ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock, Tube Guitar Preamp from ENGL.

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All user reviews for the ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 20 reviews )
 15 reviews75 %
 5 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
S. Durson03/15/2008

S. Durson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
Pramp lamp, etc ...
line out, line simu HP (which I find not bad at all), FX loop, connections for 2 switch ...


The config is simple, the sound is immediately l. And what a sound!
I do not have the manual and I do not need (the pir, it is available on the website Engl)


Claricir be a point on the gain.
I play extreme metal which bcp demand distortion.
I reu with Engl lamps. I had enough Adi distortion.
I put a Tung-Sol on channel 2 ... almost need the Hi Gain ...
So if like me you hesitate because you are afraid that a lack of saturation, and although we can do about it ... So, even more than the metal saturation zone, but except that it was the sound lamp !dropoff window
The clean sound is very good too.
And even if it is written "Modern Rock" may very well get her the old Darkthrone, Celtic Frost and others.


2 days.
I like everything, except that I have not the pedal ...
Bought secondhand, qualitprix unbeatable.
I buy it back without any hesitation.

nefas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
For specifications see the other view, the connection is complete, there is everything you need.


2 channels, a clear and full, the settings are classic "gain", "bass", "middle", "treble" with a few switches that provides more, nothing complicated you can easily find what you're looking.


This preamp is focused, as its name suggests, is for modern rock. The clean channel is pretty, round, crystal-clear but not as clean as that of a Triaxis example (which for me is the best preamp that comes out clear sound). The crunch is nice but can be a bit dry in this area but I am not an experthttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif
Boosted channel is magical, it sounds dessuite, punch to spare, a saturation level perfectly suited to the modern metal-edged sound, nice midrange, bass a little light but in the style, which has no 'équalo to boost it all, however, the sound is quite dry which prevents the serious drool and it's really excellent. I play it with a LTD Viper Baritone granted in LA, the characteristic of the guitar is very well respected and even embellished.


I recently and I was conquered. I bought it for heavy distortion, I was expecting something nice and I was pleasantly surpris.Je the couple to my GT-Pro with respect to EQ, distortion and various effects, all in one Marshall 9200 and 1960A mounted V30 G12T75 up and down and it sounds very big, clean, precise, the palm-mute are magical.
Before this one I tried a Sansamp PSA-1, a JMP-1 (as amended) and recently a Triaxis V1.
For the metal in the distorted sounds ENGL passes all others, for its SEC changed the JMP-1 but the E530 comes close to a color more original and more gain too. The Triaxis V1, despite its price is not better in full, more versatile but not more potatoes, the mushy side is less suitable than another for the metal. The Sansamp does not play the same course as the other lamps may be failing.
If you need a good preamp, too, dear to the metal the E530 is an excellent alternative.
If I do it again do it again and then more gold coins I will take his big brother, the E570
The cat08/05/2006

The cat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
I do not call features, everything is said.
Complete connectivity, there's not shit.
Negative on the footswitch (well I have not, I do not know whether to be supplied with since I bought OCCAZ). Me it does not bother me, I do not often change his or so when we eventually catch avvec sound.
There are two TRS jack on the back to switch 4 functions: Channel selection, choice of the saturation level (hi / low gain), contour (ideal for solos) and "preamp defeat" (I have not yet fully understand the function ...).


It's super simple as preamp, no effects, except for the distortion. We can actually get 4 channels with the switch to "Hi Gain" which allows for clean and growling channel distortion, which also have a more hard.

If you can adjust unb preamp guitar, this one will bring you no trouble.
The 4-band EQ on the lead channel is really interesting to work with precision. I would try with a good EQ back see if that really have more opportunities, but I think the answer is yes.


