Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
Fender Classic '50s Telecaster

Classic '50s Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

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All user reviews for the Fender Classic '50s Telecaster

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 9 reviews )
 3 reviews33 %
 5 reviews56 %
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MGR/Aaron's review"Fender 50's Telecaster"

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
I recently purchased this guitar at a local music store it was origionaly priced at 649 but I talked them down to 540.

The thing i like most about this guitar (and everyone should like most about the guitar they buy) is the tone I get. I have a Stratocaster and the tone from the Telecaster is entirely different. You can play any chords and they will sound excelent not like on strats ware it can sound a little to cluttered, if that makes sense. I also like the vintage styling of the guitar, and the action on it is fast. And thats the way I like it.

This is just what I like about the instrument but I own it so im probly parcial to it.

The only thing I don't like about the guitar is that the sadles on the bridge don't have groves for the strings to sit in. Thus making bends harder then usual. And playing on .12s I need all the help i can get if you know what i mean.

Im not sure how to answer this. its a fender from mexico so the production process isn't that bad, nothing like an americian tho. No visible flaws or anything.

This guitar is an amazing thing to play. You hardly have to play it seems to almost play itself. It fits me like a dream and looks good too. It gives that clasic muddy waters or merle haggard tone.

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tonton.michalon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" twang twang that is?"

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
already said elsewhere


it's a telecaster so we like it or not. Personally I love this type of handle.


Seen other reviews that say the sound of the microphones is not top. Well, I'm not too agree. Already on to see what our friends plug their guitars. If it's on a roland cube or transistors thing they can do what they want it never ring. Character mine is plugged into a Fender Hot Rod and frankly it's a good level, both on the neck pickup that bridge. I'm not a fan of distorted sounds so I can not really judge what type of use.


the telecaster I have had in a classic vibe which I regretted. Except that Japanese and Korean Squiers. The latter to 320 € I did not hesitate even as the state was good and it was dated 2007, therefore, already a little bottle. Only big flaw the bridges of the bridge that are really crap. Replaced with brass saddles.

fredcaster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good scratch"

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
Mexico again in 2001!
ash body (ash north), not the swamp but heavier! so guitar heavy enough! maple neck, no complaints!


see above


see below


since 2001
correct the poor has had several upgrades that I get to the sound I wanted! I already turned the bridges of origin for brass bridges to mitigate the side of too loud beast ... then I choose on another of my TV (US standard 92) the microphone that seemed too dull on us, but give an optimal view on this because I think cele unlike the wood used for the body! then tuning in Open of G and it has become more than well ....

brac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Good little "reissue" of the original model"

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
see features on other reviews which are also very close to mine but cool micro switch to change the basic pots vintage mechanical hold well so I will change not


the handle is very roots and that's what I like. thick and round (not in C and D or "parenthesis rather flat like that =)) and the key is also very round (radius or curvature radius short enough so important). all this is that it fits comfortably in your hand without adopt "strong." It's definitely not stick up down to 30000 notes per second but I know not play like that then I do not care and comfort is top for me (thumb on top rather as barred with the index if you see what I mean) and lots of my friends grateux elsewhere. That says a great big stick can help sustain more important when you shake well. The weight of this channel but not good , need to exercise to beef up the back ... The access to treble is "normal" but you can do with (go and see the boss springsteen which reproduces video the song "She's the One" with solo funny)


Then the sound: it's true that good microphones origin are somewhat arbitrary, so I quickly changed for texas special and it's nicer, less aggressive in keeping the color of the Telecaster, which I wanted. I did not change the mechanisms that are not bad but not perfect, nor the knobs and it should not delay. It must be said that nowadays, the guitars of this price (550 € it is 3600 bales) manufacturers are all subject to problems of "capitalism" basic: not too expensive but not too perfect. So the violin is not too bad (it's not 40 years of wood drying either, in those ranges it's still kind of autoclave garden (a little while baking and drying for 1 month if it was By the time ...). cons they catch on pretty crappy electronics in general. I saw it on 2 other free "low end" that I purchased: the Flying V reissue epiphone guitar 67 = from 360 € rigolotte but I changed the pickups to seymour duncan 2 and knobs are still changing and it sounds better already. Ditto ibanez AFS75T (half body with bigsby) for the moment but I have not changed any electronics is to discard (without micro "body" knobs for the deco ...) In conclusion I have neither the means nor the desire to buy guitars over 700 € so I take these small models ( for the look and sound especially) but I always end up changing the pickups and knobs and cables (see cables shit when you open the plates, I would not in my house is so cheap. anyway we will ever have the quality of a vintage these prices


