Joyo JW-01 Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
Joyo JW-01 Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

JW-01 Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver, Transmitter/Receiver from Joyo.

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frilat 11/27/2012

Joyo JW-01 Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver : frilat's user review

«  mixed feelings »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I have used it two times.
More than 10 years ago I tested some useless low-end analog models
Wired and wireless sound reproduction are not the same
Good value for money.

I read reviews on the site stated above before buying this product.
Given that stand-by time is questionable, I also bought on ebay an external 5500mA USB battery the size of an iPhone for less than $25, and therefore have no problems with battery life.
Receiver/transmitter recognition is very simple.
I started the test with a distortion sound (gear used: fender deluxe strat plus, Pod xt live (both connected wireless, pod connected to a marshall valvestate wired between the line 6's line out and the amp's guitar input).
I immediately noticed that there seems to be some sort of noise gate, as if missing part of the first note, the distortion proves to be a bit less warm or maybe it's just the signal that is weaker.
I then tried with a crunch sound, which lacked attack.

In spite of all of this, it's not bad, but the sound is different when using cables and basic settings.

I added some saturation, presence and volume to all my presets to get the same sound I get with cables.

As a consequence, I saved my presets for "wired" mode, just in case, and also other banks for wireless use.</div>