The sound is there now. I checked the lights in the rack of OCCAZ received this morning. A 12AX7EH, and a Sovtek 12AX7WP. In short, as stated above, with the EH, we have gain to spare. My BC Rich Warlock NJsérie original sounds like forever. Well I do not scratch, rather a branque. Basically I am a bassist. This is my first real preamp. Before I was a Marshall combo 100DFX, not bad for the price, but it's not break bricks. I rediscovered my guitar, when I plugged the output offset frequency at my table and my Dynaudio soundcraft. it sounds warm and brilliant, yet it is not at all stuffed bass. Deadly

I kindly brought to my guitarist again. Plugged into the return of the effects loop of Crate Blue Voodoo (all-tube) in 4 * 12. the unit to the base sounds good I know it well. Well with this preamp for the distortion of schinter Crate, it demolded serious ... my scratch was happy, he wants to bite me now ... : D There's less than a Crate bass, but you can compensate a little with the EQ. And it's not so bad actually, because being in the world of recording and bassist, these metalheads scratch that put serious block that we cover is boring ... So there flat on his fate "mixed" in rehearsal and it's pretty cool. it sounds like I love big and rapper. It is very dry and precise, no burr short, what we played, we hear about the hair. So it requires them to be precise, it is not so bad.

We must find more high-end yet, or different, I only takes 9 because I do not have the means to test this preamp really decent.


As I am happy with my purchase OCCAZ to € 350. An unbeatable value for money of the coup at this price. If you like distortion precise démoulent go test, you will surely find your happiness. I am filled, I will be working groups on the sound of gear known if entourloupe with crappy amps.

I'll probably record the sound of the guitar dry and then iron it to mix in ENGL. To see if it passes without technically Reamp. I am confident, however.

satch88's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
Lamps 2x12ax7

not noon but after seeing walkthrough


Single-level settings + 4 channels
lead crunch clean high lead (controllable by footswich z4) connected to a G major with a stereo jack, the channels of the preamp can be switched via a MIDI foot controller
satch88@wanadoo.fr for details


Very nice little preamp see rock metal


I think it's not original mieu ... the sats have a beautiful color but lacks one can gain despite emg ibanez custom shop equipped the clean sound is very beautiful I play progressive metal

radical solution

advise you to get into v1 and v2 tung floor lamps in order to gain the preamp gain saturated wakes nice crunch and lead a good sat lead2 hi gain but still a bit of steam (or so hush noise gate) (not if you support )
pairing the home Berhinger dualfex a (cheap) or a bbe maximizer 482i (more expensive) then a short delay with rack style home tc g major and a power amp tube if possible engl 840 (a killing) a baffle 4 / 12 and you have almost the sound of the guitar hero ... almost ... well it sounds and c cheap but beware amp lamp mandatory otherwise it sounds worse than the sats at Roland ...

MetlFixxxer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
For the price we can say that I had a lot of luck! (270 euros occasion!)
For CHARACTERISTICS, I quote the website (lol) of ENGL:
4 channels, (2 x ECC 83), Clean, Lead, Crunch and Heavy Lead via Gain Lo / Hi switch, Bright switch in a main channel, Contour switch in main channel 2, Preamp Defeat switch, Stereo FX loop;
Per main channel:
3-band EQ (Lead: 4-band), Gain and Volume controls;
Power amp:
2 x 1.5 watts (solid state);
Stereo Line Out and Line Out Stereo Frequency Compensated with level control, stereo headphones / speaker 4-16 ohms, 2 x dual footswitch jacks;
Size & weight:
48 x 4.4 x 26 cm, 4 kg;

It is equipped with a "mini" power-amp transistors of 1.5 W ... do not rely on ithttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif

I put 9 because the mini power amp adds a little more, it is useful if ppin or if you want to play cushy home without crying the next.

Too bad it is not noon, but for this price (even new) is not going to be difficult.


Trs simple, trs insticts, we understand how to work directly (and the manual is available at any of ENGL fawn: www.engl-amps.com)

The buttons are extremely prcis, we can change the sound just by touching the knobs, which gives an incredible range of sounds (especially in the Lead channel that has rglages mdiums low and high m dium, trs effective!). No need to EQ derrire, if we take the time to quibble a bit you do what you want.

