LTD Alexi-200
LTD Alexi-200

Alexi-200, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Alexi Laiho series.

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MrLtd15 03/21/2013

LTD Alexi-200 : MrLtd15's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Jf Basswood Body, Bolt on Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, 24 Frets, Inlays SAWTEETH, 1 EMG EMG-ESP LH-300 Pickups, Rose Tremolo Lice.Floyd, Black Hardware


The handle is very nice, it is not painted.

It is very light, but it looks a little head if you let go of the handle not important in my opinion), but because of the shape (terrible by the way), this is not surprising.

Access to acute is not too bad, but the heel of the neck discomfort a little access to boxes 22-24

It sounds good vacuum.

The vibrato is quite the agreement (again every 2/3 weeks, set the Floyd every 4/5 weeks) and it is quite flexible. Pure joy for Dive bomb


THE part that interests most people.

If you have not the amp that goes behind, you get shit sounds with the original microphone (to replace as soon as possible, that I have not done yet).

Mono-microphone is built for metal. The clean is not disgusting, but rather crystalline (playing with the knob to get his "drinking"). When we go to the distortion, we feel that this guitar loose all its guts and sends big sound. The distortion is quite cold (micro designated by EMG I feel obliged to say). The microphone is not super accurate, but the solos (if they are well done) pass very well.

I play on a Marshall MA50C with Morpheus Drop Tune. The distortion lacks a bit of fishing (disto Marshall) Palm mute and are very blunt (micro) level but its this 200 Alexi defends well


I use it for Christmas 2012 and I am very happy.

Excellent value for money (350 € on-Musik Produktiv), and yet this guitar is in the same price range as the JS series in Jackson, it is considerably above.

I tried a Cort mounted EMG-HZ and JS32T Jackson Rhoads.

With experience, I would go more for Alexi 600 or Jackson RR24