U-He Virtual Synths user reviews

  • U-He Repro-5

    U-He Repro-5 - "Two Repros without reproach!"


    Mastering a plugin requires time, and the time we can dedicate to music is rare enough (and the plug-ins that come with our DAWs numerous enough) to make the purchase of a plug-in a much thought out act – at least, that’s my approach of things, and p…

  • U-He Tyrell N6 v3

    U-He Tyrell N6 v3 - "Very complete for a freeware"


    Tyrell N6 is a substractive synthesis virtual instrument which is very complete for a freeware. It features 2 oscillators (sine/tri/saw/square for the first one, saw/square for the second) plus a sub (square), plus a noise generator (white or pink…

  • U-He Zebra 2

    U-He Zebra 2 - "Lots of features and with a well organized GUI"


    I run this synth on a Macbook Pro (10.6.8) with an RME Fireface 800 in both Ableton 8 and Logic 9. So far I have had zero compatibility issues. The Zebra 2 performs very well in both DAW's without any hiccups. The overall sound quality is very goo…

Translated user reviews
  • U-He Bazille

    U-He Bazille - " i like this box is out's"


    it is still in beta but it does not crash windows7 amd phenom II x4 3.42 12giga ssd 160giga SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE since the first beta that date two years with any ugly interface but the approach had already fascinated me I have tri…

  • U-He Zebra 2

    U-He Zebra 2 - " A Best"


    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NxyoA7WvF7c FITNESS / PERFORMANCE -Of Huge sound possibilities, a very thorough synthesis, a great modularity. One must now it can do almost everything (except the import of sample) and go in all registers. A mi…

  • U-He Zebra 2

    U-He Zebra 2 - " Pretty good, but ..."


    Installation is no problem, I encountered no problems accounting, or bugs, or delays, or freez ... The GUI is a sadness! Almost as depressing as that of Largo ... say it! My configuration: - Asus cm - Intel i7 3.4 Ghz - RAM Corsair 16GB …

  • U-He DIVA

    U-He DIVA - " You dreamed, U-HE did!! huge"


    Installation very simple, no config incompatibilities and very intuitive, the manual not read because I had a bunch of VSTI and sytnhés hardware, and given the logic of this synth I read the manual was not helpful SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Installe…

  • U-He DIVA

    U-He DIVA - " Very very good, highly recommend"


    Easy nothing to report SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE A little hard side performance, but my mac book pro i7 quad core manages without problems even in maximum quality mode divine. OVERALL OPINION 1 month of happiness and it will continue. The so…

  • U-He DIVA

    U-He DIVA - " DIVA marks the end of the playground in the world of analog modeling!"


    The installation is very simple. To activate the software you just need to copy the license key received by email after purchase. It is possible to install sound banks in a different directory than the VST. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE The softwar…

  • U-He ACE (Any Cable Everywhere)

    U-He ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) - " Ultra clear sound! Psychadelic"


    Simple! characteristic Plug-in software synthesizer with semi-modular virtual analog sound generation Formats: VST (Windows XP), VST / AU / RTAS (Mac OS X 10.4), no standalone! Only in a DAW! Requirements: VST 2 host software compatible w…