EDIT of 10 December 2005, but with an EQ derrire is even better in fact, you can really awesome soundhttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif


I play mostly metal extreme (black, death mlodique) but also of thrash and heavy, and occasionally the old hard rock or classic, but 90% of extreme metal. Prampli I use this with a BC Rich Warlock NJ (EMG81), a Marshall 8008 power amp transistors (not enough money or I'd pay a VHT 2:50:2) and a baffle VHT Fat Bottom 1x12, all with a small delay and a little reverb from an Alesis multi MicroVerb IV.

EDIT of 10 December 2005: I now branch amplifiers ENGL 840/50 and he is the rvle ... everything I said below is true, add that the dynamics and magnitude of the 840 and 530 can "smooth the hair of a sheep 20km" (I forget the username of the person who told me about a www.guitariste.com ^ ^)

Well I can assure you that adpote. Those who say that this amp is not for the bulk metal may have be tested on Fender Telecaster ... In any case, with a good scratch, good microphones and a good speaker, the sound is standard. Obviously, there is less gain than the heads ENGL Powerball and company, but just push a little more gain and * BAM! *, That kills the sound, especially the price! My cabinet is VHT srement for something, but low, whatever people may say, are Submitted, the sound is round and full as any sharp, aggressive and prcis. Even with a power amp transistors, I feel the sound of the lamps. Obviously, a larger volume gives better low volume lev but even I find a ring.

EDIT of 10 December 2005: The highlight of this pramp is the quality of rendering palm-muting, but that sound aggressive without being particulirement Gorge low unnecessary)

Well, for a c'tait Lead Hi, I use mainly. Lead normal is good but not so aggressive (but hey, this is not the goal either), and I think to have a good sound ACDC style hardrock with this channel would require a power amp lamp, we feel more than a lack.

The crunch is nice, well rounded as it should, not too powerful, and clean is good enough, but my guitar n'tant not made out of beautiful clean, a hard slap, I can not judge too ...

The contour switch is quite radical, a mdiums boosts strong enough and I use little (I put a lot of dj's in my mdiums, people must understand that without the metal m dium has not only sounds good when playing alone, and more!)

The mini amp Intgr 1.5 W also sounds a lot, it is linear and transparent trs, trs but amplifies well, j'tais tonn same noise which I could go up! (The performance of my VHT cabinet is also for something ...)

The prampli is not too loud but nevertheless his little purrhttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif I am yet to quip ProCo cables Lifeline. But hey, nothing super strong, it is reasonable, I will not even bother to pay me a Hush ...

EDIT of 10 December 2005: I changed the lights: Tung-Sol 12AX7 in V1 and Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 in V2 ... of pure happiness, the sound is radically amlior but still recognizes the pramp and grain ... only, it is more prcis, tighter and has more gain. A change needed, it sometimes nglige the importance of a change of lights ... aarveill my 530: D


I just got it so I'm still a bit shocked.
I'll be back in a few months to tell you what I thinkhttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif

I love the big sound, and there is hardly any thing that I do not!

Report quality price!

Go for the eyes closed ... if you have the following stuff (guitar, microphone, speaker), you will have a big sound. Now it will not change a single coil in Jackson Stagg United States, but it amplifies the qualities of a good guitar, and I suspect a bad guitar sound worse than it something modlisation style Spider II ...

December 10, 2005 EDIT: I see my bill and I put 10 as the shifting lights and lamps Poweramp make a war machine, and for that price it is not the best!

vincent666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
-Tube preamp (the lamps of aillor not visible through the upper small grids).
A small-power amplifier is integrated which allows to use one.
A Complete back-connection (Footswitch, Headphones, Line output left, right line output,
line level, FX loop return left and right, instrument output, input auciliar) and before (Input and
Stereo head phone).
-The only effect it is the distortion to the settings it is really complete;
Clean gain, Bright, Bass, Middle, Treble for clear sound from.
Lead Gain, Bass, Lo Mid, Hi Mid, Treble, Contour, Lead Gain control and 3 were desirous lo / hi, Clean Lead preamp and finally defeat.
There's brief in control of what to do to get the desired sound.


