EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition

Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition, Virtual Orchestral Instrument from EastWest.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 2 reviews29 %
 1 user review14 %
 3 reviews43 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Mad Max11/26/2013

Mad Max's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The composer must have ..."

EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
On very useful tools, a composer does not fit into a PC or a Mac, whether Books, whether Pro or, whether Lion ...

The interface, despite its many knobs, sees herself drawn as a dashboard rocket, so that everyone can see his planet, he wants visited and learn the intricacies of each party to move around, so that sound is heard in the touch of a button "button called"!


The sampling (microtuning, default, Velocity Curve, followed by Glide) sharing the same section, then do hear that forms slopes, all reserved on the approach called "rising or falling" of the sound!

The filters arrived in good numbers on this sound module, have asked their conditions, although there are curves "minimalisées!"
Found there were still his affection, with, the program, the "cutoff, the reso, env, the key, the vel" and an LFO, like a like no other one; it is aware of several curves, the sound will be in that meet or inferiorized!

The instrumentation, with its traditional "Volume, Pan and Tun" do, when to them, that millimiters sensitive part of the reactor, making it unstable temperate variations!

Then comes the rule instruments fuel filter, with its varieties in connection connected to the general sampling, and filters included in their curved sections and amp instruments. Ending by treatment of LFO, which, as yet others, his entire panel!

Effects, there to offset accented torture and sound, are only matters of space and freedoms, including ENTERED space itself, the bounding thrust and return the pass soundtrack (watch returns, it can really hurt within you see ...)!

The Master Filter, then compensates too strong pushes fuel return (or linear).

Below, right, rotating wheels on a semicircle, see pitchées modulated!


The keyboard itself, serving only highlights the keys pressed, tight, smooth and / or sub - crying; think so not too abrutisés your keyboard, risks not being able to play ...

No, Kompakt is not dead, I assure you, I have not murdered, he still lives in Native, where he was born!

Mad Max

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" There are better now ..."

EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
Installation is pretty easy, no big problems to validate the license.


the product has never been very resource intensive. At the Core i5 and Co, there is nothing to fear from that side. Stability is required. 4 in Kontakt it works well, but now it all turns on the motor home of Quantum Leap "PLAY".


At the time it was a very good entry-level, fairly complete. I then bought the Gold version which is really a cut above ...
Today it remains a product that may have some interest, but still seems a bit overwhelmed at the joints and scripting capabilities found in existing banks (but more expensive). It is on that since I ALBION Spitfire, I touch more to my EWQL orchestra too ....

ortax-creations's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
Simple as that either GPO or EWQSL


Hyperthreading Pentium 4 3GHz - 1GB RAM
Runs flawlessly


Here is the big test that took me some time on GPO vs EWQSL basically the reality of a band against that of hollywood!

What I noticed right away (I am not a professional plug-ins or orchestral orchestral writing): GPO in several sections contain a very small volume (for my part I had to put the volume to almost 0db to hear properly, it is often to 13db)
EWQSL sounds very sharp, metal (as if everything was filtered with a slight resonance)
EWQSL can make a sound very grandiose only work if all effects turned on .. it sounds too gross and finishes sound are not unlike GPO bcp more subtle but over and for once sorely lacking punch

TEST the instrument by instrument:

EWQSL: unrealistic, 4 variations
GPO: realistic, 15 variations

EWQSL: qqs less realistic but very convincing and impressive effects
GPO: more realistic, but difficult to master

GPO: 11 variations, better quality of sample (very regular on the extended keyboard)
EQSL: three variations, but the quality is great bcp lower and breath is present in the higher octaves

TUBA ** **
GPO: 4 variations, more realistic, softer
EWQSL: three variations, is doing well, still very great,

** ** HARP
GPO: 8 variations, should win big, very good for two harps
EWQSL: a variation, but too pretty gross, with effects (delay) but it is remarkable distance from the realism

GPO: pretty (but somewhat difficult to virtualize anyway)
EWQSL I have not seen

GPO: pretty but not exceptional either (without reverb sounds pretty bad)

** PIANO **
GPO: 4 variations, I was disappointed in the sense or capture sound leaves too reflected the recording of a grand piano in particular (mechanical noise when it plays the note increases the sensation of the sample)
EWQSL: three variations, the piano is more regular and in my opinion the best bill

GPO: 2 drums!
EWQSL: a superb range of drums!

