JMH Custom Little Rock Reverb
JMH Custom Little Rock Reverb

Little Rock Reverb, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from JMH Custom.

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fark's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JMH Custom Little Rock Reverb
Little Rock Reverb 15W
SPECIFICATIONS dj Retailer in another opinion of Mr. frb95 (very full)
HP 12 "Jensen (selected option in my case)
HP Output Impedance supplmentaire with slecteur
I also add that tilt-back legs (which I find practical for modest-sized amplifiers poss ground, and then look good) and a attnuateur Webermass (which may well sr bypass, when I want to use the gain of lamps rduisant the output level of the HP (and I can prserver of good neighborly relations with me when I play ....).
I add the finishing customizable (choice Tolex, Tweed ...) and impeccably Ralis.


Setup could not be more simple.
For sound, you turn, you plug the guitar and that's good!
No need to book.


I love playing rock, it is a little nerv (or not actually). That's fine (the amp is well named).
I play a Gibson es330 (2 x P90) and DNG Cadette (2 x P90), visible on the pictures to my profile (and the amp for that matter). I add my needs for an Ibanez TS808, a tremolo (T Rex Tremster).
From clean to crunch even more pronounced saturation (qd we push a little lamps, but be careful you are not at Marshall hey, this is not the goal). To quote the opinion of Mr Frb95, yes crmeux the punch of a Fender Vox.

Like the fawn whose amp ragit attack by the warmth of sound, never too aggressive, the beautiful reverb.
Nothing I hates.


I've had three weeks now.
What I like most: everything, plus a listing as modest power (15W), but in a more dcoiffe.
What I like least: I do not really see.
Report qualitprix all that is right for this quality of workmanship.
Obviously I would do well this election without hesitating. To work and also have a craftsman is a nice little happiness in itself. Be well REU home (which has the displacement "to try two of his amps and suddenly, he ordered mine). He also sent photos by email of different stages that the manufacturing process (it is also very nice).
I urge that wants a very fine amp in pure vintage style.

frb95's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JMH Custom Little Rock Reverb
15W all-tube amp 2 channels: 3 in pramp 12AX7, 2 EL84 power and a lamp and reverb
Completely hand made with high-end component of the old wiring as in the 60 circuit dnature no sound, the lights at the end of jack!.
all returned by an amazing 12 HP manufacturing Franaise Fluxmag.

1 input jack
1 Output hp
1 footswich provided

Channel 1: clear volume + tone
Channel 2: crunch: Gain + Low + middle + treble + master
1 knob for reverb
Ebenisterie coatings and vinyl (your choice) for superb and trs pro.

All for a weight of about 15 kg


Config super simple, as the era of Get back honky tonk or: we are left a little lighter prchauffer, all the pots in the middle, and we send APRS is refined.
No need to book.
It was immediately heat the grain and even low volume


I play (try!) Plutt style rock blues: Muddy Waters Poppa Chubby through the Beatles and Stones Led Zep and Clapton Rhythm and Blues style Otis Reading.
I tried several guitars: Start (Custom Shop our 60), Lespaul Suprme, ES 335, SG and even a Guild electro acoustic.
All rings and it's only 15W and above all happy (I think it dlivre more) c (is more than enough for RPTS rooms for medium and possibly with a microphone in front of Bercy!
For sound I finally found my Holy Grail (And yes you can!) From crmeux fat when it is the size of the lens, everything could be found on the Fender or Vox ann es 60.D 'Besides, I put this amp between the two.
J'utilse trs rarely see little pedals, the Fulltone I tried for a little more fat especially at low volumes if not need a compressor and enhancer Celmo (dveloppe an excellent Eng engineer Engels)
For the use of clean sound I used the clean channel though recess is superb but the crunch channel with more grain than the master reverb half way and it is sublime.
When the crunch channel with the range of 50 rglage it covers the history of rock
And the reverb is not invasive but nickel Submitted just right.
EXIT to finish the treble screaming that I found on all the amps on the same current amp clbres repetitions and more expensive!


I use this amp for a week and I won.
What I enjoy the least: Well actually I love everything: the sound of Aesthetics and the builder Jean Michel Herdhuin which is always s our answer for you and which is located in a beautiful region . It's more a true passion through mail and pictures made me assist the birth of the amp that I just had to make a living.
I t reu in his studio very nice fawn (1300km round trip) A receiver sends a not like the mail!
The ratio quality price is more than favorable and cheaper suprieur REdition clbre amp, for my part equivalent a vintage amp (Fender Vox) but more reliable (as it's hard a condo in 45 years you loose on scne)
I tried a multitude of pre amp (fender mesa vox leanney etc. ..) and I would do without this choice hsitaton.d Moreover I still cc1x VOX AC15 and a 65 deluxe RI I am going to pcher to sell for me to build one by Jean Michel Deluxe 65 idendique the original.