Trace Elliot Audio & music gear
6(6), 12-Band(4), 7-Band(1)
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Trace Elliot Audio & music gear user reviews

  • Trace Elliot V-Type V8

    Trace Elliot V-Type V8 - "V8 - The Behemoth" has images


    I played Trace Elliot amps since the early 90's and I own a few amps like the RAH600SMX, AH-300, Hexa Valve and now the V-Type V8. Next to the Trace Elliot amps I own Ampeg SVT-CL, Hiwatt DR103, DR201, Weber MyWatt 400 and Marshall 3530, so I have…

  • Trace Elliot garry miller

    Trace Elliot garry miller - "Trace elliot TA35CR" has images


    What a great amp ..Have owned and gigged this amplifier for 30 years with no trouble at all.. wonderfull sounding rich amplifier and from a world known Bass amplifier maker... Their reputation is well deserved..I paid £1600 for this in the nineti…

  • Trace Elliot GP7-SM

    Trace Elliot GP7-SM - "great amp"


    The Trace Elliot GP7 is a solid state bass guitar amplifier. Like the name states, it delivers 115 watts of power. It has two 1/4 inch inputs and also has an XLR output if you want to send a direct input signal to your audio interface or PA system. I…

  • Trace Elliot 715X

    Trace Elliot 715X - moosers's review


    The Trace Elliot 715 X is a top tier bass guitar combination amplifier. I've used this for recording electric bass guitar in the studio. Don't let the size fool you, this is a very power amplifier. It has 500 watts of power and a single 15" speake…

  • Trace Elliot SMX Dual Compressor

    Trace Elliot SMX Dual Compressor - "Really neat multi-band bass compressor"


    This is a compressor for bass. While I haven't always felt the need for a compressor, I've noticed that dynamics were pretty lacking with my current bass rig and decided to try this out. It is a compressor that works on both low and high end compress…

  • Trace Elliot Super Tramp

    Trace Elliot Super Tramp - "Great Solid State Amp"


    This is a solid state amp made by Trace Elliot. This is quite honestly the only amplifier, or product for that matter, that I've ever seen made by this company. They make some other stuff but I haven't seen it. I'd read some really good reviews onlin…

  • Trace Elliot GP7-SM

    Trace Elliot GP7-SM - 3Dos's review


    Solid-state 130W amp 7-band graphic equalizer 1 DI output Compressor 1 15" Celestion speaker plugged via jack into the head, which has only one 4-Ohm jack output. 1 switchable jack input for active/passive basses UTILIZATION I bought this amp …

  • Trace Elliot Super Tramp H100

    Trace Elliot Super Tramp H100 - "More than excellent!!"


    USE It's very easy to dial in, you only need to plug in, adjust 2-3 things and you've got it sounding! SOUND I play mainly metal. With a good guitar, it's amazing. The clean sound is wonderful and super warm. The drive is very Brit rock an…

  • Trace Elliot GP7

    Trace Elliot GP7 - rains_en's review


    Equipped with a 15-inch speaker, the gp7 is loud and proud. It is rated at 250 watts, but I am unsure of the true power, but it will get loud enough for whatever you need without distorting. It has a 7band graphic EQ which really sets it apart from m…

  • Trace Elliot Boxer 65

    Trace Elliot Boxer 65 - "Trace Elliot Boxer 65"


    This just a small box with a 12" speaker. Volume, Treble, Bass, Mid (with mid-shift button)and Master volume. I play jazz, R&B, Light rock, etc. I use a 5-string passive jazz bass mostly with this amp. I have a 500-watt Trace combo for gigs and this …