Tascam US-144mkII
Tascam US-144mkII
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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 10 reviews )
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 4 reviews40 %
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yoTrakkz's review"inexpensive but high powered"

Tascam US-144mkII
The Tascam US 144mkII is an inexpensive USB powered external audio interface for your computer; the purpose of which is to replace your computer's built-in sound card and provide superior sound and better audio hook up options. It features two XLR mic inputs with phantom power option, two quarter inch line/guitar in jacks, two quarter inch insert jacks, adjustable input levels, RCA line out jacks, midi in/out, headphone out jack, headphone level knob, line out level knob, direct monitor level knob, switch for mono or stereo monitoring, and plenty of LED lights that help you see whats going on. The unit is solidly built and is housed in a metal case.


When I first installed this on an old Imac there where a few timing issues but I was able to resolve them by adjusting the buffer. I once tried to install this on a friend's PC laptop and was never able to get it to work. It could have been the laptop or it could have been the US-144s software.


I only used this unit briefly to make multi-track recordings. I have never had any problems. In recent years I use it occasionally to input cassette and LP recordings into my computer for conversion to audio CDs and MP3s. The unit works nicely with no issues. I like the unit ergonomically with its knobs on top, small size, and strong construction. Its easy, clear and straightforward to use.


I bought this when it first came out and at the time it was a ground breaking product for its price range. But now I use a better interface, the one I use now is rack able which is what I love because it keeps things out of the way. But this little device will get the job done especially if you are on the go a lot and need to carry it with you.

Anonymous 's review

Tascam US-144mkII
There is something about the way TASCAM makes its interfaces for so little and yet maintain so much quality that just draws attention to themselves. Well, wait. That's exactly what it is. In the end, though, I have found that TASCAM interfaces are a little bit under appreciated for what they are. Figure that you get a very solid looking unit with two mic ins and two line ins with an obvious output just in case, and you have something that is absolutely worth that price. Add in digital jacks and midi, and before you know it, you have a very solid unit for recording on a tight budget.


I have found the drivers to be quite stable and the latency to be quite low, although I would prefer to use ASIO for All with this unit when it comes to windows computers. Through a bunch of different DAWs, it performs solidly. I have also found that the built in preamps, especially when compared with its younger brothers, are surprisingly nice sounding, and I would have no problem doing a quick side recording with these interfaces.


It is an interface. It does not have that many features, and getting started on this thing in incredibly simple because of this. Plug in it, install the drivers. Maybe try Asio for all, but otherwise, plug in and you are good to go! In the end, all interfaces should not have too much fumbling around with, so it should be a simple process getting them to work. I also love the way the knobs feel.


Overall, I always say cough up $300 to get those inputs in the 1641 or the 1800, but those units are not exactly what I would call portable. So in the end the US 144 MK II is entirely worth it. You should go check them out, and I'm sure there are samples of the surprisingly good pre amps on the web. Go look for them, and I'm sure that you'll make the right decision when it comes to getting a cheap interface!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" just a card booster"

Tascam US-144mkII
Motivated by the size and connectivity ...

I thought I integrate into my live set for ...

EWI player, the idea was to turn my fantastic sounds SampleModeling ...

Use with a very big machine and SWAM KONTAKT ...


Concern crash probably due to its micro-code, it better after update ...

Unstable XP drivers ... better under SEVEN ... but not great ...

Fairly high latency compared to my other sound cards ... even on lines similar price ...

The midi input is slow, too slow ...

The grain of sound is nice ...


At first it was horror, I never knew why ... yet more than 10 years that I brew ASIO ...

The configuration is minimalist: the driver is not evolved enough ...


I use it on my dedicated PC to stream internet video on Youtube ...

I had a lot of troubles with this interface and it left my live set after two weeks ... tired of connection loss (no, it does not come from the cable, or the config!)

I had others before, others after, the low-end and very very overpriced for pro studio ... this card is TASCAM's name and that is unfortunate. ..

I taught him to fly, and that's not even what it does best ... it through several times a scene from the air ...

Even a multi-effects guitar with a built-in USB interface has less latency ...

It can be used converter ... or pre-amp if you're stuck and not too demanding ...

-GE-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Unusable Micro Static"

Tascam US-144mkII
Everything has already been said.