-Configuration relatively simple.
-Is obtained very easily sound good.
-The manual was in English but it is clear enough.


- Playing the brutal death metal should be exactly what style of music.
- I play on a Bcrich Beast Platinum Pro with Dimarzion X2N not going mashall 8008 and a small GE boss equalizer 131 to finish in a 2x12 "Celestion homemade.
- This gives a really powerful sound with great bass, the EQ really lets paufiner
its settings.
I was really surprised by the "wicked" ca slap sound really strong and powerful
edged the tremolo in the strings overgrazing well restranscrit we extend all (even
errors), I do not even use the gain knob thoroughly.
In acute ca ... really hard so no complaints.
In short it is a really good preamp for the brutal death ....


- I have this amp for 3 days.
- I especially like the qualitée saturation, it reminds the group Decapitated (with
good set).
- I bought this preamp after reading a lot of opinions.
- In value for money is a very good unit.
- Repeat the choice, maybe yes, but knowing that I have not tried other preamp difficult ....
to affirm.

Lonewolf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
All Tube preamp
2 channels with
High Gain swicth that give 4 channels
2 12AX7 tubes, stereo effects loop, two line outputs, output level knob
1.5 W power amp built to play with headphones or stereo

Mine is back from the tech. He fixed a lot of welding. That means a build quality not at the top, I lower my note a bit.
Switch functionnality are not convenient. You have to switch twice if you want to switch from crunch to lead or clean to high gain.


the equalization is very effective.
The connection is fairly complete (apart from the footswitch system)
the manual is not really necessary.
Not too heavy and strong.

Anyway the switches trick starts to get tired (if we add that I'm getting a lot of effects pedals)


Metal, ideal for metal, death / black modern, old school, the doom ...
The clean is not bad but a little slam.
Like any ENGL is very loaded down medium, lacks a little low ... bah it's not for the neo either.
accuracy is to go, ca not bleed a bit.

I changed the tubes to put an Electro Harmonix 12AX7 in V1 and a Sovtek 12ax7lps in V2, this and the weldings redone properly, the preamp is transformed, more punch , more gain (due to the EHX), even sharper , an even tighter grain, it becomes very, very metal, against the light are almost too slamming now see is not too much treble mattres meds and pain of sore ears
I remain a fan


For me it's all good, it is precisely this type of sound I wanted.
Coupled to a 2x50 or 2x60 ENGL ca be hellish.
In short I found my preamp.
With the small passage in the techno and new loupiotte is a weapon for metalheads, but hey I'm tired of rack system, bulky clumsy, expensive.
Been sold to buy a head Screamer is when members more convenient.
A very good product for its price

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
Well, I zap the description, the boys have made dj.
I add that it is just solid as a Panzer.
It was released in Stereo and it's cool, just like the recording outputs.
The headphone output is a good idea, adpanne well, when the mood takes to type a riff one o'clock in the morning 'with Madame sleeping nearby.
Pdalier and two outputs are stereo jack 6.35, impeccable fit quite a footswitch trade, or midiswitcher.

And he has a good look I think!


Bte faade of a preamp not to get excited!
With the EQ offers, you get very easy!
The manual is in English, also available on the site ENGL.
Too bad, no footswitch included.


B'en the trs is the nice surprise (for a two pramp loupiotte)!

Clearly, the soft sounds can range from absolute to the lens in two rotations of knob.
The crunch going well thank you for them, although I do not make intensive use to be honnte.

The lead sound can be ULTRA aggressive bass that ptent amortized on, all notes are ringing, is a prcis all the time!

