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Sugar Bytes Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Sugar Bytes Unique

    Sugar Bytes Unique - "2nd to none"


    Sugar Bytes Unique was a vst synth that I purchased over a year ago for around 200 to 250 dollars. At first I though that was too much to pay because they didn’t have a demo online to download available and I was worried about paying that amount of m…

  • Sugar Bytes Cyclop

    Sugar Bytes Cyclop - "pretty unique "


    When I first heard about Cyclop I was very curious because I heard other people talking about it. So I went in without a clue and purchased it without any trials or demo downloads or anything. Im not sure if they even have a demo download version of …

  • Sugar Bytes Unique

    Sugar Bytes Unique - "My New Favorite Virtual Synth!"


    This is a really nice virtual synth plug-in. It is basically an analog synth emulator. It has great oscillators and phase shifters on it, and can really get some wacky, awesome sounds. I didn't have any issues getting it set up in Logic. In fact, I f…

  • Sugar Bytes Unique

    Sugar Bytes Unique - songboy's review


    No, there were no compatibility issues with this plugin and my Macbook running Logic 9 and Ableton 7.  I browsed the manual once before I installed it, but there is no real need to look at it.  That is, if you are familiar with the operations of a sy…

Translated user reviews
  • Sugar Bytes Unique

    Sugar Bytes Unique - " Bomb"


    no problem installing on Mac OS 10.6 SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Mac Book Pro 2.4 GHZ ... 5 bodies responsible in logic, with many other plugs without any problems. obviously consumes few resources OVERALL OPINION I use it for over a year. It is …

  • Sugar Bytes Unique

    Sugar Bytes Unique - Hurû ?'s review


    - Installation is it done without problem? No problem: launch the installer without forgetting dsigner the right directory for VST plug-ins when asked. - Have you encountered the incompatibilits? Not - Is Gnrale configuration is easy? o -…