Ion Audio iPTUSB
Ion Audio iPTUSB

iPTUSB, Turntable from Ion Audio.

moosers 12/03/2009

Ion Audio iPTUSB : moosers's user review


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The Ion Audio iPTUSB is a USB and analog based turn table.  I use this for simply listening to vinyl on rather than transferring vinyl to a digital domain or anything like this.  It is easy enough to hook up to my speakers as it has modern connections rather than what you are going to see on on older record players.  It is pretty basic in design overall, with only volume, bass and treble knobs to control your sound with.  It is powered by the nine volt power supply that comes with it and it has both 1/8 inch output and RCA connections.  It is quite easy to operate and to use even if you aren't familiar with more traditional record players.  While I generally don't use this to transfer records to my computer, I have tried before and I didn't find it to be too effective.  I thought that it would be sending a better sounding signal via USB, but what it has is a built in microphone that it uses to record the sound from the record player.  While this will do the job to a degree, it doesn't sound all that good as a lot of sound quality is lost doing it this way.  This being said, this is the only bad part of the Ion Audio iPTUSB that I can think of.  So as long as you aren't expecting to be able to transfer your whole record collection over (which I'm sure a lot of you would be), this is a perfectly good record player.  For me it provides a cheap option for me to play my record collection with the ability to hook this up to a variety of different speakers quickly and easily.  All in all, I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a record player on the cheap.