Another thing: the paint and that's where we can have fun. I had white blond because I already form a sunburst Stratocaster (the 2 colors proposed for these Mexican classic. And I wanted wood color I appeal to the varnish ... it's not vintage at all these varnishes : from the wood was first a layer of silicone or Teflon but I know it's been almost 1 mm thick and it should not make the sound. Then the final nail color, very fine. So while I napped. Here's how for those who do not like these varnishes (note the neck has a lacquer "classic" that I have not touched). So I started everything off the plate pickups, bridge, knobs of the plate. I have not touched the handle (so much for the layer remaining between the handle and the table). I started back with a hairdryer and a small chisel (take a spatula or thin), not to cut, just to take off. Heat gently about 10 cm and then with a chisel without attacking the wood, raise the silicone coating of shit that comes off easily if broadband was well heated whole area. As soon as it resists, you must warm up. and that's LOTS more beautiful now. reassembling the bridge and setting the top rope has since turned almost 1 mm. and after the final walk on the forums violin, I applied to cloth or wax Carnoba Karnoba I know. It Boooo. Well it sure is scratching at the 550, the microphones 115 and knobs made it to 20-30 € 695 € but it makes a good tv come I love them notice a bit long but I am glad to find reviews when I then sought must be given a bit too. I've been playing for 35 years, I have a takamine folk a seagull machine performance (very good guitar at 650 €, an Epiphone Flying V 1967 reissue for the basic look, ibanez semi bigsby fund, an imitation Start the 1993 Tour a box that has disappeared (and valley blues Van Zandt with microphone (it's expensive and it's great ...) and amp Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series, koch amp studiotone 20 W (the ball) photos soon on my profile thank you to the other notice me always help

Izzy11's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
So this makes Tele Has the land of cactus, it has 21 frets (that's enough!), The handle is in C, but I have not taken so long to tame, contrary to other opinions. However, I play primarily on Les Paul. Fender Vintage Tele Bridge by.
Its main quality is his violin, which will allow you to evolve the way you want. Many things can be exchange of a skyscraper, but not the violin. It's like putting an engine in a 2CV Ferral, a will not rev quickly, because the chassis is not deudeuche to accommodate such an engine (wow comparison !...).
Micros original trs blah is what I had failed to tip the ct of Highway plutt: they taient trs draft ds the saturation point the tip of his nose, and the output level of silent way too low.


Channel C. Guitar heavier than my old Squier Start, but less than my Les Paul. Access in acute pain is more than the ais Les Paul, but it's not my style, I will not cheese.
So I say great for my neck, because it does a Matre RULES (!): Radius corrected string around the right height, and I swear it's become a highway overnight. No, not an Ibanez guitar shredder or other well-sr, but I do want to hear "you have to tame the handle of a Tele is a long time".
I upgrade with 2 Seymour Duncan STL-2 and STR-2: micro-trs mind Tele twang, but with a large output level, a balance and not too sharp turns to the screaming like the original pickups. I am one of those who find the output level too low gnralement on a Tele.
I use my broad Tele: blues improvisation cushy, a little Clapton, Hendrix, and until the M-to-distortion pedals with a lamp (Blackstar HT Dual).


As I've dj said, I am mostly player Les Paul (Slash).
But I could not do without my TV on the dserte ... The STR-2 micro SD is a marvel for a few rhythmic blues, and then you go on APRS improvisation on the bridge pickup STL-2 ... I just wanted to test the microphones and NLT-1 TRPA-1 SD from home also, for ct fuller and Alnico, but I feared their average output level too ... and to play more "round", I dj my Les Paul.
I play on a Marshall amp DFx transistor 50, which will be replaced by an ending for Blackstar HT-5 lamp (phew!). I actually test it with my Tele rcemment, and sound, even if it is not typical Fender, will remain a good compromise between my LP and this Tele (but we don ' is not to make the review of the Blackstar HT-5!).
In short, to the sound, see what I say dj on micro SD. Only problem: this requires a change in scratching microphone. But the good side of the mdaille is to say that it is worth it, our answer Submitted violin making.