The EQ is trs effective, even if it lacks a centipoil low, in the end. But y 'adj enough!
The grain is really typ ENGL, a sound that I love (with Randall and Mesa)


B'en very happy, especially in this price range, it or a MIDI OCCAZ Marshall.

It is true that a non prampli MIDI is not cool, but the sound is the emblem of a small rotation of the knob and it's another one!
The same as in ENGL MIDI (MODEL 580) intimate terms with the 2500, so we will stay on the ENGL 530, right?

Uh ... good, since I sold to a secondhand Triaxis (not easy to find the 580 ...).

But I keep a memory of 530 mu, and I want to buy me one, for its grain, its simplicity.

It's still the best price / market

lagrelle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
All Tube preamp, 2 channels with gain switch hi / low = 4 channels.
2 12AX7 tubes, effects loop, output level adjustable, two line outputs, 2 outputs to console, short of classic. Good point for the power amp built 1.5 w to play with headphones or stereo, and the output console.


Frankly not need a manual, we choose the channel you set the gain switch on high or low, turn the equal, theft and gain and that's good. Frankly there's one right away without hitting the menus or excessive flood of parameters. It's simple, it goes straight to the point: the sound!


Its metal-oriented course. The light is not bad, but even with the "bright" engaged, it lacks brilliance. The crunch I have not tried too but it sounds honest. Of course it sends distos side. Compared to a Marshall, it has more gain, a more crude (we like it or not) wildest marked with a bump in the midrange. When you push the beast with a 2x50 tube, the sound is rich and round, but the bass a little lacking, unfortunately. As against the sound is very good, is accurate for screaming solos and not at all like too much amp transistor.
I put 9 because it's still very good and considering the price .....


Very good amp in the end, with a slight lack of bass (only on the channel distortion, however), but very versatile metal oriented. Only one real complaint: no preamp noon, or so you have to buy the switch Z-11 (over a foot noon), and found to OCCAZ nine worth € 250 in Germany!
Otherwise it's all good, considering the great price of the machine (approx € 550 new at our Teutonic friends).
Unfortunately this amp lack of competition in its niche. Apart from the boogie studio pre or Rocktron Pirahna, I see not with what we might compare in this price range. Purchased last year in Germany I intend to part with it to move to a pre Boogie formula.

L'inquisition's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
4 channels, (2 x ECC 83), Clean, Lead, Crunch and Heavy Lead via Gain Lo / Hi switch, Bright switch in main channel 1, Contour switch in main channel 2, Preamp Defeat switch, stereo FX loop, 3-band EQ (Lead: 4-band), Gain and Volume controls, 2 x 1.5 watts (solid state), Stereo Line Out and Stereo Frequency Compensated Line Out with Level Control, Stereo headphones / speaker 4-16 ohms, 2 x dual footswitch jacks, 48 ​​x 4.4 x 26 cm, 4 kg.


The setting is very simple and each button has a characteristic and significant, as the two buttons on the lead channel medium are very different from each other. Similarly, the contour switch adds another option to its envelope.
It works like any amp with gain settings, volume and equalizer.
The English manual is straightforward and clear with some tips and other settings for the connection, which also explains better all the outputs that the manual itself.


The sound itself is very versatile but to get a consistent saturation, it is better to have microphones that come out strong enough. It is not saturated, but he needs a little help inch the input signal for the ultimate saturation.
the sound on the other hand can range from the small to the crunch, but with a saturated color in the grain fairly modern, genre specific enough. The clean sound is nice too, but this I am not too expert .....


I recently but it is very easy to use and so you can quickly find what you want knowing that it's still a preamp with 2 lamps is not a Triaxis either. It is not super expensive (520 euros orders in Germany) and it's quite interesting to have a small range of sound.
The only fault for me is a slight lack of gain, certainly nothing embarrassing but the knob at the bottom, I like too, and especially the headphone kind metalzone ......
I find him a good value even if it is more expensive in France and certainly for that price one of the best tube preamp you can find.