Audio Damage Tattoo
Audio Damage Tattoo

Tattoo, Virtual Percussion Synth from Audio Damage.

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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songboy's review

Audio Damage Tattoo
This synth works fairly well in my setup. The only issue I have is there seems to be a 1/2 second worth of latency between when you select a cell and when it actually lights up and makes a noise. I have not needed the manual as this is very similar to Logic 9's Ultrabeat. Yes, the setup is very simple and all functions can be accessed quite easily.


Besides the pause in the cell selection, everything else seems to work great. It did cause Ableton 8 to crash a few times when I first started using it but it hasn't happend in the past month or so. Ableton 8 can be kinda buggy lately so I can't blame this entirely on the plugin. Well, because of the latency issue in the cell selection, I am giving this synth a 7 out of 10. Its quite annoying but not necessarily a deal breaker. I have been using this plugin for about two months.


What I liked most about this plugin and the reason I got it was the interface. It is very similar to Logic's Ultrabeat and I am very comfortable using that drum synth. So, I am writing more and more in Ableton 8 and wanted the Ultrabeat "feel" in that DAW. What I don't like about it is really only the latency issue. They are only a few sounds to this guy but I think the simplicity is really refreshing and better for me as opposed to hundreds of options. I paid $79 for this synth and for the most part, I am happy with it. Precision and quality of the sound it pretty good. I give it a 9 out of 10. Good electronic drum sounds and with a little tweaking, some really tasty beats. I used Ultrabeat a lot and love it. This is a good replacement when writing in ableton. Yes, I would make the same choice again.