FLOWMOTION, VJ Software from Robotfunk.

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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ulys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TOp! It's going super fast and very fluid"


My poor Juliette
The use of resources software startup Flowmotion is justified to allocate memory stable ... it is more reliable than the current soft!
Why my good sir you tell me? Simple: It seems that the design of soft Boque the amount of memory needed for smooth video clips,
His own engine uses: No need to quick time and any other pollutant windows ... Me, I use default always systematically MPG2 (DVD) for example on a standard Windows XP Congig a 1.6GHz dual core pentium with 2gb Ram
yet what I puisceque HD interress is primarily fluidity
and fast response period of change between video effects etc etc ....
I really think the Programmer of Flowmotion Moonster and have far more merit than those who programed Resolume and Arkaos (Heavy Cher demanding capricious and unstable)
I put a little time to myself after having tried a software package which Arkaos VJ (mouais) Resolume (pie too dependent on the other applcations and heavy), Aertesis (plant repetition), Tokyo live (toy), Moonster (super top but alas too low resol) I continue my quest currently the most soft
fluid, creative and timely manner.

I Am says:
Laplupart the apps I telecharge current demo version
I start there then we require installing a bunch of stuff
OpenGL version, a glue that directx (which blocks your programs some of your other older if you install it!), Some codecs, frame work,
window install C + + (to choose among 12 good version!)
It's not over, it is necessary Quick Time (which he'll have to singnifie convert everything to be even. Mov all this for soft to average € 800 madame!
Flowmotion seems to be the auto convertion when importing the video into
work plan (I tried with avi and mpg file ca roule) ...
Once a bank full of videos I save this bank with name xxx
It works as a DJ set ...

Flowmotion Mom ............. Nothing to say ... A standard computer and it is ok! It's going super fast and very fluid unlike soft VJ Heavy Current expensive and very badly fucked, necessitating the huge machine to a level of their laziness Programmer ... (Bin vs DLL)
a real horror, install lots of other soft + a video card art work before seeing the smallest video, ending in crash that soft bumps on any bug

In such furious speed and fluidity also try Moonster (ca dated but it is an excellent model for the live side of the video (it works on the key or key Synth computer is great done! Uncle Ren

juliette47's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I know I know I do not know what's going on with this app c but you run, your dj 50% of the CPU and RAM so that it nya running anything yet ... I have the test on several BCAN and each was the same faith not comfortable at all ... is a shame because by c against the effects and textures are rather interassantes!!

komar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Trouble-free installation
Incompatibility: ing
Config gnrale: trs simple
Manual: in French / German, covers well the features offered diffrent

Config: p4 2.4,1 GB RAM, Matrox G450, rm1x + Pocket Dial
The app runs fine, stable (test 12 hours)
Performance level: possibility to work on more than 5 video layers both
This program ncessite especially the ram (the minimum recommended is 1 GB)
I put 9 because we really need the ram!
ps: also works on OSX

User for 3 years, I apprci the evolution of the product, made according to the demands of users.The 'main intrt RSID is that everything is controllable by noon, there automation of many, we are just facing a kind of expander / video squenceur
I tried beacoup other programs of this type before I DCID for the cause of it: its stability in its live capabilities, its forum, the cost of its crateur Fast Fashion and freedom it provides.
Report quality price: 100 euros for it is a visual software cheapest and most efficient (limited offer)