Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD

Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Bassman series.

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Eroachguitar's review"Excellent reissue with modern construction techniques"

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
Although the Bassman series dates back to 1952, The 5F6 Bassman circuit, introduced by Leo Fender in 1959 in 4x10 combo format, is widely considered to be the beginning of guitar amplification as we know it. As its name suggests, it was originally designed with the bass player in mind, but it caught on with guitar players to the extent that it's scarcely even considered a bass amplifier. It was so popular that even Marshall copied the circuit into what became the very first Marshall amplifier, known as the JTM-45.

In 1991 Fender saw fit to reissue the Bassman as the Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD. This 50 Watt reissue features a lacquered tweed covered, finger-jointed pine cabinet, 4 Jensen special design speakers, and internal bias pot to adjust bias on the two 6L6GC Power tubes.

In keeping with the original, the '59 Bassman features 12AX7 preamp valves, a 5AR4 rectifier tube, and the true 5F6 circuit. There is no effects loop or built-in reverb.


The '59 Bassman sounds excellent right out of the box. It has controls for volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Presence. Four inputs give you normal and bright inputs at two different gain levels. This is where the infamous "jumpering" mod was born, by running a short patch cable from one input to another, to loop two gain stages together.


Unlike most Fenders that succeeded it, the Bassman uses a cathode-follower driven tonestack, which adds a certain compression to the preamp tone that is part of the Bassman charm. The Bassman is clean without being spanky, and smooth without being overdriven. The touch-sensitivity and dynamics are almost unparalleled.

With the stock speakers, its rather easy for the Bassman to get harsh, so keeping the Presence control at a moderate level is a good idea.

The Bassman adores pedals. A tubescreamer pushes the Bassman into a woody, organic roar that is neither forced nor aggressive, while a hard pick-hand attack evokes the natural compression the amp encounters from the slow tube rectifier.

There is plenty of volume on tap with the Bassman, and most will not need to crank the amp past 4 (it goes to 12. Take that, Nigel!) even in most outdoor venues.


Construction of the '59 Bassman LTD is rock-solid, and a worthy of respect in a world where tube amps are now done on automated assembly lines with machines.

All of the amp's guts are easily accessible, thanks to the rear cabinet panel over the chassis. This may or may not be a good thing, especially for those who are uneducated, as it makes poking around in a high-voltage circuit ridiculously easy.
Most guitar players who are familiar with tube amps know better, however.

The speakers are easily upgradable, and one will find a wealth of info online about different aftermarket speaker models that could enhance the Bassman's tone or help reproduce the nuances of the original. To that end, the defining difference between the '59 Bassman Reissue and the original '59 bassman are the speakers, transformers, and circuit construction, as the original used tag-board construction and the reissue uses the now-common PCB. But whatever "mojo" is held off from the reissue due to these differences is rather negligible. The '59 Bassman Reissue is a worthy and faithful reproduction that many, including myself, are and will be proud to own.

King Loudness12/12/2011

King Loudness's review"One man's trash is another's treasure"

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
The Fender Bassman '59 LTD is the company's reissue of the amp the was originally designed in 1952 to suit their very new Precision Bass guitar. Eventually bass players found that the amp was not really suited to their application as it would distort and break up too early. However, the blues and country guitarists of the day really loved that factor and started to incorporate their broken up tones into rock music. Eventually a fella named Jim Marshall over in England heard the Bassman and the rest, as we know it, is history. The '59 Bassman is a tweed style with 4 10" Jensens. It puts out 45 watts of power (6V6s) and has two channels (normal and bright) each with their own volume control. They share a standard EQ of bass, middle, treble and presence. No reverb or effects on this one... just pure tone.


Getting a good sound out of this amp is pretty simple. It's unlike the blackface reissues in that it's designed to get a little more of an overdriven break up early on, and the overall tone is darker, thicker and fuzzier. It still has a bit of classic chime there, but not near the amounts of the Fender blackface amps. That being said, the EQ works as you would expect and it's definitely a simple amp to dial in. The addition of a presence control to the circuit is nice to get a bit of high end that the treble control may not give you. Definitely cool.


