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U-He Virtual subtractive synths user reviews

  • U-He Repro-5

    U-He Repro-5 - "Two Repros without reproach!"


    Mastering a plugin requires time, and the time we can dedicate to music is rare enough (and the plug-ins that come with our DAWs numerous enough) to make the purchase of a plug-in a much thought out act – at least, that’s my approach of things, and p…

  • U-He Tyrell N6 v3

    U-He Tyrell N6 v3 - "Very complete for a freeware"


    Tyrell N6 is a substractive synthesis virtual instrument which is very complete for a freeware. It features 2 oscillators (sine/tri/saw/square for the first one, saw/square for the second) plus a sub (square), plus a noise generator (white or pink…