DIVA, Virtual Modular Synth from U-He.

Ghislain2b 10/06/2012

U-He DIVA : Ghislain2b's user review

«  DIVA marks the end of the playground in the world of analog modeling! »

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The installation is very simple.
To activate the software you just need to copy the license key received by email after purchase.
It is possible to install sound banks in a different directory than the VST.


The software is stable but terribly hungry CPU.
This is the price to pay for a truly exceptional sound reproduction.
However, the options of the software, it is possible to adjust the rendering quality depending on the power of your configuration.


DIVA is a semi-modular synthesizer hybrid in the sense that you can choose to use the section VCO, VCF and envelope famous analog synthesizers as Minimmog, Jupiter, Juno, or MS-20 and to combine these build your own synthesizer VA.
It has a very decent effects section and provided with full sound in different styles. You can control just what vst with any midi control surface.
Finally sound side, I leave you to judge the quality with this little demo I made:

On the publisher's website you can also find other songs: https://www.u-he.com/cms/diva
Without doubt, the software opens a new era in the field of VA and may precipitate in the closet many VST!