The Fender '59 LTD Bassman is definitely a slightly different beast. It's more suited to the slightly raunchier blues and rock n' roll styles where perhaps hotter pickups like P90s and humbuckers are being used to push the amp a bit harder. The tones are excellent for those styles, and if you hit with some sort of overdrive you can get some great classic and even early hard rock tones if you're skilled at tone tweaking. It's a nice departure from the cleaner than clean blackface Fenders that we all know and love. That being said, despite the amp's darker and thicker tonal nature, it's still quite clear and defined even at higher volumes which is excellent.


All in all I think the Fender Bassman reissue is a great buy for anyone who likes Fender amps and wants something with a little bit more grit fresh out of the box. It's definitely got its own sound and its easy to see why Marshall took inspiration from this original amp for their first designs. This reissue runs about $1,450 new which is a good deal considering the quality and tone of Fender amps overall. Definitely worth checking out for sure!

iamqman's review"Where it all started"

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
I am going to give this amp 10's all the way across the board. This is the amp that started it all. Without this amp you would not have modern music at all. This is basically a Marshall circuit or Marshall is basically a Bassman circuit...there it is. Marshall had copied the circuit of this amp with some other tweaks and made it there own. Marshal eventually compounded and made it much better but this is the amp to which we understand modern guitar sounds.

Fender '59 Bassman LTD 45-watt Guitar Amplifier Features:

45-watt tube guitar amplifier
4 x 10" (Jensen P-10R)
2 channels — normal and bright
Chrome control panel
Solid finger-jointed pine cabinet
New U.S.-made GT-6L6-GE output tubes, improved 12AX7 preamp tubes, original-spec 5AR4 Rectifier tube, internal bias pot (makes it easier to experiment with various output tubes)
Fitted cover is included
Controls that go to 12, 4 inputs (2 per channel)
Standby switch
Controls: Presence, middle, bass, treble, volume (bright channel), volume (normal channel)
Covering: Genuine lacquered tweed with striped oxblood grille cloth


Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Power 45W
Speakers 4 x 10" Jensen P-10R
No Effects
No Reverb
EQ Middle, Bass, Treble
No Amp Modeling
Number of Tubes 6
Preamp Tubes 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 2 x 6L6, 1 x 5AR4 (Rectifier)
Inputs 2 x Instrument (Ch 1), 2 x Instrument (Ch 2)
No Outputs
No Footswitch I/O
No Effects Loop
Height 22.37"
Width 23.5"
Depth 10.5"
Weight 53 lbs.


The tone from this amp is amazing. Not going to be as heavy as a Marshall but you will hear some commonalities between this amp and a Marshall JTM45. The tone from this amp is rich and blooming if that makes sense. The tone rally is a full robust tone.

No matter what guitar you play with this amp it will shine. My personal preference is a Gibson Les Paul. Since Marshall's just work well with Gibson Les Paul's this one fits the bill just as nicely. Of course other guitar will sound just as good, but my personal favorite is the LP


If you are a fan of the classic Marshall JTM45 tone or just the tone of the infamous Bassman then this is a great amp for you. At new these amps come in at around $1400. That to me is a bit high. I think I could find one from the 60's much less than a new one. Most Fender amps come under $1000 and this though is the best of the best to me is a bit high. Either way the tone from this amp is just remarkable. If you have the cash then get one and if you don't then get a used one which will sound just a sweet.
docteur blues02/15/2013

docteur blues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great amp at low volume"

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
All lamps already described elsewhere. Bought mine new in 2006 has a lamp rectification 5AR4. The earliest versions were corrected in solid state.


config arch-simple. The pot is only active presence on the bright channel.
Lampli can be used to the former two channels being interactive. Super!
To start sculpting your sound:

enter the normal guitar input on channel 1. bridge with input 2 input 1 channel bright.

Set the channel 1 vol 3-4 (below 2.5 sound is flat). Put all the eq on the environment. To the presence of 3. to channel 2 on the flight 2.5-3.5 (never above the normal channel flight because the sound becomes too aggressive for my taste, low invasive and treble screaming, see below). The bright channel is used to give presence to the normal channel which is fabulous warmth and roundness but a little bland for my taste.

The manual is simplistic, but there is no need.


