ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock, Tube Guitar Preamp from ENGL.

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All user reviews for the ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 20 reviews )
 15 reviews75 %
 5 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"Nice rack!"

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
Engl is a German company that has a distinct German metal tone in their amps. These amps are build pretty much for metal players and hard rock guitar guys. These amps say they are versatile but the voicing within these amps are without a doubt metal. They are very good at what they do though and the construction of them in phenomenal.

This is one fantastic preamp from the guys over at Engl. This is one rack space which is great for saving room on your rack gear. This allows you to keep from moving things around and in and out. Most preamps are much larger and take up at least two racks spaces and and can be extremely heavy to lug around from gig to gig night after night.


4 channels, Clean, Crunch, Soft Lead, Heavy Lead, 3 band EQ for Clean/Crunch, 4 band EQ for Soft/Heavy Lead, separate channel
volumes, preamp defeat switch, Bright switch, Contour switch.

Power Amp:
2 x 1,5 watts solid state

Stereo fx loop, stereo outputs, stereo
recording outputs, 2 x dual footswitch jacks (Z-3, Z-4)

Dimensions & Weight:
48 x 4,4 x 26 cm, 4 kg


This preamp is a four channel preamp that has a clean, crunch, lead one, and lead two. There isn't much in the tone spectrum that this preamp will not be able to achieve. If you have any desire to have a good clean tone then this amp will get you their in spades. If you want to have a decent crunch tone for classic rock or mild rock applications or if you even play in a cover band and the set list can change from genre to genre night after night then this crunch channel will be your ticket to staying in the groove. You can access AC/DC or Led Zeppelin type tones with this channel very quickly and easily. Next you have a soft lead which is anything but soft. You will get a great rock n roll tone good for 80's music all the way up to today's modern rock. Then the fourth channel will allow you to get the uber modern rock and metal tones from many of today's' leading metal bands.


At new these preamps come in right at around $599, which is a steal of a price for a solid sounding and user friendly rack preamp unit. This unit will have you exploring multiple tones with just the flick of the channel switch. I recommend this to anyone who has limited space on their rack and needs a versatile rack preamp.

Hatsubai's review"Great 1u preamp"

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
The ENGL E530 is a 1U preamp made for people who need to save space but still want that signature ENGL sound. The preamp is a two channel preamp that features two 12AX7 tubes, independent EQs on both channels with a lo-mid and hi-mid knob on channel two, a bright switch, a contour switch to alter the mid frequency, hi/lo gain switch, clean lead switch, preamp defeat switch, effects loop, line out and even a headphone jack.


There's a ton of stuff crammed into this small 1U preamp. In some ways, it's great, but in others, I wish they would have added more. First of all, it's a very versatile preamp thanks to the various mini switches they implemented into its design. I'll help describe what they do later down the review. One big thing they're missing, however, is MIDI. MIDI is something that every preamp out there should have, in my opinion. It's one of the main reasons to go rack, and the lack of MIDI means you'll need to switch it with a separate MIDI switcher. I'd rather they took out the effects loop and added MIDI since effects loops aren't really needed with preamps.


Most people want to know about how the gain sounds with this thing, and let me tell you, there's a ton of gain on tap. You can get brutal metal sounds no problem with this thing, and there's no need to boost it like certain other amps out there. The contour switch also gives it some extra versatility as it switches the mid frequency. This is great if you want a rhythm channel and lead channel all in channel two. The lo-mid and hi-mid knobs add additional tone shaping elements to really dial in the tone you're looking for without ever losing that signature ENGL sound. The clean on this thing is also really good. It's sparkles and blooms like a nice clean should.


If you're in the market for a high gain 1U preamp, this will probably be my number one recommendation. It's cheap enough to where you don't need to sell a left kidney to afford it, and it sounds good enough to where it'll probably be your main gigging rig. If you have a chance, check it out.

Lvz77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 1U happiness"

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
This is a pre-tube amp with two channels.