GPO: quality and subtlety
EWQSL: unbearable and screaming

GPO: very nice and realistic (including a large symphonic marimba)
EWQSL: no marimba

** ** Timpani
GPO: superb
EWQSL: grandiose!

GPO: pretty and realistic
EWQSL: criada!

ORGANS ** **
GPO: more realistic
EWQSL: very pretty (reverb on) but GPO is a notch more variety and quality

** LOW **
GPO: more realistic but too "soft" in this category, the bass lacks depth and this
EWQSL: EWQSL we feel that is more comfortable in this kind of raw sound, the bass is certainly more "sampling" sound they make their effect! Hollywood here I am

GPO: despite the presence of combos, the sound is rather flat for a class like this one, it requires some work to get sound (if you wish) made a more "efficient"
EWQSL: its strength lies in this type of sound, we really do in a band just after having loaded the bank settled without

CHOIR ** **
GPO does not propose changes EWQSL 5 but that does not cover a range wide enough for a choir not really usable

GPO & EWQSL: both hold sound but different

GPO: realistic
EWQSL: pretty grim

FLUTE ** **
both are pretty bad, GPO fare better overall, against special mention by the "thrill" in EWQSL very nice but a little "dirty"! and the concert flute also quite qualitative (tjs Hollywood certainly in the spirit)

GPO: realistic
EWQSL: they have one but it was useless!

OBOE ** **
both hold, for the benefit of tjs GPO
Here I hope that this test "hearing" will help you in your choice.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
Nothing wrong, nor install or setup, or anything else.


AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 64 bit, 1 GB RAM, Sound Blaster Live! ; (dropoff Window
1GB of RAM is good, but two is better! And yes we do computer music, no word processing.
Some crashes Cubase after having clicked on "Edit MIDI channel" but I not question the software, I think more than just my computer has ...!


I do not EWQLSO Silver since not use long, but even when I dissqu well. So voil:
- The violins are average, especially in SGBA. The bass is not bad.
- The altos fear
- Cellos also

- The horns and trumpets are good but be careful not to abuse the vlocit because the sound is really ugly
- The trombones and solo horn really miss amplitude. Can not make the copper plated trombone section !!
- I do not really objective opinion compared to wood, but the oboe is a bit cheulou: the pitch of the note played up after the attack and then redescent.

- The drums are excellent!
- Men and women choirs are sympatiques
- The keypads have not yet found their utility but will
- Alto flute A person has the utility and no harp !!! Aargh

For me the soft way sounds more and will not meet the demanding ears. It might be loved to have some spciaux pr-progamms effects for brass but too bad. However, it contains very good things and honest outdone by its price (cheaper than Edirol Orchestral rotten for example!)

lowweek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
Easy installation with authentication software, DVD, 2.4 GB of samples ...
Manuel common to all three editions (Silver, Gold, Platinum) a little trompe l'oeil, but separate sheet for Silver. Rather clear, in English (but hey, no big deal).
Configuration play: works in standalone and VSTi RTAS and it seems to me.
Based on the Native Instruments Kompakt player.


Configuration muscular welcome not having to make bouncing.
I have a PIV 3.2 w / 1GB RAM and a very good drive and it runs smoothly, even
loaded with tracks and three instances of Kompakt loaded to the max (24 instrumentals).
So good performance, enhanced by the regular updates and expansion of Kompakt DFD (streaming from disk.
Exemplary stability Cubase SX2.2


The only complaint was the lack of articulation, which is quite logical considering the price.

Most important, let the sounds:
- The strings are good, especially the bass. The violins are a bit of legato.
- The woods are average / good. There are not many and few joints.
- Brass instruments are fantastic.
- The drums are super good and many more.
- The pianos are beautiful (thank you Olivier)
- The vocals are few, but they just voted, so beautiful
- The organs seem good. I have not used.