I play blues-rock and jazz perfect for my style. For sounds, one, see above settings. This gives a round, well-defined hot but not very distinctive Fender lens as the super reverb, plus medium. This amp is for crunch deem beautiful. This is the legend and here's why. To do cruncher must be mounted to 5 min. Crunch and the guy but the bass is invasive even if we fall 3. Treble become super aggressive. The guitar is so completely unbalanced, there are more than medium.
All outdoor way except you do not go past 3-4. and in this area it is perfect. So, as all my amps I go in front of with pedaltone Koch. The best tube preamp for guitar (see my review). And there's the serious fact.


My main amp since 2006. I just separate. It will be to rewire the old by purists who will give him a second life worthy of his ancestor.
JB Lrgt01/06/2013

JB Lrgt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
45W tube amp, everything more vintage.
No effects loop, no footswitch.
Two channels, one "Normal" and "Bright".
Three band EQ plus a knob "Presence".
The sound comes in four 10-inch HP Jensen.
The amp is a bit heavy.


There is no manual.
May be downloaded from the Fender site but I did not go see it.
It's vintage.
One branch, there are four buttons to turn and go!
The sound of this amp is great.
You will take him too far in the distortion, but used in a simple and flexible that you will make good.
In addition, this is the kind of amp that you can not refuse a good overdrive pedal.


Here are my settings: Presence 6, Bass 9, 8 Middle, Treble 6, Vol. Bright 4.5
I note, however, that I couple this amp via an A / B Box, a Mesa Boogie Mark 2B. I use the Bassman only for clean sounds (by lowering the volume a bit of guitar) with its settings;
Both amps together is my weapon of mass destruction!
I plug in all kinds of guitars (single coil, P90 and humbucker) and he eats everything!
Snapping sound, biting and accurate Bassman is ideal for clean sounds to crunches.
Related to the heat, the roundness and the brutality of Boogie, here is a couple of hell.


A little over a year that I use and I think I finally found the configuration that I really like.
I have not tried anything else, but it's a real thunderbolt.
There are many great amps. This one is part of and in addition it is mythical.
The only downside is that it is an amp still expensive, but the amps that come tickle are as expensive or more.

rockmitaine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great sound!"

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
all tube! no reverb ....


Super easy to use, one branch and it was sound. Small flat, it should be put at half that it sounds, and it is almost impossible to do in reality ....! too high, even in outdoor festival, the soundman "mouth" ...


Yes, cleaner sound, or bold by making more than half, but see it before ...!


I sold for a deluxe reverb 22 w than enough!

biboss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
Amp lamps dlivre 45 Watts at 2 ohms.
Pramper 3x 12AX7
Power 2x 6L6
Rectif 1x 5AR4
4xHP Jensen P10R 10 "
Two switches: power and Stanby

The connections are simple 4 input jack, two are for the normal channel and two for the bright channel. For each channel the two jacks reprsentent one between high and low between.
Then, a series of knob.
It begins with two volume buttons on each channel that are actually gains between APRS and found the equalizer series Acute Low and medium rather presence of a button.
No master (if it's for playing cool is rat)
No effects loop.
No output for external HP.
No manual of 308 pages


Suffice to say that the configuration and very simple but very effective.
It takes his guitar prfr is connected, Volume 4, all the rest for MIDI and its rings
The only hack is to know we can, for example by connecting the high between the normal channel, add a small jumper (bridge) with a jack that by the normal channel between the low which is in the channel between high bright. Thereby able to operate both channels and do a mix of both. This amp sounds incredibly


. I put a note that 9 because I had the chance to try a VibroKing and harmonics coming out of this amp have DTR my Bassman. But when I will have my VibroKing, the Bassman will always l.
I use it with stratified or tl and each Reveals guitar in this amp.
It is a nice little scene, it is fun cluck an armada of Mesa or Mashall, some laughs as the same as seeing, chtif, tiny in the corner but have stopped laughing when they heard, always ct of Mesa and Marshall have copied.
For those who do not know yet is inspired by the Fender Bassman that Jim Marshall has created these amplifiers.


I use it for 6 years and have tried many amp up what I discovers.
I played on systems up to the rack and I've had enough, I wanted to follow a simple configuration.
An amp that sounds and some pedals.
It has now been done because I'm very glad I made that choice
The tube amp

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
Mine dates from 2005, silent absolutely perfect (fitting, no hum or anything) ds The beginning unlike other tests in various chopper, so caution before buying rigor.
Do not let anyone tell you that a tube amp makes noise, it's normal, blah: the bassman (and the deluxe reverb's boyfriend bought at the same time at the same place) does is zero-background noise. Mesa can go and get f. .. with three pages of the manual that tells you it's normal to have more noise than music (vridique).

