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Audio Damage user reviews

  • Audio Damage Rough Rider [Freeware]

    Audio Damage Rough Rider [Freeware] - "Audio Damage Rough Rider"


    i use this in cubase almost mainly on drum tracks,just using the few presets that come with it are enough for me to give my drums a powerfull sound,thers so many free compressors out there but i usually end up just using this one on my drum tracks. …

  • Audio Damage ADverb

    Audio Damage ADverb - BeyondR's review


    I didn't had any issues regarding the compatibility of the software , everything worked smoothly even from the start. The configuration doesn't require much time, the manual is very clear and provides all the necessary information regarding how the…

  • Audio Damage Liquid

    Audio Damage Liquid - "Lots of motion for a little price"


    I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 8 gb ram, Snow Leopard, RME Fireface 800 and Logic 9. So far I have had no problems with this plugin. The manual is quick and too the point and offers an interesting explanation of the "Phaser" as we know it. The con…

  • Audio Damage Discord 3

    Audio Damage Discord 3 - "Really cool vocal manipulator"


    This is a pitch shifting software plugin that can be used on many different DAWs. I personally use it on PT 8 LE with my Digi 003 hooked up to my Macbook Pro. The setup was pretty basic, I downloaded the plug-in and installed it shortly after purchas…

  • Audio Damage Tattoo

    Audio Damage Tattoo - songboy's review


    This synth works fairly well in my setup. The only issue I have is there seems to be a 1/2 second worth of latency between when you select a cell and when it actually lights up and makes a noise. I have not needed the manual as this is very similar…

  • Audio Damage Big Sequencer

    Audio Damage Big Sequencer - songboy's review


    There are no compatibility issues with this program and Logic 9 and ableton 8.  As for the manual, I have never needed to consult it.  This is a fairly straight forward unit and shouldn't give you any trouble after spending five minutes with it.  Thi…

  • Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb

    Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb - songboy's review


    There were no compatibility issues running this plugin in Ableton 8 or Logic 9.  There are only four parameters, "Microphone" (input gain),  "Delay", "Repeat", and "Depth" on this plugin (5 if you include the pointless "Battery Check") so there is no…

  • Audio Damage Replicant

    Audio Damage Replicant - songboy's review


    This is one of the few plugins that I can say yes, there were some compatibility issues.  I use this in both Ableton 8 and Logic 9.  It works great with one exception, automation.  I don't use Ableton 8 to actually write music, just perform it, so I …

  • Audio Damage FuzzPlus2 [Freeware]

    Audio Damage FuzzPlus2 [Freeware] - songboy's review


    I have had zero compatibility issues with this plugin so far.  I don't believe this plugin even came with a manual.  It is a very simple and easy to use plugin as it is designed like a very simple distortion pedal.  Yes, the setup couldn't be easier.…

  • Audio Damage ADverb

    Audio Damage ADverb - songboy's review


    I had no compatibility issues running this plugin on my macbook.  As for manuals, there is really no need for one, this is a emulation of a very simple plate reverb unit.  If you had experience with one before, this is going to be cake for you, if no…