Ableton Operator
Ableton Operator

Operator, Virtual FM synth from Ableton.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 6 reviews )
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 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Adyssey Beats06/22/2012

Adyssey Beats's review"Could be better."

Ableton Operator
As I purchased and installed the Ableton Live 8 Suite package - which includes Operator as an instrument - getting started was as easy as waiting for Live to be done and opening an instance of the synthesizer. Unlike some more complex synthesizers, Operator is an easy to use 4 oscillator deal with graphic ADSR envelopes that allows for manipulation of various parameters of the waveform. The learning curve is not terribly steep, as the sounds being produced by each of the four oscillators are fairly limited and the overall complexity isn't high.


Operator definitely works well in Ableton Live, but I kind of expected more from it. The sounds, when played side-by-side with synthesizers customized in Native Instruments' Massive or FM8 sound feeble and pathetic. There is certainly much less versatility in Operator. That said, I found this synthesizer a great way of teaching others the basic properties of additive synthesis and have incorporated some of its more sinusoidal sounds in my music.


For a stock DAW synthesizer, Operator was made out to be something much bigger than it turned out being for me. I have been much more impressed over the years with the stock synths in Logic Pro and Fruity Loops, and am disappointed that my flag-ship DAW is lacking in this department. Unfortunately I can't comment on the value for the price as it came with my Ableton Live 8 Suite package, but I can say that if Operator was stripped out of Ableton and sold as a solo VST, I wouldn't buy it. It works, but it wouldn't make or break my decision to buy Ableton over another DAW.

lejamboncbon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" yo yo yo"

Ableton Operator
Very good virtual synth has a 4 oscillator LFO, Filter, and transpo ... ALGORITHMS.


This virtual synth has a good potential for low


Deja install when buys Ableton

void's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Blah, blah, blah ... ridiculous and old"

Ableton Operator


LIVE later version is really really really disappointing ... at least in terms of synth.
I rushed on like a jerk updrade and now I wonder what I do with power via synthesizer these ridiculous ...
Especially listen to the demos of Ableton site before making the same mistake I did ...
Keep driving operator is totally zero, the sound is small and has no originality.
Instead, think in FM8 or squarely Omnisphere.
The original synth in Cubase or Logic 100 times, 1000 times more interest.

Live is a fantastic software synth but are despicable.

The sound is cheesy at best.


I really regret my money,

Save and pay you a bit of synth worthy of the name.

Listen to the Komplete synths and forget the little things that are ridiculous Operator, Tension and company!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ableton Operator
Installation, hiking, like any ableton
incompatibility but that his request so a lot of ram is ok go for a track operator, but three tracks with effects, it's just.
The possibilities seem prochent of infinity.

The manual will not teach you much because it will take weeks to understand everything, I regale the past two months.


If there is a module to Ableton, it's one, goes for a lot of synths, not only in ableton for that matter, we just make the hybrid of TB by démerder well.
We can probably all intruments gnrer since a lot like the 4 channel of MC505 and above.
For low, tablecloths, lfo, I have not found more experimental.
Operator can be become a style of music?


I do it again the choice of course limit their eyes closed, then Ableton can not be because in the end I use almost never the rest of the virtual instruments suite.
but as the upgrade is worth the price of 2 plug, as have the 4, not 5 I forgot Drum machines with sounds purely roland descotche which I do more either.

DSOL to notice some confusion but this is what I have AIM or even before I decide.
Everyone may need even if the operator interface is a bit Elista and real musicians might wonder what it is.
Just know that we do not have the electro with the same preset offer brass, winds and piano and bass at the top is just not ready to do everything, even gn rer speeds unexplored.
Since I use, I touch all styles of music, a good synth (gnralise?) With an approach to techno.

ceddec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ableton Operator
Installation: as simple as installing Live. Is recorded on their site, which refers to a numro dbloquer Operator in Live. If you have internet home, has takes 5 minutes. Otherwise ...

Incompatibility: None. Trs stable

Configuration gnrale: trs SIMPE, and if it is difficult even when the manual is very well described.


My config: Dell laptop, 2GB DDR, 2 GHz Core Duo, 140 GB hard drive, etc..

The software works he correctly configured: yes, impeccable.

This software + hardware configuration is it stable could not be more stable


How long you use it: a few months.

What is the particular feature you like best, the least: what I like is that it is perfectly Intgr in Live, so a really turns Nickel. What I like least is that eventually he not break bricks ...

Have you tried many other models before acqurir No, I court notices AFiens (the forum) and I bought it. Now I do not regret because qualitprix level report is not dcevant, but I do not do it again.

How do you report qualitprix: good, but you must love this kind of synthbr />
Exprience with, you will do again this choice: no, I have a free-sounding (almost) as well

pekch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ableton Operator
Simple installation and config
Manual clear french


AMD Sempron 1800MHz on low-end motherboard
stable software
ΜProcesseur consumption depends on how many generators / filters used and the number of voice polyphony ...


I have used 6 months / 1 year

- 4 oscillators (A / B / C / D) with ADSR graphic, amp and other parameters that are edited in the screen (folding) in the middle
- 26 waveforms per osc.
- 8 chaining algorithms for oscillators (A / B / C / D parallel, series, modulated by D / B / C PARALLEL, D modulated by C to B PARALLEL ...), A selectable modulated by graphic display: it is intuitive and easy to see)
- 1 LFO (7 waveforms) directed each of the 4 oscillators and the frequency filter cutoff with ADSR graph separately
- A filter with ADSR graphics, cut between 30 Hz and 18.5 KHz
- ADSR envelope with a pitch chart, all you need, implements ...
- Global Tone
- Up to 20 voice polyphony

And all possible settings of a synth, what, except that there is no arpeggiator, but it does not matter to the extent arpeggiator / matrices are arranged all this in Live MIDI Effect

You can of course be measured on each generator / filter the effect of velocity on freq. etc ...

This is a great synth with a well thought out ergonomics, which allows us to access easily and intuitively to each of the parameters that one wishes to change without stifling the user to 40,000 knobs and faders on a single page interface ( otherwise I do not see the point of a synth ...)
Integration with Live is perfect, obviously, and each parameter is assigned to a MIDI controller / keyboard on the same model as Live

Sounds great for rich, long, tablecloths, the effects of any kind, nature sounds, whistling sounds, sounds and deep acids etc ... Excellent sound quality

Finally, a brief synth it!