CHARACTERISTICS: 2 6L6 GC power, 3 12AX7 (one of two driver pramp), and especially a 5AR4 to redress the current (this is the most important for natural and smooth rendering without sacrificing the precision).
The cabinet is solid pine (as assembled era, like fingers interlacing hand, indestructible) with tweed fabric covering, then lacquered. This is the most beautiful effect!
The hp jensen p25r are not mistaken, alnico magnet and ultralgers. I disassemble the chassis and the baffle with pes 4 hp, the balance showed only 12 pounds is simply amazing.
The chassis is chrome-plated steel intgral, all the lights have their base to the frame and then fix the cable to the main print. Ditto for potentiomtres fuse and switch over, it's real good job, Leo itself would have done so if the available print the silent era. The transformers are very large / heavy except the small community, the PSE in the chassis 11 kilos.
It is well trs trs liberalization and there are few components inside, I do not see a ppin with this box of course.
It's also a good deal trs in view of the commodity boards, trs positive rate.


Well, as understood that it was Designed to clean the only one not going to torture him further (and in fact it cradingue draft, clapton 1926 with the lines of LP ... but without the coke) .
Bass-treble-mid-presence, everything works perfectly, with a trs rsultat diffrent for presence (which is not an equalizer in fact), trs good section.
INTERESTED, 2 channels (clean and bright, each one volume and two between each): the 4 inputs allow every whim as you plug in an electric, Electroacoustic a nylon, a jazz and so on.
Smarter, the possibility to have an effect (rverbe, delay) in parallle: guitar (via distortion if the desire between 1normal, send jack in between 2normal and jack 2bright return in between. With a beautiful rverbe is a rgal and it loses none of its base of pure scratch.
You can also simply patch the two channels together, and mix with your exact volume bright (did some kind enhancer, works with Phase I believe it).
Note: even without its jacks, the channel via its bright influence on the sound volume of normal (not the other way around, apparently).
It's so simple and versatile that only the term is appropriate gnial


I am ticklish, and I especially want a beautiful clean sound too typical story of the marriage without too much trouble.
The heat and momentum are the brightness and precision as well, we feel much of the leg alnico HP (mild compression in the treble as you press a little), it's really trs balance. Nice bass, but they lack outfit with a 7-string.
First stage:
Made for a less flashy I changed the 12AX7 for two Premire MODELS hifi, not guitar, and your exact is softer and warmer. Easier with distos, pods and others.
I express a lot with two celestion 75w low down and origin at the top is much better especially with the RG7 but not for carrying around (the extra weight could damage the HP front panel when the malmenage the amp).
Then I bought TAD Tonebone, which are adapters 6L6, EL84, so my bassman found himself in Class A EL84 about 15watts of power (45W Class AB against the original) and your exact I liked: warmer, more sustain, but less firm sr low. As for the lost thirty watts, has ben sounds almost as loud! Amazing, but those who have heard the 30 small (on paper) watts of EL84 Vox AC30 know it's extremely powerful. At least!
I also took a lamp adapter-rectifying rectifying diodes, just to see what gives a solid state rectified: ben it's ugly, straight and dry, but with more powerful than the 5AR4 6L6 (also Leo has diodes in its twin reverb, to make it tough trs: Russi is ...). The same gadget with the EL84 is more saturated tt, then by clapton 1926 I do not see the intrt. The funniest is that I like the guy, I reassured fans pronto.

Deuxime stadium: I mount the chassis in a head, and I drive a 4x12 with (attention, 2ohms required) ... Ben mates what adgage, phnomnale scale, serious and always incredible warmth and great precision, but hey it's really good for a volume acouphnes same. Randall used the box gives too serious (2 am on the amp and bass dj's too) from a box so thin it's like 1960 or MG dlicat. (Should also say that Randall is not the lace, even gothic, but hey I do with what I have.)
So I mount the EL84, which cleans up pretty sound in the config 'and 15w was enough dj. I note that more than diffrence stock, which would mean that the stack limit is 4x10 alnico, is perfectly sound agreement of the cabinet, compliments Leo.

