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  • cohortor gStrings

    cohortor gStrings - moosers's review


    Cohortor's gStrings is an application for Android based smart phones. I'm not sure if there is one for other phones, as I've only used it on Android. You download the app straight from the Android market and it will download and install within a fe…

  • Waves GTR Tuner

    Waves GTR Tuner - "Not a bad software tuner"


    When it comes to guitars, the number one thing that every guitar must do is be in tune. If a guitar is not in tune, it'll throw your entire mix off. Personally, I'm fairly adamant about perfect tuning and intonation. Well, as perfect as it can be;…

  • Waves GTR Tuner

    Waves GTR Tuner - moosers's review


    The Waves Ltd. GTR Tuner is a plug-in that part of Waves' GTR series of guitar based plug-ins. I've got the full Waves Complete bundle, so this is included in that as well. I installed it along with the rest of the plug-ins in the bundle as you ins…

  • Trillium Lane Labs TL InTune

    Trillium Lane Labs TL InTune - moosers's review


    Trillium Lane Labs TL InTune is a simple instrument tuning plug-in that comes in the TL Utilities bundle. It isn't a voice or instrument pitch shifting tuning piece of software like Auto Tune or Melodyne, rather it is for tuning an instrument that y…

  • Bomb Factory Essential Tuner

    Bomb Factory Essential Tuner - moosers's review


    Since the Bomb Factory Essential Tuner comes free with Pro Tools, it comes pre installed when you install Pro Tools, so there is no need to take any further steps if you have Pro Tools installed, which I believe is the only way that you can use this …

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