It can be plugged directly into a cabinet because it has a power amplifier (transistor) integrated 1.5W. It's cute but we do not hear much.

It has a clean channel / lead switch and low / high. It has four channels somehow.
Gain, volume, bass, middle, treble and a bright switch for the clean. Gain, volume, bass, LowMid, HighMid, and treble contour switch the lead.

You can pair it with another preamp and "bypass" the switch "preamp defeat" not to do if you have the poweramp tube 50W maximum. Useful in the studio.


The presence of lowmids and highmids is rather disorienting at first.

The possibilities are numerous and very interesting when these two settings are better controlled.

With its stereo effects loop can be really fun (right phaser, delay left, etc. ..) with a looper rack it should be enjoyable.


This is a typical metal amp then it's not clean Fender. But it is not left with at least one suitable guitar. With my G & l with single coils it's good for what I did (jazz, blues, funk, country, etc. ..) is not there a better but cheaper .

The overdrive channel is very good and really great reserve. To exceed 4 High gain is not know how to set his amp. I use the normal lead channel (up by against) with a Maxon OD808 for boost and a Schecter 7-string and I have often remarked that I had the butcher.

The receiver is marked "modern rock" it is not for nothing. Once heard and even played Mesa seems you have a vintage grain. CAE can only overweight modern level.


This is an excellent preamp more versatile than it seems, very fun but also very thorough, the 4-band EQ on lead and "switch" preamp make a good studio instrument.

There is no reverb forcing us to buy one, I do not know if it's a bad or good because many amp is equipped with very passable reverb.

The footswitch is not provided, the costs really more expensive.
I do not understand this decision Engl the limit of acceptability.

Negens's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect! But make sure you choose the right power amp and a good speaker!"

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
Already low and the product.


The configuration is very simple.
I did not have the manual as bought used, and I've never needed it.
It is relatively easy to get a good sound with. Let me explain the "relatively" in the following section ...


I play between other metal, but this preamp can do anything.
I would like to moderate the notice below that says this preamp sounds all the time.

The E530 is highly dependent on the power amplifier and the speaker you put him behind.
In some cases, it will give a more qu'affreux sound.
However, with the right channel, the sound will be wonderful!
Its former owner sold it to me because he thought the sound was not terrible. And actually, in retrospect, it was his power section and speakers who were not well coupled to the E530.

For my part, I need it to register, and I use it with Two Notes solution (Torpedo Torpedo CAB and WOS), with speakers:
- In saturated => a mixture of pregnant Engl, Diezel and Elmwood. According to the speaker, the power section is set from EL84, 6L6 or KT88.
- In clean => a mixture of pregnant Marshall and Hiwatt, all with EL34

For guitars is an Agile Intrepid Standard 828 mounted SD Blackouts, a Jackson Soloist 1987, and from time to time an Agile st-802 (Strat alder) or SX Strat (Ash).

The clean sound is beautiful. Those who say otherwise do not know the address or have the wrong speaker.
It is both deep, pure and crystalline. Button brings the bright side it is a very rock slamming through a Fender sound (Strat / Tele) or a modern edge through a guitar humbuckers.
It suits perfectly for Jazz sounds also.

The crunch is one of the most versatile I've ever heard. Hard to describe so it offers opportunities, blues to rock through the stoner. Wonderful in all conditions.

Its lead in the low gain is a bit like the crunch but more edgy, we are in the hard rock and early metal. it feels dry and surly side we did not on the clean channel.

The lead sound in hi gain is the area in which we recognize the grain Engl. A kind of temperamental very pleasant growl in the low-medium, with a great view and severe acute well punchy. Besides, do not overdo the acute! Beyond 12, it starts to make your ears bleed and becomes unbearable.
Contour button acts as a boost attendance and mediums. I think its questionable usefulness. Personally, I do not use it and it gives me nothing I could need. I think we can really do without.
2 knobs low-medium and upper medium is a great idea, and very useful to sculpt the sound to his desires.
With a guitar with enough gain, needless to push the preamp gain beyond 13h. There's enough. If you do not have enough gain, rather look if yours guitar follows.

