Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Processor
Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Processor

TA-1VP Vocal Processor, Vocal Processor from Tascam.

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stompboxjon's review"Good but I prefer digital pitch correction because it is easier to work with"

Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Processor
The Tascam TA-1VP is a vocal processor that comes ready to be racked. It will take up one rack space and looks similar to a Roland Fantom XR rack (though it is a completely different type of product). It has a small LCD screen on the front of it that will allow you to see all of your modes and options easily. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen to fit with more of the way you want to see it.


The 2 band EQ on the TA-1VP is what really surprised me because it was easy to work with and access, and so was the variable compression. This unit has Antares Auto Tune pitch correction built into it. I have used Anatares Auto Tune in the past on my computer in plug in format so I knew how good it was. But in the hardware form I was not sure how good it was going to be. After using it the first time I knew that it was better than the software was, but it was just a little more difficult to operate because on a computer you have a bigger screen to work with.


Setting up this vocal processor took no time at all. The manual was easy to understand and work with. You can choose presets to work with directly from the front of the processor and pick which on you want in scale mode for your pitch correction.


Even though using the pitch correction on this piece of hardware is great, I would still prefer to use it as a VST or Plug In though because if feel like I have more control and have a bigger screen to work with rather than this little LCD screen. If I had to make the decision again, I probably would not have got this rack just because working with the pitch correction options was difficult to work with at times.