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reFX Virtual Samplers user reviews

  • reFX NEXUS

    reFX NEXUS - "Great product"


    Easy and problem-free installation. Easy-to-install expansions and very well organized in categories. No incompatibility problems with cubase nor protools. Logical and simple manual. It's a sample preset player. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE My setup…

  • reFX NEXUS

    reFX NEXUS - "A very versatile vsti"


    I'll admit, I'm a musician first and a producer second. I have a hard time finding instrument plugins I like. Most are really hit or miss for me. If I can't get a good sound in 20 minutes I'm done. Out of the box Nexus is surprising. There aren'…

  • reFX NEXUS

    reFX NEXUS - "Not a bad plugin"


    It's a pretty clear plugin. Installing was on the easy side. It works fine on Windows XP and has never caused problems within FL Studio. The GUI is simple and clean. You can get to all the features very easily such as the arpegiator. SUITABILITY/PE…

  • reFX NEXUS

    reFX NEXUS - vanpopoff's review


    No remarks SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE No remarks OVERALL OPINION Simple AMAZING. The sounds are very big and spellbinding, but oriented towards Trance, techno, etc. .........However, I don't think it dwarfs atmosphere because I don't think they play…

  • reFX NEXUS

    reFX NEXUS - Nostromoripley's review


    Easy installation! It's child's play! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE It works fine both on a MAC and a PC (I tested it with GARAGE BAND and CUBASE ) A bit heavy on RAM, but that's normal ;) OVERALL OPINION What I like best? The SOUND, what a SOUND!! …

Translated user reviews
  • reFX NEXUS

    reFX NEXUS - Alex Phoenix's review


    No problem SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I have a Macbook Air 2013 and it works without problem. After that depends more on the number of tracks in your software. OVERALL OPINION I use it for 2 years and I am very satisfied. What I particularly lik…

  • reFX NEXUS

    reFX NEXUS - you&me's review


    Simple, fast, I use it in Fruity Loops, the interface is very nice SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE settings (laptop) and it's really stable, and performance of this app is really EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!! OVERALL OPINION I have been using this Ette, franch…