It also has an output of 1 watt amp that can be nice to repeat quiet home.

There are also two output frequency offset, simulating speakers. This is very correct to troubleshoot in a repeat or if a baffle Live loose, or to record a demo, but it is to forget for a serious recording.


I have not tried other preamps before. My experience was limited to heads.
I needed a machine that big win can do without power section, so you can use it at any time without a fight with neighbors.
As lovers of grain Engl, and considering the price at which I found was seen everything for me!

I liked:
- The extensive connection
- The typical sound Engl
- Versatility

I did not like:
Uh ...?

Given the price I got it, the price / quality ratio is very good

With experience, it is a choice I would do gladly!

déday's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
Everything is shown below and on product details.

Preamp lamp.


The configuration could not be easier, you branches, t'allumes, you let heat 5 minutes and forward!

There are two manuals, one German and one in English, but honestly it is more of a flyer that reads the toilet, or while the animal warm.

What is stunning is that this amp has great turning knobs in every sense, the sound is still stunning, even with the settings to "bite me knot". Obviously the correct setting is even more stunning.


It should be quite to my style of music => Metal, funk, rock, blues etc. ...

I play an ESP Eclipse-mounted EMG.

The clean sound is superb, many people find it all too little expressive, I find myself slamming perfect, round, warm, and above it fully complies with the guitar. It's like making love with her baby, both soft and enchanting, but can hide a demon just waiting to escape.
The Bright added a little button next to tame the beast that carries with it a crystal clear sound, I almost forget that fit my emg active guitar.

The crunch is terrible to him when he saturates chouillat too can be a (not insurmountable playing with the knobs of the guitar and the gain of the preamp), but we mean well, ENGL'm not too much lace, and Register modern I must say that I am fulfilled.

And is the drama!

The soft lead is surly a wish, it restores the attack well, the sound is clear and right ca drool too perfect to play the small metal alone, and to do solos. It's clean!

Hi Lead is itself the hallmark of ENGL, the sound is huge thick, strikes ca, ca moves tripe, resonates ca. The knobs dedicated to the lower and upper Middle Middel is an indispensable asset in the pursuit of its straight but not too cold, I think it's one of the major forces préampli.Pour perfect solution it is necessary add a small équalo. The Mxr 10 bands that I have my sound turns into a kind of killing that is comparable to big names like the Hi Lead Mesa Boogie, VHT, and others. I got the sound I tried a modern distortion, which throws!

The grain is unique and can not appeal, in my case I am satisfied.


I use only a few hours and I'm about to c **! I am optimistic for the future when I master the beast!

I have tried many amps that are close to perfection but at a price unfortunately ... A 500 euros nine this preamp is cheap (relatively) full well screwed. The value for money is unbeatable in my opinion. In addition, finish is good, although sensitive knobs can build his own sound and the more it looks very solid.

Its only flaw is the specific optional footswitch, but I prefer a good footswitch optional and comes out a preamp sound of madness, rather than having a footwitch with a product not great.

At the moment I do it again this choice as the possibilities are enormous. Of course, if I could afford, I live on a Powerball typed or small Framus Cobra. But if its working properly his, he has the means to beat your little hearts of metalheads soaked in beer! :)

Let's Rock baby!

Rockhen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
Everything has been said.


It is very easy to configure. Found''SOUND''in a very short time.
Not need the manual.

My only 'HIC'. It is a quality defect. There are several options that can be controlled with a footswitch. (There biensur orders before). But for the Live, it forces us to buy a footswitch. I already have a midi controller and I want to add me to switch to another board. A control by noon, would have been better.


