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Jackson V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Jackson USA RR1 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson USA RR1 Randy Rhoads - LeMikou's review


    I bought this guitar a guy an orchestra in my region who sold all his gear. It is white with a Floyd Rose vibrato brand, two microphones and is double the 1985 so I know if we can call RR1 but in any case looks like ay. On the head there described "m…

  • Jackson USA KV2 King V

    Jackson USA KV2 King V - Hamtaro's review


    Jackson is a "made in United States" please! The CHARACTERISTICS are well known but we will be happy to call them: neck-24 Saddle boxes topped with a button in the back bne "wings Shark" pearl and vritable surrounded by a binding color "ivory". The f…

  • Jackson Rhoads EX

    Jackson Rhoads EX - GaBcRaCk's review


    Country of Manufacture -> Corre 22 Fret (micro jackson base) 2 humbucker Floyd trs trs effective Settings -> a pickup selector Channel trs flat UTILIZATION The handle is really enjoyable trs trs Access in Acute trs is really very easy…

  • Jackson USA KV2 King V

    Jackson USA KV2 King V - eti7's review


    Specific to the form "V", two humbucker, floyd one, three knobs: 2volume and 1 tonne and a 3 position switch. manufactured in the United States. 24 frets, inlay "wing shark." UTILIZATION Channel super nice, access to acute is insane! we must get …

  • Jackson WRXT Warrior

    Jackson WRXT Warrior - icarus78's review


    Alder body / sleeve Rabl (all sounds encouraging to lower mdiums and severe) the pickups are Duncan Designed (ho hum) The licensed floyd rose bridge the finish is not what is better now but it remains all the same correct UTILIZATION The ha…

  • Jackson KE3 Kelly (Before 2006)

    Jackson KE3 Kelly (Before 2006) - jphx's review


    I have acquired this guitar 3 years ago J have a fender strato ca you change handle hyper hyper low end of rope licensed floyd impressive run UTILIZATION See above for the handle easy to play sitting Acute very accessible The setti…

  • Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads - Anonyme's review


    I RR3 with the head "reverse" and Seymour Duncan design (See photos on my profile ...) made in Japan. 22 boxes bought new about 6000 francs 3 years ago UTILIZATION The handle is pleasant trs, trs wide end, ideal for sweeping! it requires …

  • Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads - morgoth's review


    Made in Korea Alder body Handle Saddle al vissbr /> Buttons Rosewood 22 jumbo frtes Neck pickup Seymour Duncan Detonator humbucker Same as pickup Floyd Rose tremolo Volume knobs neck pickup and bridge, Ring gnrale UTILIZATION Channe…