Other points:
- The handling is exemplary.
- The sound is incredible: Hollywood very very effective.
- The sound is dry: you add the reverb and the mix of your choice
- Programming is exemplary use of the mod wheel, expression (CC # 11), volume: a real bonus compared to many other collections.
- The price is totally affordable and the update is very precisely the difference between the lines.
- Free Updates Regular sound banks are carried out by EW.

So bravo to EastWest / Quantum Leap and strongly as I can offer me the Gold!
NOTE: AMENDMENT after installing the update for FREE.
First, it needs to be updated to install the update Kompakt samples. It is not difficult to perform.
This update is necessary because it adds new sounds - including versions of "preview" of Gold, but also the two keyswitching type:
- Legato KS: three variations that change the tone and especially the attack sounds. Welcome to the ultra realistic legato.
- Master KS: all sounds after a keyswitch - legato, staccato, etc ...
There are supporters and critics of the keyswitch who see an unnecessary complication. I am in favor to 100% have two or three different attacks for each instrument is a treasure.
Reminder: keyswitch made in the EW is to press the sustain pedal and then use the buttons C0, D0 and D # 0 on your keyboard to choose a variation. Release the pedal, you will find the sound to start.
My new rating: 11. Ah, I can not. So still 10 more than ever!

camillo7505's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
No problem for installation of c is "click the fly."
No incompatibility for me (but I do not guarantee zero defects for other care .... your configs). The interface engine using the KOMPAKT is clear and very well done. T are all a mouse click. C is carefree.


My config is as follows Athlon XP 2200 Motherboard ASUS A7N8X deluxe 1 Giga of RAM. My sound card is a simple c M-Audio Delta 2496. Seagate 80 X2 gigas Mountains in RAID 0. N even if my config is not a "Fighter" it is more than enough to run SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. You can load the mule without a crack or other dsagrables crashes.


I used the past week. C What is interesting is to have several main door possibilitsd joints on many instruments. Provides the range can cover virtually any style. J have long hesitated between symphonic orchestra and then finally the Garritan audition samples from SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA was much more dynamic and pchus. Garritan seemed to sound more "dull" (but c is a very personal opinion).
The ratio quality price is excellent (even if it would still have pay as little as possible but the c is a good price without xageration).
Certainly the demos found on the website of the publisher will be able to divert many when he will want the same expressiveness playing "live" but you have to say one thing: the expressiveness if you can call it the (especially when it is directed by the mouse) can be as convincing that after several hours of "programming" the help of your favorite sequencer. It is sad to have to put her blouse computer once finished a piece for the "finish" the mouse but the tools of today are so made that it is essential to get this method for those who want a result as bleuffant demos that prepared by the editor himself.
So I put 8 / 10 because my dream would be to not have to use that damned mouse seuelement but my fingers lol

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
It's very simple installation. We choose the locations for the program and sound and it's over. Warning register the product within 5 days (better to have a computer that has internet in the area, soon many complications ...)
Test standalone and in SONAR, no problem. Everything is automatically recognized.


Running on a PIV with 1GB to 3GB of ram, I have not encountered any problem reading power.
In Sonar, do all the same not too pushed at max but in a project with 12 tracks from 8 and 4 EWSO another DXI + 4 effects processor sometimes progresses rapidly but remains gn generally around the 50% utilization. No problem of instability.
So effective optimization.


I use this software for 2 weeks and I am very happy. Instruments, without being extraordinary, let tural opportunity to approach the sound of an orchestra. I really like the Kompakt interface that DNote a nice array of options to change the instruments and so wish to find the right mood (effects only native instruments like the reverb is not great even in that kontakt I had the opportunity to try). The report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable. For less than 300 was a whole orchestra, certainly lacks articulations and instruments but at least there is a piano of quality (that are found in orchestras gnralement not), a organ (organist apprciable when one is lol!) and choirs ...
I referrer this choice all the more you can upgrade versions suprieures same samples that contain more than many other 24-bit, three mic positions etc etc ...