I'm in the Power / Heavey Metal. I have a Ltd F-400 and a Dean Razorback original. It's easy to release a sound of thunder! There to easily agree to the Death, Trash, anything that sounds modern, with a strong distortion.


I've had a few months and I can not do without.

1: All my friends are jealous. lol
2: The SOUND! WOW! What took me 2 years to finally find there.
3: ENGL all the same affordable $ 850 CA
4: Takes up little space. 1p rackmount.

u-nico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
This is a tube preamp (2XECC83/12AX7) format 19 "reduced size (48 x 26 x 4.4 cm). It is a bit heavy (4 kg) but it's still okay.
There are 2 channels: clean and lead each of which can be boosted to be almost 4 channels into practice:
- The clean passes only through the first floor lamp in V1,
- The crunch passes through the two floors of the lamp in V1,
- Lead the software goes through two levels of the V1 and V2 of one floor,
- Lead the heavy through the two floors of the two lamps.

It was for the Clean / Crunch:
- Gain
- A switch "bright"
- A 3-band EQ
- Volume
For Soft / Heavy Lead:
- Gain
- A 4-band EQ
- A switch "contour"
- Volume
And the global:
- A switch "Gain Lo / Hi"
- A switch "clean / lead"
- A switch "preamp defeat"

The connection is fairly complete
- An input priority
- With a headphone amplifier and frequency correction 1.5 W
Rear panel:
- A secondary input
- Send a single
- Two send (loop stereo)
- Two return (stereo loop)
- An output volume knob
- Two line-level output
- Two output with frequency correction and 1.5 W amplifier
- A jack for stereo switch "Gain Lo / Hi" and switch "clean / lead"
- A jack for stereo switch "outline" and switch "preamp defeat"

The only thing that I blame him is not to be MIDI. Finally, for the price ...


Configuration is very simple even if the channel clean / crunch sounds much louder than the lead channel.
The manual is short, in English or German, but quite clear.
We obtain easily a big sound, whatever the settings, everything is a matter of taste.
The connections are simple and straightforward.
However, the trick is painful changes channels: two pedals to change channels Z4 type are necessary if we want to make the best of the beast. This defect is corrected fairly easily with a built-in that manages the channel changes as the G-Major.


I have adopted in the following configurations:
ESP Eclipse II, Ibanez RG7321 -> E530 -> TC Electronics G-Major -> VHT Black Beauty 2562 -> OUR 4X12 V30
ESP Eclipse II, Ibanez RG7321 -> E530 -> Sound Card M-Audio Delta 44 (G-Major in loop)

The basic sound was very nice but a bit too bright for my taste. So change lamps for two ECC83 JJ Tesla.
And it is sending the heavy in heavy!
In clean, beautiful clear sound and balanced. It is not particularly hot but very punchy.
It is a bit cramped on the Ibanez but very large on the PSE, which proves that the violin is respected.
The crunch is as I love it that is clear and cold, just a little crispy. The huge class but it will not appeal to most people. Again the dynamics is the rendezvous.
The low lead is enormous rock. Very dynamic, rich sound and well balanced, very typical lamp and not a speck of metal, rather British in mind.
The heavy lead is a complete massacre. VHT on direct bury it everything I've tried before. Extra large, fully pierces the mix, very accurate and a lot of gain for the metal I do not exceed 2 / 3. The grain is tight but keeps the character. Ibanez on it is very dry and serious. ESP hard on it all.
Everything sounds direct, brief ecstasy with each stroke of the pick.

I play metal so it suits me perfectly preamp.

Only "defect", it sounds very special and it is very difficult to change without distorting everything that makes its qualities. Try before you buy.

For my part I put 10 because I can not turn 11.


I use it for a few months and I do not regret a thing: not to have bought before.
I tried quite a few heads before:
- Mesa Dual Rectifier (good) and Roadking (very good)
- ENGL Powerball (good)
- Peavey 5150 (bof)
- Line6 Spider Valve (medium)
- Laboga Mr Hector (good)
- Marshall JVM410H (very good), JCM900 (bof), JCM800 (good)

and I initially fell for the duo E570 E840/50 and a friend who is really great.