I use it for 6 months. Report qualitprix reasonable, but it is changing the pickups, it seems inevitable I got (was only my opinion).
I do it again this choice without hsiter ... APRS be compared with a Highway One this time, or at least an equivalent team of violin Tele pickups Texas.

cortmgm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
As in the photo, 2 tone sunburst I changed the plate


Channel access to proper limits without acute ergonomics mean: no chamfer playing comfort means: the bends have to be earned, you have to play violently agreements to ring


A good guitar rock 'n roll arrangements out great for rhythm is the top is much more rock, more powerful than a strat ..... more chest attention, it still blows a lot when one or other of distortion nice neck pickup (this is not a Stratocaster neck pickup) pickup: SOUND .... it stings the ears, c too good a change of pickups and it's great for nirvana rock, blues, funk not good for metal EDIT: a change in pickups and even better, a chgmt easel and after it's all good

Philou37's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
Everything has been said I think about this little Mexican.
I have white blonde model since 2000.


I love this handle typical tele U 50 '. It will not suit all hands. To try before you buy.
The weight is quite big. The body is ash, not ash swamps.
The violin is very correct.
The frets are thin and sharp. I play a lot, and the handle has already suffered a correction, and the frets are very worn, I'm good this year for a refrettage. It is true that I go very thick ropes, and I play a lot in Bend with a vibrato that does not help ...


The original pickups are average ...
Given the quality of the violin, do not hesitate to change them.
They are not made for amateur use.


For me, one must be telecaster ash handle with Mapple. It's silly, but I love that sound twangy and very sharp medium.
Models alder and ebony or rosewood are a bit too muffled for me.

All that to say that it is difficult to find € 750 for a violin corect ash.
With a change of pickups (+ bridges in brass) you get a very good instrument that does not blush with the highway and see the same concurencer standard inquiry us ...
This choice I would do without hesitation, knowing that there is now a version already equipped with Miros worthy of the violin: the classic player 50 'tele ...

Mazesmood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
So as he said prcdemment t I will not repeat myself too much, except that I changed the pickups, I put up two humbuckers in simple format


The neck is super enjoyable, the very first time that I had in hand, has acted as if we knew it was dj trs natural.
The grip is correct but it is a bit heavy all the same.


This is the perfect guitar for my style even if I opt for a change of pickups. I play blues and rock.
I play with is a ToneLab amp will be my fallen angel ashdown


It'll be a year since I have and it's always a rgal as the Avoi in my hands.
The default is small mics, I have often said, but the I found the right marriage

BertiB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
Version mexico then, bought new in 2002 for € 800. It is white (white blonde they say). This is a reissue of the 50's as the name indicates the color and slightly translucent and deep reveals the wood grain filigree. It is beautiful and enhances the mood Holy buddy, what 50s. Channel crude form of time (flatter than the current TV), two simple microphones, a volume, one tone and a three position selector. no vibrato strings through the body and are accorchées back. Quality of the finish very good.
I do not see why j'mets 8 to let the US more likely :-)


The handle is very nice, large flat, very easy to wander nothing n'accorche the 18th to the first box. The access to the latest boxes is harder because the handle screw fixation gene hand (it's a TV in any case not a shredder guitar ...) or to 9 / 10


For pop, vintage rock blues is great and a fender amp it sounds a hell or 10/10 (on a marshall bof but I do not like the sound marshall matter of taste)

A round very bright and clear with the bridge pickup. The neck pickup gives a warm / smooth (roico what) medium / bass blues perfect for my taste and for solos like David Gilmour. The sustain is very good at his clear, beautiful arpeggios and all the strings ring. there is not much bass on this guitar.

If we're talking, of course saturation is limited because the microphones are simple. Chuck Berry sound up or Gilmour Police perfect sound Satriani or Metallica forget (or buy a pedal?)


I play the guitar for almost 15 years, this is my second guitar. I also have a Rickenbacker. I bought this guitar because it is very complementary of Ricken (have you ever tried a bend on a Ricken ... hello string tension). I use it for solos and arpeggios for sounds brilliant (like police) or low-saturated medium and hot (such Pink Floyd). If I had to buy it back, I'll do it with eyes closed .. and then it's so much more beautiful and less banal than a Start (matter of taste but life is nothing else ...)