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  • VirSyn Cube

    VirSyn Cube - " Innovative for its time!"


    In 2003, I wrote a full review of Cube's first name for the site Also, I could hardly write here a more complete view. That is why I invite you to read the test in question by following this URL:…

  • VirSyn Cube

    VirSyn Cube - J'Electro's review


    Installed without any problems. Configuration deceptively easy, some buttons open multiple windows (Setup, FX, Wave). Nice presentation. Manual in English and German. The document can be downloaded in French. Manual clear and succinct, but gives the …

  • VirSyn Cube

    VirSyn Cube - Dj_k-spleen's review


    Well, I'm using it for a few hours but I think I'll spend the night! No problem for installation. incopatibilits not currently The config is pretty simple, you just enter the world of CUBE SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I have a pentium 4 2.4 ghz …