But there is really splayfooted complete. To test urgently but changing the original lamps.

Value for money unbeatable opportunity. I would do this choice two hundred times if necessary.

Bruthaur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
Tube preamp 19 "Stereo. Output 2 x 1.5 Watts on the headphone output with switch on the back. For only a saturation effect but what saturation !!!!!!!.
For footswich 2 pedals BOSS FS-6 for 4 commands, it works nickel.


very easy to use, no need to record and fortunately because it is in English. But it weighs heavy pig, he has added to my rack so that I think to regain muscle ;-) )))).


Despite what some say is good for all styles. I play everything and I can do well with this fabulous pre-amp.
I plug an Ibanez SA 120 EX and I do not know if it's scratched or pre-amp but it sounds round, powerful and very accurate. HHOUUAAA !!!!!!!!!


I own this wonder for 1 week and I can already tell that this is a big beast, full of heat and light saturation big lead. Finally something that sounds even larger saturation of hard rock or metal is not clean drool. I fell in love with the cattle, a feast for the ears. To test urgently and I did not act in ENGL.

DA_Taliesin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
See previous ...


Setup could not be more simple. The manual may be necessary to connect them alternatives.


Then move on to the interesting game. I am rather orient metal in all its forms, but I also use beaaucoup the clean and crunch, which has my eyes are just as important as the saturation. I play BC Rich NT JR V Deluxe (edition 2008) and a Dean ML 30th anniversary (not the US version eh ^ ^). Branch Technologies DBX EQ in a dual channel (roughly two bands eq 15 in series), followed by a small multi Korg AX 3000G to go through a Rocktron Velocity 100, which feeds a baffle 412 MG and a home marshmall homemade cab equipped with V30. Then I will speak of her in bypassing the EQ. So the raw preamp. In clean, not bad, the gain control is doing its job. A crystal clean enough, but lacked a little fishing, a little pale what. By switching on the High Gain channel clean, we get a nice crunch natural enough if one led zepplinien is doing well. The EMG of the BC Rich are a little crunch in clean normal, should lower the volume of the guitar. By switching to overdrive, one is soft. While disappointed. Sounds dirty, really worthy of a Crate 15W low series. Its a very "rough" without depth ... advice to those who want to return Transilvanian Hunger. BUT! Once the branch in eq Bouzin is really perceives what the beast is capable of. The clean is just sublime, as much for a stroll bluesy, its edge as a typical rhythmic funk or reggae, or what's so typical of the guitars of the 80s, when thee mad max a chorus. Adding a little reverb, the sound becomes a purity foolproof. Geniallisime. It's the same for the High Gain mode sound clean. And then I would not even speak the Distortion channel. A killing as rarely see thee home. Sound so versatile you can do everything; of saturated fat rich in many low and medium compresssion that the distortion of Empowered Gojira, as well Heavy Drive has the Maiden, Slayer and then the ... Sounds rich medium and treble to the Immortal, or a well wokenwol Motorhead has, through the well to the batcave or Alien Sex Fiend Bauhaus ... Really quite incredible. In addition, it blows really not bezef (saus sucks when you're big and you doing your back a gain, but in so you have to do push a 6 or 7). Overdrive is a regal heat.

When you connect your config your sound card via the exit "Emulated out" or I will not know, the thing that you simulate the response of a 4 * 12 Cab ... And ben the same, if not forget you to go through the EQ, you're much more than sound good for a small EP or demo. It goes far beyond what you can get a Pod or a Korg ...


It's been 6-7 months I use it now, really still surprised at how many things you can get out.

