EX-50, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard EX series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Audiofanzine FR03/13/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

(Originally written by Flo95/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Agathis body.

22-fret maple neck.

Rosewood fingerboard with jumbo frets.

Pearly dot inlays and model name at the 12th fret.

Two ESP-LH 150 pickups.

Sealed lubricated machine heads.

Black metal parts.

Sealed lubricated machine heads.

Black metal parts.

Tune-o-matic bridge.

3-way toggle switch.

One volume control.

One tone control

Good overall finish except for the jack that comes unscrewed after about one month!

But it's not a problem because it can be easily tightened again!

Great Explorer shape.


The neck might seem thick at first but you'll rapidly get used to it.

The frets are too high for my taste and the hand doesn't slide easily on the fingerboard but you'll also get used to that.

Good access to the upper frets even if the last fret is a bit difficult to reach.

This guitar is rather light and comfortable when you play sitting down but the headstock is too heavy when you're standing up. It's a bit annoying in the beginning but it's ok once you find the right position.

Ever since the LH-150 are the standard pickups of this model it sounds much better.


As a reminder: you get two LH-150 humbuckers (neck and bridge) with a powerful response in the lows!

I told myself I'd get a decent sound with an instrument in this price range. I wanted an Explorer shape and I planned to upgrade the pickups later because I didn't have enough money to buy a real Explorer!

But it surprised me when I plugged it in!

I mainly play modern and classic hard rock and heavy metal, and also some thrash metal. This guitar is perfect for that music style.

I play with a 30 watt Roland Cube and a metal Muff Top Boost.

The clean sound is ok with the neck pickup and you can also get a good blues sound even if the low frequency response is a bit too generous, which leads to some lack of precision.

The combination of both pickups provides an average jazz sound but I never use that configuration.

The bridge pickup provides a powerful but average sound, which can overdrive some clean channels.

But the guitar sounds better with distortion!

The neck pickup provides good lows, perfect for heavy rhythm parts and palm mutes, but the sound turns muddy with a heavy distortion.

This pickup is also very good for playing solos. The sound is quite precise with a nice color but the response is not accurate enough for solos that demand extreme precision.

I never use the mid position.

The bridge pickup sounds good too. The sound is sharper and it sounds amazing with very high distortion settings, just like the neck pickup.

You can get a good heavy metal sound without EQing. That's an important point for me.

The bridge pickup is quite good for playing solos. It's a bit more precise than the neck pickup but it's a bit too sharp!

But if you consider the price of the guitar the sound is great!


I've been using it for two months and I'm very satisfied.

The finish is rather good for an instrument in this price range (especially the black heel with chrome plate).

I previously tested lots of guitars, including more famous models, but to me the EX-50 sounds much better than all other ones.

Excellent value for money!

Adrien_mix_you's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Metal!"







Pigalle has bought for the price of microphones that were placed above (EMG 81 and 85).

I only use it for the big, heavy rhythm, never for solo because it sounds slightly wrong in the treble, but who cares, it is for the BIG SOUND!

in action:
Matt Five04/11/2012

Matt Five's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The power of a top model!"

Agathis body
22 frets maple neck
Jumbo frets
Inlaid pearl dot markers with model name at 12th fret
2 pickups ESP LH-150
Mechanical oil bath
Black hardware
Master volume
Master Tone
3 postition selector

Specificity for mine: I removed the tone knob for two independent volumes. As I had so much fun to do, I put 10!


Then the WAHOU! I paid € 165 and that price I expected to see a monster like that! The handle is a real highway, the hand does not stick (though the game were sold with a bit sticky ...) and moves quickly, access to acute is very good, this is an explore! Although the last two-three boxes are perhaps a little difficult to access ... And from box 20 on the lower strings, it's not even bother! But hey, I never do!

The shape I was very pleased, actually it's mainly why I bought it ... And what a surprise! In terms of weight, it is a little heavier than my other guitars (a Lag Roxanne, and two other sub-brands of guitars ... Very small!) But it's still very acceptable, I have already made several repetitions of several hours, even once with a stiff neck, and I'm fine out! That is to say!

Against it by an explorer, so obviously, the shape will be boring at some point or another is forced! I had no bag, I can tell you for a walk, I'm tired! I am forced to use an acoustic guitar cover! But I intend to manufacture a flight case in no time!