I use a Mac Book Pro, and nickel based super stable driver.


No pb


I've had two years.
I used it only for recording Guitar and Direct line level stereo recording quality no complaints.

on the other hand I recently wanted to make a stereo jack of a choir with two microphones static Apaire 27 Joe Meek therefore requiring phantom power supply and then the disaster, background noise HORRIBLE that this is more or less based on microphone. In fact, I did a test with two microphones Static "MXL 2001" and such, the background noise of the phantom.
With dynamic microphones do not worry because not need phantom power. On the other hand, I expected a bit because all the electrical energy necessary for the interface is provided by the USB port ...
So I want to direct me to a Firewire / USB interface with external power supply for a good phantom!

Otherwise, very good value for price, therefore 4ms latency direct monitoring Cubase 7 without worry. Entry Guitar Live is perfect too.

goka's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent for beginners"

Tascam US-144mkII
I bought it because it is a mark in the pros referrer tables and features that look simpler, and this is the case. It's true plug & play! I used live usb on my mac book pro, without any preamp, comp, or effects processors. I tried different tube preamps (good low end) bin ca useless. As do direct outlets.
I used to mix on Logic emulated amps (Softube etc.) and frankly the fact ca!
The card is made at all levels and I see nothing wrong .. in all cases for a card that price above (de 200euros);


On mac, I have had no problems, I do not even remember having installed the drivers ..
I record that tracks guitars / bass and vocals so both inputs widely enough for me! For projects 24pistes max
No updates for now ..
Very low latency, ample.


No worries
Taking intuitive hand


I use it for over a year and I find it excellent for that price. I had the opportunity to work with many other more expensive cards (supposedly higher genus range M-Audio, Focusrite) and side to purchase (even Motu), frankly unless you go to really more upscale or be a real sound studio, this card does not give you a cheap with these sound cards ..
It is excellent for beginners! in any case mac book in my experience ..
The results are very good with using instruments (squier, fender mexico, microphones 100th), then for some excellent tools have equipped (good microphones, preamps), you will then sound card ideal for mobile home studio because very convenient to carry around.
Short but good!

Slipmurd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad in this price range"

Tascam US-144mkII
I just need a USB interface to less than 200 €, for recording vocals, instruments, ...

It has two XLR / Jack (one with switch "MIC / LINE-Guitar", which allows you to connect a guitar (or bass, I have already done) directly in the interface), an IN / MIDI OUT, an In / Out Digital SPDIF in, an Out Jack for headphones and a stereo RCA Out for monitoring. Everything powered USB 2.0

There is also a switch for phantom power and a switch "Mono Stereo" to couple or not, the two main analog inputs.

And 5 knobs that complement the case: two gain settings, the dosage of listening between "direct input" and "computer", sending a signal in the monitors and sending the signal in the headphones.

I use it on Windows 7, with a Toshiba laptop that runs on Intel-5, to 2.3 Ghz.


The interface comes with Cubase LE 5, which I use most of the time. I also work occasionally with Ableton Live Lite 8.

Overall everything works pretty well, but I very often crashes Cubase when I work with the interface connected (and not just when I'm recording). I'm having some trouble identifying the problem, a priori it must be my PC which is not good enough and not too much a matter of drivers ... Finally, the fact remains that I work with a latency high enough to override by the buffer, but I reboot Cubase j'm'en often come out not too bad ...


Installation is not complicated, you still have to be careful to follow the procedure for recognition of the interface which is simple and well explained.

The manual (about 30 pages) is pretty fucked up, and yet there's not much to explain is very intuitive to use.


I use it for 7 months. I was already working with small M-Audio in the same price range, but without really analyzing performance. I trust the opinion of the seller, and basically, for the price, I think it's a good choice.

The big negative points for me, it is clear that the preamps are not that great at all, then they follow what the price .. Besides the fact that their influence on the sound could be less bad, there is also a matter of dynamics arises: the boundary between the audibility of the signal and the saturation is too thin, it finds itself obliged to register with a dynamic as low as possible in order to have a clean signal, which saturates and is not sub-module.

I have not yet had the opportunity to test the I / O digital and Midi, stay tuned!

In conclusion: A very decent interface for the price and 4 I / O. It is of course the low end, do not expect too much either! ;)

I should also mention that I use it a lot in the recording of spoken voices or sound effects, not just in music, where perhaps a less fat than other users satisfaction, but satisfaction when same!

