Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]

Synth1 [Freeware], Virtual subtractive synth from Daichi Laboratory.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
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jonoftheshred88's review"Freeware At It's Finest?"

Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
As far as compatibility issues go, I do not recall any instances of software malfunctioning. When I first started using Synth 1 and importing banks into it, I do remember the process being rather confusing at first - loaded banks would frequently disappear. And while the general setup / configuration of the synthesizer is extremely easy to navigate, I think the imagery would benefit from a more professional looking design.

Another thing I would like to mention is loading the presets from banks is rather tedious. If you want to browse different sounds, you can only choose ONE AT A TIME, then the library box disappears. Sure, this is only a few-second inconvenience, but it makes browsing the preset sounds so much more difficult and time consuming, when it seems like something that could be fixed with ease.


Synth1 works brilliantly with my DAW. It's a very versatile synth with a great diversity of sounds. I've never noticed any CPU spikes, it's never bogged down my DAW or anything like that. The software seems stable, and aside from the minor issues mentioned earlier (unappealing interface design, library windows closing whilst browsing presets) seems quite stable, even multiple instances running simultaneously.

I actually opted not to use this synth for years based on it's looks alone - I know, ignorance at it's finest! But 6 years ago I was not as well versed in VST's as I am now. I just couldn't understand why so many went on about how Synth1 is the ultimate freeware VST. Now, years later, I can understand the love for this VST far more than I did back then.


The best thing about Synth1 is it's surplus of diverse sounds. This thing can nail any tone you're looking for! And the user support is incredible - literally hundreds of banks. For the price of FREE you can't complain about Synth1, it truly shouldn't be freeware but I am very grateful that it is. I know producers who make full albums with Synth1, and they sound pretty killer!

You simply can't go wrong with freeware, and Synth1 is amongst the best of them, right there with my other personal favorite freeware VST, SQ8L.

AlanForPresident's review"Very in Depth"

Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
Synth 1 is a very basic VST, but it has the potential to give you everything you will need and more. But only if you want to get into depth with it. You can edit all of the parameters right on the main dashboard of the Vst. There are so many different options and things that you can do with your sounds (if you choose). You will need to have some sort of understand of how to work with sounds and mold them or else you will be stuck with a bunch of horrific presets. The presets that come with Synth1 are not very good at all. Also there are not very many of them. I advise you to stay away from this if you don’t want to put the work in and tweak some knobs. There is no manual for Synth1 but there are some tutorials online.


I have been using Synth1 for a short while now , though I do think that I have had it on my computer for a long time. The interface is not very appealing to me and there are just so many options on the main screen that it’s a bit over bearing. But Synth 1 is very stable and will work great no matter what system you are running it on.


If you are into designing analog sounds and tweaking some knobs then this VST is for you without a question. You will love working with all of the options that it gives and you will be in total control of your synth. But if you are not into doing all of the dirty work and don’t like to have all of those options then this synth isn’t for your. I am happy that I have it though because from time to time I will load it up and mess around. But I just don’t use it that much. There is nothing to lose here though, because it is a freeware. Its worth the download.

Tonka's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" simple and powerful"

Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
Must spend some time on the management of sound banks, but the versions rcentes is when even more really better than before!


trslger software, no problem ...


I use it for 7 years I think. In the era I liked the simplicity of controls that allowed me to start doing some sound design ... but I thought the sound rev limit and since I am trying in vain all vsti that I come to hand, in search of powerful and easy synth on which to spend time ...

And then a few days ago I pushed the curiosities Tlcharger version 1.12 and some banks and Tlcharger: LA slap! I had to hand all this time the ultimate synth I was looking around, combining extreme simplicity and power ^ me sound!

So he came back well into my favorites.

For against my advice is to really take the time to search the net looking for good sound banks.

tnk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
We copy the DLL, it works ... that you ask for?
The management of sound banks is not empty at first, but extremely powerful once matrise.
on the other hand, question pRSET plant and doc is the zero-point ... but as the controls are so clear and empty, has done enough.