"Gets it easy to sound good?" Yes! Unlike other guitars I tried, it did frieze nowhere, when not connected, you can hear quite well, the sound is very ... Nice! Nothing to say on this side of!

The only thing I could blame him, it would not have vibrato .... 9 just for that.


I do not really play much heavy metal, so I just turn away ... But do not believe it is quite versatile! I was told "If you know use it, you can play anything with". I discovered yet, and I can already confirm that one can do many things with! Good heavy progressive rock love songs with a clean sound with a flanger through the punk-edged though, I am always completely satisfied!

I use it on a Fender Roc Pro 700 and the combination is great!

"What kind of sound you get and with what settings (" crystalline "," fat ", ....)?" The I do not really have much to say, try, play a lot on the amp sound, but the acute this guitar are very pronounced, they send the heavy! Serious and will take off your tapestry, if you play against by the metal, put you on the micro serious rhythm and you'll be a hit!
I play more acute, if you want to harmonics, you're going to! With a good amp setting, it is enough to make a good rhythmic punk very sharp with this guitar! On mine I have two independent volumes (handmade) and intermediate I can have a sound very good in removing a little bass, I do not know how to describe it but it's very nice!

I have no sound that I hate, but I am an avid bridge pickup! So I try to use up, there are horizons to explore (no pun intended) on this guitar!


I use it for some months away, and as you say I've spent time, it is absolutely fabulous! As a beginner, I have yet many things to learn, and although I really feel progress in high gear with it!

I tried the Epiphone and Gibson (still exploring!) And I did nothing wrong, it sounds much better! The Epiphones are very nice, in the form also, less aggressive, and as gibson, but the sound of it I was completely mesmerized, so I chose

Initially, as I said, I bought it for form, but ultimately she's great! The handle is unquestionably one of the strengths of this guitar! The selector is not too far to change mid-song, the knobs (one tone, now acute volume on mine) on the other hand is a bit inaccessible at stake, but it's no big deal, I change everything it during the breaks!

The quality / price ... I even speak, to the store to the deficit! At that price, it may be classified as a guitar high-end! The only thing it lacks is a vibrato, but it is minimal ...!

If I were to buy a guitar, I would reiterate that the not, because I would have already, and I will not sell it! But to all those seeking to push the decibels at good prices, I'll surconseille, you will not be disappointed!

"If we know use it, you can play anything with"

zicopilote's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent "metalhead" especially with good microphones!"

Everything has been said already I think ...


A highway ... to 22 boxes (it is more than enough!)
Anyway with my little fingers boudinnés, it rolls ...
Better than my Ibanez Xyphos despite the bolt-on neck LTD!

It should move against the anchor of the strap for a good balance and be careful because it above the handle comes off easily.
So setting "final" for the strap and more problems.

As for the finish, beautiful.
This is serious in ESP-LTD.


The story:

New one starts with laying a 10-52 tie, fine adjustment of the truss-rod gap and microphones. Result: much better than the old BC-Rich Warlock, but ...

I've ridden him in a 2009 DP-159 Evo trestle, the original microphone LH-150 is feeble. And then it sends a very heavy, a little cold but slamming.

By mistake I put the selector in middle position and ... insane!

The DP-159 bridge in combination with LH-150 in the original round pulls out a warm sound full of harmonics and no less punchy than one easel!
A heavy sound which the equalization of the distortion and the parametric eq of the table should be treated ... but awesome!

Well, for against the cleans are still not her thing ... but that's not what you ask!

(EX-50 DP159 +> V-Amp Pro> AW16G)


The Ibanez Xyphos (who received the same care and settings, yet more fitted to the famous D-Activator DiMarzio!) Would supplant, the EX50 + DP159 was announced ... Well we will do the opposite!

The Xyphos (yet to € 850!) "Gives" and less "sounds" less than that shovel also entry level with its handle and screwed this little magic mike!

My friends are fighting over my poor guitar, which they also have other Xyphos Jackson Warrior with their own set of EMG active ... even a RR24 ...

