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Cakewalk USB audio interfaces user reviews

  • Cakewalk V-Studio 20

    Cakewalk V-Studio 20 - "Lots of effects to choose from"


    The CakeWalk V-Studio 20 is a USB interface and control surface that has 36 on board effects that can be used for your vocals or guitar tracks. It only cost 300 dollars and it can be used with Mac and PC computers. It has a total of 36 BOSS effects …

  • Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 100

    Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 100 - "The total package"


    The CakeWalk V-Studio 100 is a portable device that will allow you to record up to 8 tracks simultaneously. It connects to your computer through USB connection and has some on board effects and a user friendly and DAW control surface that is compatib…

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