Config: PIII 2.8GHz
Soft super stable, say nothing of the cot l.
Analog synth emulator trs versatile (subtractive synthesis and FM), arpges ... Sounds of clarity and exceptional EHJV, cratives incredible opportunities. The top of the accumulation of analog synth. Fa-bu-lous! Tablecloths clestes, percussive bass or desire, sounds of exceptional richness. In short, for me, the synth possder need of emergency


Used since 2005.
Likes: The power, the diversity of sound. A Nordlead in my PC, all gratos, I say congratulations!
I like least: the look (but honestly, I do ...)
Report quality prize: Nordlead gratos door click ... 10/10 of course!
A plug worthy of the best commercial of his espce plugs. If you are in your electro, whatever your gender (Trance, Ambient, D & B, Dance, Jungle ...), you will find - or you can easily CRER - the sounds you need. Trs good for RnB too.
In short, an indispensable free ... that you ask for?!?

batman14's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
We copy the dll in the file and it prfr hte Get You Started his favorite!
No need for manual, there are only the modules on this classic synth.
Level configuration that is more synth and intuitive, it can be used in subtractive FM with a hint of it.
The management of presets is simple, with a system that can grate on-board 10 banks of 128 presets. It is even possible to assign color patches.


This synth does not consume anything ... wonder if the running time.
I use it personally to the electro, so I speak in this area.
I do not see elsewhere in another situation.

Time to dtails crisp:
The filters are simply mchants!
It sounds aggressive, always musical. Fun push back the filters to observe the distortions. I've never met one raction weird and chaotic in the filter. Trs cod is well! They are so good that the fun of all the bass tweeter encountered.

The effect modules are nice, but I use trs little, except the distortion, which is classic, nothing more. I would recommend the use of plug-ins for it.

Reverb / delay is clean and offers quick volume. I complte a reverb in my squenceur when I really looking for the effect heavy.
The chorus can give good grimey bass when you want, and can also flirt with the sound effect.

The qualiseur is, whatever we say convenient, and just right. If you want more, it will be done in channels in the host.

The sounds that can be well out pais, with its unison mode and does not need to make excessive layering of heavy when you want.

I do not like with the pads. With two LFOs, two envelopes, it is hard to make a complex sound and scrolls. Dous more people than I get there trs well, but I prfre get a small crystal to everything!
After all, a good synth is not a gas plant is an instrument that is known to use at the right time!


To make drum & bass, electro techno, ...
I would not recommend this synth to compose a polyphonic music look as the characters are trs typ.

I use it for two years now, and when I think I have been around, I return it by chance, and I said "fuck it is bte, but I like".
As proof, the first synth I mapped my MIDI controller, it is that I load when I want to test a plug-in effect.

Note that the original banks are really not terrible. Nolwen has made them beautiful trs.
I made one I like normment, but it is not online! :-)

Djeeloo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Daichi Laboratory Synth1 [Freeware]
Installation very simple.
No incompatibility on my system
Once launched you must specify o are the sound banks (2 and 8 empty slots provided, 128 presets each) For all a, click the "OPT" (Option)
No need for manual


Config: AMD Athlon 2400 +, 256MB RAM, and trs stynth works well, even before a config + lgre.
No crack or crash event.
He did not seem too greedy.


I use deuis + a year and it sounds good trs, possible parameters are largely sufficient and certainly effective trs.
The arpeggiator is simple but we ask no more. The rglages effect are not more numerous, but enough to sound the Synth1. The sounds of all fawns are dry enough for rich sound. The sound palette is wide enough, the pads are enjoyable, the leads have a beautiful color. The percussive sounds are improved, but it's a matter of taste.
It is a kind of accumulation of the Nord Lead, parat it (I've never tried to Nordlead!

Regret: it is mono timbral (but polyphonic with switch: mono / poly / Legato all of the same)
In addition: You can rgler the size of the window (think close and reopen) and the color of the interface, the button "OPT".
Finally, an excellent synth for EURO ZERO, trs enjoyable to use, sounds great and forcment not focus on one style. We can Tlcharger other banks of its online.
Ben left me that a true test to see Nord Lead ...