Mesa Boogie Formula Pre
Mesa Boogie Formula Pre

Formula Pre, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 4 reviews )
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 1 user review25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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francki09's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a perfect condition for use with what to"

Mesa Boogie Formula Pre
Péampli 4X 12AX7 tubes 3 Channel Rhythm, Lead 1, Lead 2, and an assignable footswitch with eq on each channel giving its 5 different altogether. Separate EQ for a rtyhm and lead 1 with bass, mid, treble. The general eq can be permanently assigned either on the lead 1 or lead 2 which is a 4bandes.


A simple config like any preamp that I could get the manual is in English but no need to use except perhaps if you want to use the output reccord but who after what I've read n ' is not terrible and I is not something that I myself useful. The sound is soon to asse appointment request anyway but it some time if you want to have more homogeneous sound the same level, but it would not be fun if we had on what we want lol


Personally I play mostly rock and the variety so I would say yes it is my style, I do not think it is appropriate to those who play the kind of hard metallica at least with the config I have, it faudrai for ca a power amp that spits well and can be that but it I know not tell you ..... I personally played on a Les Paul custom shop 2004 home with an Epiphone amp mesa 20/20 rack out on a 2X12 roadking home mesa and this is where I was going. I can understand most find it very clear sound but not elsewhere except utlise with this 20/20 is perfectly suited! 2 together gives a powerful sound coherent! I did not buy this stuff to be able to remove the clothes of my women just a chord ..... just have a big net clean, powerful sound without any ca peter ears and putting all the knob of my power amp thoroughly for ca breathes well as it should. In short I hate any sound I wanted to have 3 sounds clear, a crunch, and a rhythm with a good heavy distortion and no more and I have what I want, if you want more than that then do not buy the formula on the other hand if like me solo is not your thing if you want to quiet your party while having a beautiful sound then I say a big YES! you know the kind of guitar that part not noticeable but when you take them out ..... ca causes "oh shit he's missing a trick!?"


I've had this morning I had as a pream engl which was also perfect but without foot switch and not the mesa I'm glad I have all mesa! lol what I prefer is the footswitch! I not kidding this is a recess but I like its simple, effective and aggressive look that fits particularly well with the rest of my gear. I paid € 470 in new condition with 4 lamps and footsitch mesa neuvent then issue value for money I was not complaining, I Thank passage Jean claude was that I bought that held the delays sending and getting me the invoice and even a jack. So yes if I do it again this choice without hesitation but I stress again, not with any power amp! for liking it must couple a not very powerful amp does not need 15 sounds and you will be satisfied.

vice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Formula Pre
Tube preamp with 5 12AX7 preamp tubes
1 guitar input IN
A control switch for output record
A clean channel
Channel 1 crunch
A channel distortion
A boost on the clean channel
2 classic equalizers separate channel for clean and crunch channel.
5 band equalizer 1
Two separate output volume, including 1 for the channel distortion
A switch on the front for selected equalizer either permanently or with foot switch
Volume 1 General
stereo output.
send input to output volume effects,
record output for recording on console mix.
no entry in the back cover.
A foot switch comes with the formula to control the clean channel, the crunch, the distortion and equalizer.
wholesale voila.
My 7 in 10 for the output record that are unusable,
inpunt and entry that is missing on the back cover if you want to enter the unit send or use a rack ISSUER.


The configuration of the machine could not be simpler, it settles out and the pots you play, in theory voila. But in practice it is quite another.
In fact everything depends on how we will use it, the traditional equalizers work well, but remember that like any preamp it to its own caractère.d 'or choice that you wear to buy it or not.
The clean channel is wonderful, the sound goes from a twin reverb black face.
the crunch distortion acts as a good neutral raditionally very nice but more inclined to rock and blues.
the channel distortion is more accentuated because it takes the clean channel equalizer of a job or 5-band equalizer.
5-band equalizer in my opinion the most difficult in history. because it is very sensitive and requires that they lent him much longer, so any time you want to use it because they don ' is not a requirement.
But beware the formula needs to be used with a tube power amp and not much advice on combos unless it is equipped with an input line, not to mix the two Equalisers.


The clean is very easy to obtain and very effective, even when there is a gap, the boost, because it is not controllable via the pedals of the formula.
Therefore be allowed to constantly be cutting it, but live it is of almost anything bad because the fans of Stevie Ray vaugan would be delighted.
For crunch and distortion there is a choice to make either one is satisfied with the two and that's good, or we use the equalizer to meet them either permanently or on one of the two effects but I think that 'do not go with the idea of ​​boosting the two effects with the equalizer if it's the disaster began, ca drool too serious and so on, (but his fans to ZZ TOP however, will be filled) they sell to boost asser pedals in order to do so.
equalizer is the most difficult because it is very sensitive and very effective, because it respects closely the frequencies it needs to manage (a reference to mesa), which is not always the case on devices concurents .
One way to start the adjustment without too much break the head, is to start with an adjustable V and adjust the sound starting from the middle of the cursor.
But be careful not find the formula anyway its place in blues, rock, variety in the broad sense.
Personally, I use the clean and 2distos the equalizer as well fix that goes everywhere.
I also use a boost pedal on the crunch channel (1) to dig the grain.
I use a Rocktron Prophesy series starting from the IN of a formula for the formula ab box with the effects of prophesy and a volume pedal part, and a MIDI pedal to prophesy.
I use the clean and the formula of the formula distos plan for rock and heavy distos of prophesy.
My 8 of 10 for the boost it because that is what is expected as this machine and that price is very unfortunate.


