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LTD V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • LTD MP-600

    LTD MP-600 - "Great, but not versatile"


    Which amplifier and/or effect(s) do you use with this guitar? So far, as I’ve already sold my previous amp and still have to get a new one, I’ve only used it with a virtual guitar stack, plugging the guitar straight into my audio interface. I may …

  • LTD EX-351D

    LTD EX-351D - nickname009's review


    SPECIFICATIONS / CONTROLS Set-Neck Construction 24.75" Scale Mahogany Body w/ Aluminum Plate Mahogany Neck Rosewood Fingerboard 42mm Bone Nut Thin U Neck Contour 22 XJ Frets Black Nickel Hardware …

  • LTD DV8-R

    LTD DV8-R - "Good for Megadeth fans."


    Made in Korea Contruction/Scale: Neck-thru-body / 25.5 in. Body: Mahogany Neck/Fretboard: Mahogany/Rosewood Dave Mustaine custom fretboard profile Inlays: 8-ball on first fret + dots Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) + Jazz (neck) Electronic…

  • LTD EX-400

    LTD EX-400 - "Good but clunky."


    Made in Korea Construction: Set neck Scale: 24.75" Body: mahogany 3-piece maple neck Rosewood fretboard 22 extra jumbo frets Dot inlays with model name at 12th fret EMG-81 (bridge) and EMG-60 (neck) active pickups Volume, tone, 3-way toggle …

  • LTD GUS-600NT

    LTD GUS-600NT - "Gus G signature"


    This is ESP guitars Gus G signature guitar. Gus G is the guitar player for Firewind and currently plays guitar for Ozzy Osborn as well. The shape of this guitar is a tribute to 80s guitars and old school Japanese guitars. This guitar is very well equ…

  • LTD V-500

    LTD V-500 - "Mustaine model after he left"


    This is what they did with the Dave Mustaine signature model after Dave left for Dean. The guitar was really good so they kept it around for a few years without him. It is basically ESP's version of the old Jackson King V. The guitar has a mahogany b…

  • LTD Ninja-600

    LTD Ninja-600 - "Mike Amott ESP"


    This was Mike Amotts signature ESP for the short time he played for them. He is one of the guitar players for the popular band Arch Enemy. For a long time he played an ESP custom flying V which looked a lot like a Gibson. Then he decided to switch to…

  • LTD Snakebyte

    LTD Snakebyte - "New Hetfield model"


    Another year another Metallica signature guitar from ESP. I guess it was Hetfields turn this year and it seems like he decided to go back to the Explorer. Since he is with ESP he cant have an exact Explorer so it looks like they took an Explorer and …

  • LTD EX-401

    LTD EX-401 - "Evolution of the MX series"


    The ESP LTD EX-401 is one of the newer explorer style bodies that LTD has released. This is for those who don't want to shell out the money for the expensive ESP model but still want a decent guitar. This guitar features a mahogany body with a mapl…

  • LTD EX-50

    LTD EX-50 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Flo95/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Features: Agathis body. 22-fret maple neck. Rosewood fingerboard with jumbo frets. Pearly dot inlays and model name at the 12th fret. Two ESP-LH 150 pickups. Sealed l…