Moral: go buy yourself an EX-50, an F-50 or any other ESP LTD equipped with LH-150, paste it a DP-159 or D-Activator in the bridge, set the switch in the middle and ... GAAAZZ!
You should end up on your ass.

julamarre0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

This guitar is explored as inspiration produces somewhere in Asia (not Japan), and finally it is the private label ESP, not CHRE and lower quality, whatever. it has a handle 22 boxes, a beautiful chrome hardware (knobs fawn EMG, Tune-o-matic fawn gibson, mechanical fawn Gotoh ...). it has 2 humbuckers signs ESP, all black finish, led by a toggle-switch 3 positions, one volume a tone. Finally, the handle is screwed to the body, but it is given as varnish, hard to see its construction (how many parts etc ...). a beautiful guitar, nothing is done wrong.


First observation, guitar and heavy ... I personally am not a fan of logs, so I play it sitting prfre ^ ^ '. its shape is what it is I really like is more aggressive than explore Gibson, well sharpened to a point etc ... access to the acute plutt is good, because of the large dcoupe trs, on the sleeve, it may seem a little pais at first, he finally well rvle enjoyable, glides well, everything. Finally his cot, the settings are trs simple and effective j'apprcie greatly that the potentiometers are a little "farms," ​​he quickly dreglements untimely because of an attack mdiator too much! j'enlve one point for weight.


Here we go ... out of its cover (bc rich, c'taient only make fairly large), sitt plugs into a good all-tube amp, its saturated to the max. and: GRAOH !!!!!!!!! EHJV an incredible! I never believed that entry-level guitar can sound like a, I took the test with my ESP MII rises in EMG, the LTD has more power As for the super speed metal solo for ultra-fast rhythm, the gre. and sounds are clear as it should, warm micro severe acute crystalline micro ... the sound quality of this guitar really surprised me. I play mostly metal, but with appropriate settings, you get anything, I love everything, I wanted to put 12 good surprise, but n'xiste not bad.


In fact I use it, it belongs to a friend, but it has for almost a year and he is happy trs (and me too when I pic: p). I like its look, its sound, a little less weight, but it is the only weak point my eyes. since I'm the guitar, I tried quite a package, and for this price range, better jump on this, or another LTD, they really do a good job.
For this same reason, the price quality ratio is exemplary. I do it again this choice not because you want to be acorn twice the same scratch (except scnique intensive practice or change of microphones), and even for me, as an end, I would take plutt an ESP with the handle passing ... (I do not like the screws ...), but it's a really good guitar trs trs, even if silent CHRE more than a. just go a point lower but for Bolt handle through this award ... so try to find: p
guitar hero 01212/29/2007

guitar hero 012's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

See other opinions ... ->


The handle is varnished, very pleasant to my taste ...
a handle in C (I think) rather round ... you would think that should mierux but has rhythmic solos go on their own, the handle is great ...
for access to acute, well it's going, it's worth not a ibanez rg but we can still go for the 22 th box without much problem ... the heel is still quite impressive pais they hit a angle to promote Access in acute ... not too many problems on this issue ...
the guitar is rather large and heavy, it will buy a bag or pseciale flight case ...
the sitting position is quite comfortable to very comfortable, even if I gn patr the abscence of "branch" at the top of the body. ujn but after getting used to it can be done and it is exellent ...
I put 9 for access to acute and weight ...


So ... I play metal, heavy on black, with occasional songs more rock ... It is perfect for metal, nothing to say the clean sounds are good, especially in an intermediate position (for my taste). for distortion in bridge pickup is powerful and precise, nothing to say ... for the neck pickup, lezs palm mute out well, the sound is warm, it changes my ibanez or neck pickup is a carrment shit: p
for hevy, but perfect for c'esdt exttremes styles, with a good distortion, it goes it alone!
I put 10, nothing to say, especially for this price!


This is the guitar of a friend, and I love this guitar, I'll even buy me ...
vaiment I love the handle, as I had the mare round end of my ibanez ...
against by the shape and weight are a default, selonmoi (even if one chooses to buy a guitar with a similar design)
I tried a jackson and a dean vendetta before falling in love with this one ...
the quality-price ratio is exellent ...
(Take 9 as a 9.5 ^ ^)

Shuya's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Indonesia is one of 22 frets.

The config is very simple, 2 humbuckers, it is the new ESP LH-150, available on the 2007 version, much better than the LH-100, but there revindra later ... 1 Tone knob and another volume, and a selector microphones.

The bridge is a Tune-O-Matic, I do not like Floyd, so Tom is truly the best, most accurate, does not Disagree and easy to adjust while keeping beaoucp sustain.