Troisime stage, but I'm just not the straitjacket! And a stay in a quiet place with nice infirmires me speak slowly ...


4 years I battle with, this amp is a good investment and allows you saw all express (without ever opening it! With utiliss voltages is also a wise trs RULING).
I had a super rsultats rverbe DR100 Bbert in parallle as explained above, as well as a boss for distos GP20. The easiest way to both DrDistorto line6 that sounds really hell with this bassman (4x12 stock or for that matter), truly remarkable. Crunchtone her sister is even better with the stock amp, and both pedals have quite a boon for strat-tele aficionados: their noise-gate Intgr can finally use saturax!

I coughed the purchase is just the sum of the same, but never had any regrets. If you want to saturation, the tube in hugheskettner edition is worth more than the dtour lots of other more expensive amps. But for the clean, this is my bassman imprial faith, even with an Electroacoustic.
Another note, unlike most tube amps Fender current (including twin) that bassman is not made in mexico, it would be amricain. Making it an even better deal.

MJ, a little later: Have put in 12AY7 v1v2, as in '59 actually, and the sound is in my opinion much better, more wily less fat and especially less coarse-amplifier. So I can set 6-7 before saturation, and low on the 4-6 or there was too much of 2. The best choice for clear sound with pedals saturax of date.
2066 & then05/02/2006

2066 & then's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
First of all: I do not possde, I did system tries to store for 1 / 2 hour break everything. So voila.

This is a tweed Fender Bassman rdition of 1959. So really you type in the vintage. This amp was used as a MODEL in the first Marshall.

All lamps,
50 W
4 between two normal and two bright, you can connect through a jack supplmentaire.
No reverb or master.
A single channel, tri-band equalizer.
Ah, yes, four 10-inch HP Jensen.


The setup is really super simple, and sounds right away. I have not seen the manual.
No master, so to saturate, well, 'should turn up the volume. 50W and it's really hard.
Quite bulky, but not really heavy.


Yes, it is my style.

The sound is impressive. I find it sounds more than others crmeux Fender Twin like. The level of overdrive is also important, but you have to think a attnuateur ...

Grain level, in a sense the sound is rich and crmeux, but it also has a small ct "rough", "rc h", which makes it really hard. But when it is, if prs rest of the amp, the days of our ears are numbered. Ct DEFINITIONS sound, anything.

I tried it with a Start and an LP Southwestern, in both cases it provides. It is true that a lot of personality.

Trs not versatile, but it is excellently its register.


As I said above, I only try.
The only thing I like about this amp, besides the look, the sound. But really, great sound. Hlas but difficult to use full potential in the conditions under which I usually play (at home, and concerts in small venues, so difficult to take advantage of the natural overdrive, unless you use an att attenuator).

Its default sr are the default of any vintage amp, that may give benefits (partly justifiably) angry with this kind of hardware.

naturel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD
Without repeating the dtails known lamp is an amp, it is almost the exact MODEL rdition original (components, HP, magnets, etc.).. Its power is estimated + / - 50 w, which is standard, compare a 100w transistor and you will understand what a lamp 50w amp can afford? Whauw! HUGE! The stuff is very simple, four between 6.3 jack, no effects loop, no reverb, no fuss. We must build on its sound effect modules based collection outdoor. For my part, I use a Fender American Deluxe Start and an Ibanez AF-105 ct guitars and an overdrive Ibanez tube screamer TS-808 and a delay line of Echopark 6. This allows me to have nice overdrive effects playing a reasonable volume.


The configuration is simple and legendary as this amp was used for the MODEL ralisations the first Marshall amp and the first "Boogie" (with C. Santana and baptismal) of Mesa. the sound and dynamics are such that I often use the amp live without any effects. The manual is as simple as the amp! HP offers the 4 dispersion copy.


The amp is exceptional for blues, rock, jazz, not for heavy or other hard.


I use the amp for 1 year. What I like most, sound, sound, sound. The lock vintage and I regret both the fragility and ct dirty tweed covering it. We are in the sounds of legends and is currieux to see the major brands (Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, ...) rditent their first amp. I would do this choice especially insofar as this amp is versatile trs. I have other amps and the Bassman 59 is the one I use most. Given its power and versatility qualitprix the report is excellent.