EX-50, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard EX series.

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Matt Five 04/11/2012

LTD EX-50 : Matt Five's user review

« The power of a top model! »

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Agathis body
22 frets maple neck
Jumbo frets
Inlaid pearl dot markers with model name at 12th fret
2 pickups ESP LH-150
Mechanical oil bath
Black hardware
Master volume
Master Tone
3 postition selector

Specificity for mine: I removed the tone knob for two independent volumes. As I had so much fun to do, I put 10!


Then the WAHOU! I paid € 165 and that price I expected to see a monster like that! The handle is a real highway, the hand does not stick (though the game were sold with a bit sticky ...) and moves quickly, access to acute is very good, this is an explore! Although the last two-three boxes are perhaps a little difficult to access ... And from box 20 on the lower strings, it's not even bother! But hey, I never do!

The shape I was very pleased, actually it's mainly why I bought it ... And what a surprise! In terms of weight, it is a little heavier than my other guitars (a Lag Roxanne, and two other sub-brands of guitars ... Very small!) But it's still very acceptable, I have already made several repetitions of several hours, even once with a stiff neck, and I'm fine out! That is to say!

Against it by an explorer, so obviously, the shape will be boring at some point or another is forced! I had no bag, I can tell you for a walk, I'm tired! I am forced to use an acoustic guitar cover! But I intend to manufacture a flight case in no time!

"Gets it easy to sound good?" Yes! Unlike other guitars I tried, it did frieze nowhere, when not connected, you can hear quite well, the sound is very ... Nice! Nothing to say on this side of!

The only thing I could blame him, it would not have vibrato .... 9 just for that.


I do not really play much heavy metal, so I just turn away ... But do not believe it is quite versatile! I was told "If you know use it, you can play anything with". I discovered yet, and I can already confirm that one can do many things with! Good heavy progressive rock love songs with a clean sound with a flanger through the punk-edged though, I am always completely satisfied!

I use it on a Fender Roc Pro 700 and the combination is great!

"What kind of sound you get and with what settings (" crystalline "," fat ", ....)?" The I do not really have much to say, try, play a lot on the amp sound, but the acute this guitar are very pronounced, they send the heavy! Serious and will take off your tapestry, if you play against by the metal, put you on the micro serious rhythm and you'll be a hit!
I play more acute, if you want to harmonics, you're going to! With a good amp setting, it is enough to make a good rhythmic punk very sharp with this guitar! On mine I have two independent volumes (handmade) and intermediate I can have a sound very good in removing a little bass, I do not know how to describe it but it's very nice!

I have no sound that I hate, but I am an avid bridge pickup! So I try to use up, there are horizons to explore (no pun intended) on this guitar!


I use it for some months away, and as you say I've spent time, it is absolutely fabulous! As a beginner, I have yet many things to learn, and although I really feel progress in high gear with it!

I tried the Epiphone and Gibson (still exploring!) And I did nothing wrong, it sounds much better! The Epiphones are very nice, in the form also, less aggressive, and as gibson, but the sound of it I was completely mesmerized, so I chose

Initially, as I said, I bought it for form, but ultimately she's great! The handle is unquestionably one of the strengths of this guitar! The selector is not too far to change mid-song, the knobs (one tone, now acute volume on mine) on the other hand is a bit inaccessible at stake, but it's no big deal, I change everything it during the breaks!

The quality / price ... I even speak, to the store to the deficit! At that price, it may be classified as a guitar high-end! The only thing it lacks is a vibrato, but it is minimal ...!

If I were to buy a guitar, I would reiterate that the not, because I would have already, and I will not sell it! But to all those seeking to push the decibels at good prices, I'll surconseille, you will not be disappointed!

"If we know use it, you can play anything with"