Modam's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" stunning for the price"

Tascam US-144mkII
I were on an old laptop and I was tired out in the mini-jack I intended to invest in a motu with my new ordo but too expensive for an amateur - it is the branch of a good round (i5-8GB of rem etc.)


I use it on the cubase and it going really really well, we have to compare two similar machine with a tascam and honestly with the motu is a bigger difference in price but that's ... is a difference in the c on :-)


A 30 min install time to compare a number c is cool


A year and a half never worry never plop yet j uses many many vst and audio, perfect value for money j have not yet found better
Tina Arkos02/11/2011

Tina Arkos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" for the price"

Tascam US-144mkII
I already had a card 8 IN / 8 OUT EgoSys Wami Rack 24 but aging and jot down some ideas I wanted a small card with external connections facade. I agonized with the Mackie Onyx but my choice was made under the full connectivity of the Tascam and reputation.


Insignificant latency in Cubase with my config four cores, 8GB of memory, Windows 7 64bit


Installation Nickel in Nickel. Manuel idem.


Level and ergonomic construction is well thought out and well done. It may still be more skeptical about the quality level knobs, very light but well under the fingers given the price.
In use is the bomb! Unlike my old card more than once to pass the crash 0db. It reacts as analog, excellent.
The preamps are a little lighter and it is often in the last quarter for the level but frankly it's done.
on the other hand do not forget to retake the phantom power off when you make a guitar or bass line taken from a microphone jack under penalty of breath clearly audible. But it seems logical to me.
For those who want to hear the results:
All basses and guitars are made in direct connection with the exception of crunchy guitars (microphone in front of a bass amp and Fender Rumble 15 Combo Fulltone OCD).
To conclude: A fucking notebook!

Jean-Hub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nickel!"

Tascam US-144mkII
see opinion see opinion


overall global




Freshly global opinion (and fast!) received through WoodBrass,
I take from 1 January for an initial good resolution:
Music-to get back into:

I was wondering if it was really possible to record a full song
on a laptop equipped with a USB sound card?

The answer is YES: The Tascam US-144MKII permitting!
Catch recording of the song are done with the course Tascam
and a laptop Acer Aspire 2920Z

the pleasant surprise: The Tascam Steinberg Cubase comes with 5 (and not 4!) LE version.
Nickel! (Installation a bit tedious with all the permissions etc but it will, once done, it's cushy)

First I start by recording the drum tracks (1 stereo track):
I turned my old drum machine Boss DR550 MKII
synchro noon with the supplied Cubase LE 5 and TASCAM US-144MKII:
OK, no problem.

Then I record a guitar track on a witness = OK

I then tracks the songs:
2 leads (each mono) = OK
Chorus 4 (mono each) for the chorus: 2 tracks (chorus son of) + 2 tracks refrain myself = OK

Then comes the bass (1 mono track) = OK

A guitar right (one mono track) and a guitar on the left (mono too)

1 track for stereo guitars part called "solo".

Although they are not all filled in the same instand specific
I end up with 11 or 12 tracks running = Ok, no bug :-)

Then I'm mixing on a PC tower (Pentium 4 Prescott)
cubase via another 5 and a sound card pci EMU0404.

Knowing that I also tested the mix (with effect!) With the Tascam instead of EMU and is ditto.
What is amazing is that even when I disconnect the Tascam USB port
the EMU takes the hand alone ...

Conclusion: Good small mobile product.
The knobs seem fragile, but the box itself is sturdy.
He lacks nothing, I urge (not too expensive and more! Paid toll at Woodbrass 3X)

Video of the outcome of the song here:


redslim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam US-144mkII
I just received my carte.Je uses it on ableton and reason (AVC nbreux vst) and a MPD26, no problem for the configuration moment.Because asio driver and the driver works properly on Windows 7 ... The quality sound is to go (for its price) apart from a few clicks of 4 tracks ... The main problem comes from the line level is too low but be a real problem ..
I now have a proper latency around 10 ms and 20 ms input output (offset by ableton you can hear it).
In short I'm pretty happy, although I could not establish comparaison.La can connect the south is a real plus in my opinion ... A good buy for beginners like me ... mao