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Veillette news

  • Veillette Cutaway Acoustic Bass

    Veillette Cutaway Acoustic Bass

    11/06/11 in Veillette Cutaway Acoustic Bass

    The bass big brother of the Veillette Acoustic line is now available with a cutaway.

  • Veillette Concorde Semi-Hollow Bass

    Veillette Concorde Semi-Hollow Bass

    02/01/11 in Veillette Concorde

    The new Veillette Concorde semi-hollow bass features an "acoustic" look, feel and tone, according to Veillette.

  • Veillette Doubleneck

    Veillette Doubleneck

    12/23/10 in Veillette Doubleneck

    Veillette Guitars introduce a new approach for the doubleneck guitar.

  • Veillette Terz 12

    Veillette Terz 12

    12/23/10 in Veillette Terz

    The Terz 12 is a hybrid that combines elements of tenor guitars, classic 12-strings, mandocellos, and the Gryphon high-tuned 12.