VirSyn Cube
VirSyn Cube

Cube, Virtual additive synth from VirSyn.

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J'Electro 02/25/2005

VirSyn Cube : J'Electro's user review


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Installed without any problems. Configuration deceptively easy, some buttons open multiple windows (Setup, FX, Wave). Nice presentation. Manual in English and German. The document can be downloaded in French. Manual clear and succinct, but gives the basics. It is essential to dive or you're missing ... and you will be disappointed. This is not an application that can be learned by intuition, its principle is very simple logic but usability requires a serious round of visits. But nothing is twisted.


1.3 MHz Mac G4 with OS X (1 GB SDRAM) trouble-free operation provided to limit the voices of polyphony. With 6 votes for this module is working. But it is an intensive application ... you can see why later. Stable operation in standalone and AT (a crash ... but there was overload for me).


I use it for a week. Application ... very original morphing between four sounds, with envelopes Contol of evolution. This is what version 1.0. It's a lot. But with version 1.5 that becomes exceptional, since it can analyze its own sound files for re-additive (512 partial). Already this resynthesis and interesting ... if you enter a complex sound (drum sound) will be translated into a harmonic spectrum (color interesting), the curve of the spectrum is changed (curve amplitude, spacing of the partials) and you can him apply a complex envelope or the morphing to another (to one's simple ... for example). Control of the morphing of two dimensions is very clever.
I know other software (designed in a large French musical institution) and ease of use, efficiency and control solutions are very much in favor of CUBE.
Price / quality ratio is very important. I recommend this tool for "visual sound".