Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 100
Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 100

Sonar V-Studio 100, USB audio interface from Cakewalk in the Sonar series.

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stompboxjon 10/24/2012

Cakewalk Sonar V-Studio 100 : stompboxjon's user review

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The CakeWalk V-Studio 100 is a portable device that will allow you to record up to 8 tracks simultaneously. It connects to your computer through USB connection and has some on board effects and a user friendly and DAW control surface that is compatible with Windows or Mac systems. Bottom line is that if you are a CakeWalk user than this interface is what you need to have. It is very portable and well built. It is also easy to install and start using right away. You cannot rack this unit, but it is not very big, so it is easy to put in a gig bag or book bag and take it with you and your laptop.


Setting it up was quick and painless, it really doesn’t even matter what version of CakeWalk you are using and it will work great in Sonar, Ableton Live, Cubase and a few others. It has a motorized touch sensitive fader and a LCD display screen. The foot switch is programmable and it has 11 buttons, 5 rotary encoders and you can pretty much use it with any DAW through Mackie Control.


The manual is easy to understand if you need to use it.


On the mixer there are 4 different reverbs, 6 channels of compression and 6 channels of EQ. There is a built in metronome on the V-Studio 100 as well as 2 channel WAV playback and recording. The CakeWalk V-Studio 100 has just about everything you need to run your whole set up for your band or if you are a DJ this could work great for you. I have been using this device since last summer and never had any issues with it. The value for the price is great, and knowing what I know now I am glad to have made this choice to use this interface. I do still own it and use it a lot, the sound quality is amazing.