Without an EQ output, it is worth nothing absolulment. But that the brothel industry you there is just too good. What I like most: almost everything. What I like least: its price (600 balls a lil preamp unpretentious and worth nothing without additional eq, ca is the way ...), the footswith you have to pay 25 euros a share. But my rack (tuner, ENGL, EQ, multi-effects, Rocktron Velocity 100, noisegate) cost me less than 1000 euros, it is completely customizable, and I get a distortion worthy of a small lamp or almost any randall d a powerball. As for the clean, it goes beyond that of the two preceding deficits.

Bn invesstissement, nice surprise, good stuff. Is not a shit, they are strong the Germans!

belzeb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
With 2 12AX7 preamp
Power 2x1.5volt
Line input,
Two footswitch input: (1) Cannal1/2-Hi/low gain (2) Bright / Preamp contour and defeat
Effects loop
Out to Stereo Power Amp
Stereo output to record
After you read that there are four channels but that is wrong. It There's really two channels:
* Channel 1: Clean, Crunch with Gain / Bass / Medium / High / Volume with a bright. The move from clean to crunch is a gain boost.
* Channel 2: Soft-Heavy Lead lead with adjustable gain / bass / low mid / high mid / high over a contour which is a boost to medium. Again the transition from soft to heavy is a lead boost gain, equivalent to 1 / 2 ie the app with the gain equal to 10 Heavy with a gain to 5.

This preamp is really a war machine for the price. It really is Excellent for both the stage of a power amplifier for recording on pc live (thanks to the two lamps and its output to 1.5 volts)! I put 8 because there are better, but ...


The configuration is fairly simple, there's not many settings, just right. The knobs are very sensitive which allows for a very personal sound. on the other hand, it is better to start a set with all the knobs at noon. Extreme settings did not go well!. The fact that there is a separate setting of Low, Mid and High-Mid on the lead channel is huge advantage ... It allows for a slightly widened without it being unbearable and have a good control of the presence in a general mix.

Also having the channels that come in pairs (clean / crunch and low / high lead) is really an asset. It gives the Possibility to have different sounds without disturbing either: it remains on the same leveling, so there is no boost or loss of presence, no explosion of volume ... We are not obliged to repeat each time the setting all the volume!

For the manual I peus not say I ever had in hand.


After in terms of sounds, very versatile, very adaptableCe preamp really respect the basic sound of the instrument and its dynamics:

Clean channel: sound really not bad at all if the guitar has a beautiful sound ... It can be slammed even though it mainly revolves around sounds pretty round. But I do not think this is the point of this preamp fortb.

Canal crunch: I do not know too much ... for the crunch I use mostly low-lead

Low Lead: This channel has a pretty huge range of sounds. We can go a very light crunch to a rock sound upset. The dynamics are really amazing.

High mid: Same as the low-lead but with more gain. The sound is very modern, bright and very clear. The grain of the distortion is very fine, and disto y'en enormously. I play prog death in both groups (Besides, if you want to hear the sound of this preamp all recordings are done with the guitar on http://www.myspace.com/grorr with a mixed sound, and http: / / www.myspace.com/yosh64 ( http://www.myspace.com/yosh64 ) with a raw sound).
The dork who find that there is not enough gain should not seek a light sound, or learn to play itself for not having to hide under an explosion of gain.

Finally we must say that this preamp is really an ideal tool for both stage and recording. But be aware that it's a very demanding, which is the prerogative of the true light in my opinion. The slightest error really means, but when the bug is well controlled you can get a lot: sounds very close together in the medium to Freak Kitchen. BUT: It is essential to try and get to know because this preamp is very typical. It sounds very special, we like it or hate it ...


I use it for two years and more I learn to know him the more I love it! The sound is clean, dynamic, adaptable, and is an excellent tool for a home studio (although we must add a good rack of effects to do anything you want)

For stage I use a power amp and a mesa 50-50 laney cab that is kind enough to lend me (hééé yeah, it's expensive the good stuff, mauis's cheaper when you pay does : p). The sounds of this config is simply monstrous ...