I use it for some time and unlike inflammatory jai that could read about it, I am very satisfied.
I think the problem is that the hen we see the brand mesa boogie, and seen the trend, it confuses the rock and metal.
As for the metal there is the correct number? because the formula is the descendant of the studio preamp so, clean, blues, rock.
Do not forget that mesa boogie mark is primarily a concept, without which good number of brands would not could start their search, and at the base of the fender is nothing more to boost or clean much appreciated.
What I like the formula as in the quad preamp or preamp studio is its organic side that restores life to the speakers with either of the eminence of the V30 GT1275 (mixed careful!), Or the classic lead through the electro voice, this preamp happening everywhere. (almost)
But still, the choice of speakers is essential.
If you use the formula in a closed cabinet you will not even approach the mesa boogie in a box open or 3 / 4 fermé.Dans eminences than in V30.
the main and try it with the correct starting configuration to be set and take your time.
Otherwise e may be very disappointed, as with any other device of any brand is true that the price am not a camera for every budget, and if it is still necessary to buy a boost pedal as well! ! But that's a personal choice, but secondhand can still get away with price, and anyway, as the proverb say, the quality and the price remains flies.
7 of my 10 will the price for this award because of the NTRY IN and the boost would could be placed at the rear and crank the boost.

joemanix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Formula Pre
Prampli 5 lamps, rack 19 "1U footswitch.
3 channels indpendants (Rhythm, Lead 1 and 2).
a legalization Rhythm channel, master and gain.
common to a legalization Lead channels 1 and 2, and master gain spars.
5-band EQ switchable on three channels.
Adjustable stereo effects loop.


It's simple to understand. The three channels are easy balance each other using a master and gain.
The graphic EQ is footswitchable, as the three channels. In short, the config is suitable trs at the functional level.


Excellent clean sound, associated with the graphic EQ. Although a bit more synthetic than on a studio preamp (which is fabulous), it remains largely suprieur the majority of current machines. Dynamics, a beautiful solo expressiveness, shiny, well it renders the sound of my strato. With the Pull Boost, the sound becomes more prominent, or crunchy, Submitted for arpges well.

Its saturated the flop is the full.
trs sound is dull, dark, and SETTING THE base there doing nothing. The graphic EQ can catch up a bit, but it's really heavy. I Verify the Tone of the guitar thinking she ZrO silent.
At the game, the impression of a sound that comes out is not trspnible and encourages a standard work of the strings. Feedback, a set of "mule", imprcis, tiring.


I used the machine one week because the seller was kind enough to leave me a little.
So I could test it rptition, but I could only confirm my impressions Premire full scale.
The studio preamp I had in comparison, although less convenient to use, seemed to be breathing lungs while the formula was dying in his fog.
I do not see the intrt of such a machine, worthy of its brand. Price is not ngligeable, only to have a clear sound. For half the price of time, a studio preamp is much more interresting.
It is true that technical changes are possible (as in the studio) but considering the original sound, you must have really wanted to believe and take risks.

fanzic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Formula Pre
Prampli with 5 lamps, a format of rack unit 19 'with footswitch.
The Stros are tudies connectors for use in recording, or both scne both ...
The rglages are simple:
Gain (pull / push on channel 1), treble, mid, bass, master with legalization common to channels 2 and 3 and a master volume gnral.
The 5-band graphic qualiser is switchable on the three channels


The configuration allows for the correct sounds DIFFERENT musical styles, a switch high / low impdance prampli adapts to the types of microphones (single / double coils, active / passive) on your guitar.

To say that the sounds are "good" is not enough because according to the choice of lamps (the type and brand) and it changes rglages compltement agressivit or the roundness of the sound obtained.

Taking the time to learn the craft, you get great sounds, a claret and a diabolical precision plain, from the lightweight to the crunch and drooling to saturated bleeding bleeding trs see, it's not complicated!

(Notice tlchargeable in English on the website Mesa / Boogie)


Used with a stratocaster, noiseless pickups and a Gibson SG, a Mesa 20/20 amp and a 4 x12 'Engl was a real treat! (Except for my back ...).
Start with:
The clean sounds are bright and expressive, the soft crunch as sales or lgrement rglages, the saturations are plutt sharp and incisive but prsence trs is convincing and makes me almost forget that there is no humbuckers on this guitar ...
With the SG:
The clean sounds are soft, round, smooth and jazzy plutt acute pass but in the crunch attack mdiator and rglage can flirt between light-saturated and saturated the slaughter start over and do s'arrte (the horns of Angus grow unattended on the head!)


I use this hardware since prs a year, most is to have a palette of sounds like "professional"
sounds real purists will love lamp!

The use is certainly versatile for use in jazz, reggae and pop, but I think more broadly appropriate styles of blues, hard rock ...

The hardware is sturdy but a system that rack cabinet + transporting heavy and impractical for a simple little beef ...
This is part of the price paid for the quality was not given because even if the dollar falls ...