The round is a round circle on the back and flat on the button, not very wide, it demonstrated a comfort and a nice speed, we feel the influence of Hetfield in the design of this guitar.


The handle is peind the back to give an all black guitar, so the touch is very nice and very easy to play because the neck is very typical Explorer, so a comfortable, nice speed, for treble, LTD have thought of everything, they bisoté the heel for comfort, come the picture shows:

Ergonomics is an explorer, to play sitting down, it goes great, it's simple and intuitive, standing like ... A little time to adjust to the shape, but nothing major.

The sound of the new LH-150 immediately gives an impression of power and dynamics.
It succeeded.


I play a lot of metal, so it suits my style.

I play with a lot of amp JCM 800, Mode Four, 5150, Mg15MSII, V-AMP2 ...

The sound is a mix between a fat and very solid and accurate sound clear and sharp. So, after the amp can give it a déirection sound. But basically, it sounds really powerful fat without losing accuracy.

With the new LH-150, the clean sound is warmer and certainly more accurate than the LH-100.
All frequencies are met. It's clean, it's net.

The saturation is his favorite. Powerful, accurate and above all angry, it really sounds to Metallica, beautiful on the frequency Mediums, not screaming treble, and bass pretty impressive. But with good strings, the originals are the m ****.

I have replaced the EMG, the sound is really impressive.

It sounds really great for a guitar at € 350, list price.


I use it for three months, it's a nice corny.

Its finish is impressive, it seems to have a guitar of 500 or € 600 hands. The sound is really impressive, very typical Metal, very enjoyable. The handle is really great. Compared with the ESP II MX 250, I prefer it because the body is thinner, like the handle and is much more enjoyable.

The price / quality ratio is unbeatable. When you see Dan Jacobs (Atreyu) Played it live. It tells you directly, that does not laugh at ESP Ltd.

With experience, I ca do it again without choice problem.

I let my MSN for any questions:

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Asian guitar, I think Indonesia
22 frets, double humbucker pickups
a fixed bridge 3 position selector and two volume knobs and a tone
handle end is very enjoyable to play
access to acute facilitated by the shape of the guitar
key rosewood


Frankly for acute CCAA is not easy
the handle is quite fine and pleasant even for small hands
the guitar is a bit heavy to carry back to the fragile, but it is a pleasure to play notament
I MET 1A for I love the shape of this guitar


This guitar is ultimate play metal.
For my part I did not think an entry level guitar such as this would allow her to have such a
the neck pickup can play a huge riff in saturated at the cradle of filth while the bridge pickup allows for epic solos
on the other hand, it does not allow a clean game of the cleanest
I think it is perfect for big metalheads like me, but would not suit seeking a versatile guitar quel'un
Lots of tried and marshall peavey, it is perfect for metalheads berserk


I have been using me and jen 6 am delighted
ca share its saturated form and me here on a long riff makes it greasy so fun that I do not expect to part with it but rather to invest another skyscraper dasn more jazz.
j Sessay else aviation model before buying a epiphone sg notament and finally I do not regret my choice
experience with this choice I would do without hesitate

metjb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Small change: the skyscraper is now in fabriqée indonésie.Elle 22frettes and has 2 humbuckers esp lh 100.
As against the handle is screwed in but the maple fingerboard is rosewood (I know it surprenent on this type of scratching entry level but I verified) and therefore very pleasant.
The bridge is stable and of good quality (ie esp-ltd anyway!)


As mentioned above the handle is very agreable.L access to treble is a little drive from the 19th box so it goes bien.Par report the size and shape, bcp is lighter than I thought. we get very good sound with the bridge pickup (or acute) is the one I use most. With a nice little 15w (type vox AD15VT or hughes & Kettner) is easily obtained aprecciable loud sound without breaking the bank with a 100w.


This is THE guitar I had (a fan of METALLICA forces), I long hesitated with the ec-50
but I do not regret my choice. I use a vox AD15VT and rendering is very good, either in the light, medium or very saturated metal I find it quite versatile. Bcp I play metal and it suits me perfectly.


I use it for about 8-10 months and I'm delighted (before I played in Jackson and it is more versatile bcp). This is an excellent price / quality ratio.
If I had to do it again I will not hesitate to choose this guitar.