

MacB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Simply superb, impressive, solid!"

Fender American Standard Telecaster [2012-2016]
Fender telecaster american standard 2012 Made in USA, California
Fender vintage bridge
Mance said modern C
22 frets
A neck pickup custom shop, fender telecaster twisted
A micro custom shop, fender telecaster broadcaster
2 volume knobs (tone / Master)
A micro horizontal type selector
Available with a maple or rosewood handle.

For colors (see the site builder small charge for some color)

All necessary equipment maintenance of the guitar (keys, cloth etc.) is provided.

FENDER a polyester strap is provided (cloth)

A small badge with the serial number is registered, that is found on the handle.

Comes in a rigid solid drive, with a sort of coating stuffed inside.

Mounted in 10/46 delivery for pulling.

Unlike their American sisters in 2008, Fender used two microphones to high range with the same kind of wiring. Only the violin, the knobs, the knob, the mechanics, the bridge (vintage), the output connection on the side are standard. A standard guitar, high quality here!


First the handle, it is important that I describe in this notice, because it can be confusing at first, let's be clear without being impracticable.

Handle a modern C profile this to say that as far as we descend gradually the shape of the handle widens, leaving the thumb switch on the back of the neck, which is firstly avoid any kind of tension and other risk tandinite hand after a long period together. Stick in my unusual for a telecaster, since the old handle longer fits within a traditional C shape like the sleeves 60 years, with this new round here we are in something new for a telecaster. An adjustment period will eventually be necessary depending on the sensitivities of individuals, which remain very short time in all cases.

Ergonomics different here again, since a cut called "stomach" was laid to her cousins ​​as stratocaster, which may disappoint purists telecaster, however this leads to a higher level of comfort while standing as ascise .

The weight as light as a GIBSON SG STANDARD or CLASSIC, about 3 kg, which is quite light for an electric guitar.

Access to acute usual for a telecaster, according to the sensitivities it may vary the minimum practicable practicable. For me, being accustomed to a Gibson SG and possessing doights normal (not pliers, nor too late doights too big), I did not open.

This gives her a "stunning", I would say excellent (much better than her sisters in 2008 or even Mexican "baja"), for a standard guitar, a very warm, ranging from a cozy bluesy / jazzy blues to rock, rock , indie rock / alternative, punk, hard rock, metal might see (not being tested at the metal musician but I think the pickups are very versatile), with pickups whose bass / midrange and treble are relatively balanced for a telecaster we are actually here on micro high ranges of the manufacturer.


It suits my styles found in the following spectrum:
Blues / Blues Rock / Rock / Indie Rock / Alternative Rock.

I plug this guitar into a amp PRINCETON REVERB 65. I generally get the clean sound, but also crunchy, and the big rock. Its a relatively stable balance. She tolerates the overdrive or fuzz or other distortion. For my part, I just use a boost and that is enough for the use I have, my pulling the rope is 11/48 (reinforcement of low / medium accentuates the balance of microphones in my opinion, with more pulling power than a 10/46 already mounted on it). The tuners are accurate and reflect the agreement, the bridge and balancing of the handle is nickel!

+ Sound: warm sound, very sixties / seventies see roots / blues that can be easily obtained with these two high-end microphones. We are very far Nocaster sounds like 51 or 52, very country in mind, these are hot microphones, balanced and velvety, and finally sustain sick (I love!)

Sound - I have nothing negative to say.


Overall I use it for one month, this is by far the best guitar purchase I could do for now (as used previously GIBSON). This guitar deserves the honors, and a big THANK YOU to FENDER for the quality of this instrument, for machining quality standard, it is a very beautiful instrument. We feel that this guitar will take time. I hesitated between GIBSON FIREBIRD V 2010, and this one, knowing that I had a crush on the FIREBIRD, however I had a sort of "presentiment" that made me changed my mind, and I left on this beautiful instrument, I do not regret rien.Un price / quality ratio more than correct to see the best of the new home market in 2012 until now (June). A council go ahead! Try here it is a beautiful and a good guitar!

Pros: overall impression of strength which is felt
an incredibly brilliant!
a handle ultra comfortable (after short adaptation time)
ultra versatile!

the -: a single point that is not really negative, an adjustment period (short) with this new race for Telecasters!

With experience I will ever choose this course!