LTD EX-351
LTD EX-351

EX-351, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard EX series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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MGR/Anonymous's review"ESP EX-351"

LTD EX-351
Paid $440 at sam ash. I bought it cause i wanted an explorer shape guitar, and couldnt afford a gibson. With ESP's new design, it looks a lot different from the gibson and now i prefer this style over the original.

First of all i love the look of the guitar. It is so easy to play, the neck is incredibly smooth and fast.

Stock pickups were ok, but noisy, so i replaced them and now the sound is 10 times better.

No blemishes upon recieving the guitar, i had to order it cause nobody had one instock. the action was perfect out of the box, but really i have no complaints.

For the money, i dont think you can get better guitars than anything from ESP's ltd line. I would buy this guitar again if anything happened to it.

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Kyatric's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD EX-351
So it is a small plaque with Corenne aluminum that goes for dtails on wood, visit ESP, c trs well Retailer. The pickups are EMG-HZ, two knobs (volume, tone) and a slecteur three positions.
Channel driver (by the way I love the handle ESP) rather thin.
No vibrato. C I know have a koi stop ... but the agreement is his mom in shorts! C really enjoyable.
790 Euros buy new Bordeaux


Due to the form, Access in acute is pretty simple ... HOWEVER (!!!) by trying it in store, I quickly glimpse what must be the knee. Not j'exagre, but wearing the guitar is super important so low in the comfort of game (personal opinion, but prior, I am not the only use low enough ). Well, at the center of gravity it stings a bit of head sleeve. But with a good leather belt strap locke well (essential!) And grip the shoulder, the slightest problem.
It takes time to adapt. In dpart, I will move to try it, I felt Paske tt ct and likewise fairly SPECIFICATIONS. Then good, I got in store, they told me over a very long strap (1m80 and I casually to find uen strap me well come down to the level of roubignolles, ben c not empty, and worse I wanted leather and wide as at least as a, the guitar, I feel not too bad and not report it moves the balance).
I would say that level of use, do not want to do jazz or blues ... It can do this, but the origin, we feel that all of the same is not really made for a. It sends a very DBiT INTERESTED ... even when you can have fun, it is still quite polyalente with a beautiful sound clear, but not c the best I've heard. But for the mtal (yes Paske c mtal well spoken of) it is sufficient.
Too bad it has the look. Casually, c tt one of the same essential points, and look at the, c Royal. Fun slammer not like crazy, but camp on both legs, guitar jams, and it died and will headbang alone.
Finally, and weight is not least it is not heavy trs. For my part I like the guitars lgres enough, and that feels the same on all of Paul, but the fact of the aluminum plate does not add 25 pounds.


It sounds good gloss, good net. I felt directly ds that I plug into my amp ... With the same rglages, I rang far better.
At the light, we have a good seat at the low (can be a bit too ... but can be question of GOT and rglages) the treble very bright.
Worse once distortion, the one is fun. Channel slim, fast, good for heavy rhythm. I speak especially of rhythm, because I personally am primarily a rhythmic scratch, but that share the position low enough, the solos are possible, but not be afraid to break the wrist. We can go on a solo basis of notes rather slow and fairly held, but you do not having fun like crazy enchantment between boxes 15 24 ... The solo is not impossible, but I can not see myself playing the Vai in the down position I, while the rhythmic, and even the rhythmic note by note sound of thunder!
The pickups are the EMG (BON) HZ ... It sounds ... not as much of the asset, but frankly sounds dj!


I think I dsormais good for 2 months. I use it as lead guitar, even if I will make other acquisitions to vary the sounds and pleasures, and too bad I have to put more solos, and must admit that this level not the c rle her too.
In short a good guitar c (c above the handle that leaves me rveur, fine, smooth, easily accessible, slim ... A DLIC!) That of the mouth, the sound of the potato.
C a favorite ... I'm bounds for it, I confess that I n'tais compltement not convinced the store. (In dpart in terms of playability, I prfrais the viper who love me in thirty seconds back into their hands. But n'tait not look the same ... ) Pis Adpater pass the time, the strap lockAge to avoid it breaks the mouth, the ptits rglages (changing the pulling rope to a more pais. In the beginners I got fear, because the .52 almost did not pass through the nut. I think just right and c k'il not be used above, otherwise it does not fit into the grooves more !!!).
Plugs into my Marshall 4X12 cabinet I have a double wall of sound that is as big as me and bella that sparkle to ... What do you want me to tell you? I am! I attack like crazy and c happiness. It is enjoyable to play, Fidler companions, I can not RPET fun to jump in all directions, but in the camp ground, it does the rest
EMG strongly active (but not an ac impractical, we will see later). I like the tuning that takes up even for a week of inactivity complte (setting on a stand spcial).
Because of the shape, galre to find a box adapted to flying. So I cover a barbaric, but hey, c different.
I think this is a good instrument. In the same price range I tried the Jackson DKMG (v ke I also pay me lol) that for a hundred dollars more offered no noticeable diffrence!
(Besides the Systm turbo charging and floyd rose type tremolo, but hey, this more for use solo, not the same thing as the EX!)
A good guitar for rhythm of hell. Jazz, I would you deprecated ...
I put 9 because there are of the same small tt merdouilles in finishing (c K'un Corenne!) That gnent or at his or at sthtik, but I know, and good ... when it plak aluminum adhre not 100% Paske compltement screws are screws, you wonder what they shook the factory that day! ! ! N'altre but neither his nor the look ... c just rler Paske and the 10 o C during the day to buy me j'arrte guitars ... c and not tomorrow the old woman) lol