Peavey Classic 50 Head - Tweed (Discontinued)
Peavey Classic 50 Head - Tweed (Discontinued)

Classic 50 Head - Tweed (Discontinued), Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Classic (Discontinued) series.

iamqman 07/01/2011

Peavey Classic 50 Head - Tweed (Discontinued) : iamqman's user review

« Decent price for a used one »

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This is a 50 watt two channel amp that is geared towards the old school rock and country tones. This is generally a clean amp with a mild overdrive for channel one. For channel two you get a little bit more gain on tap but the voicing has is limited to the sweat classic rock tones. Not really a high gain amp even though it does have some good distortion on channel two. This is going to be an amp that you couple with pedals and effects to compliment your playing style.

This is basically the same amp as the 30 watt version only in a higher wattage. All the same features and tone are there. However, you will get a slightly different change in the headroom since there are 20 extra watts and three extra speakers. The low end will be a bit tighter since you have 10 inch speakers in the cabinet instead of 12 inch speaker or speakers.


This amp is easy to figure out. It has an easy front panel faceplate that is self explanatory. Te manual you get is very helpful as well. They has provided the user some diagrams of pissible settings for different types of music. This allows the user to get started with some easy rock, coutry, and metal settings. Then the player can take control of his own tone from minor tweaks to the manual's guide.

Not that this amp is very difficult but having the pre setup in the manual is a great guide for people who may just be getting started in guitar amps. If you have bee playing the acoustic for a while and now just getting into the electric guitar something like this can help a lot of people.


The tone from this amp is not that great and not really my thing. This amp is geared toward the classic rock player who needs a good Fender tweed style amp, but wants more versatility. The amp is versatile for that kid of player. However, if you need that versatility and the price is an issue then this would be a good amp.

The clean tone is a pretty decent clean tone. You can crank the volume up more and it will get a mild overdrive tone. When you engage channel two there you will get some good distortion much like a tubescreamer would get in front of an already overdriven Fender classic amp. Having the boost switch is stretching in terms of classic Fender style EQing. Also having another channel is going to be a bit much for some old guys who this amp is marketed towards. So the TS9 helps those who want just a simply overdrive to the clean channel.


I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs a good two channel tweed amp and doesn't want to spend too much to get it. This is a good amp that will give you solid creamy rich classic rock tones all day long.

These amps are no longer in production from Peavey at the moment. They could bring them back but who knows. I have seen them on the used market for around $300 which isn't a bad price for a tube head of 50 watts.