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Roland Wind Instruments news

  • [NAMM] Roland FR-1x Accordion

    [NAMM] Roland FR-1x Accordion

    01/18/12 in Roland FR-1X

    Roland announces the newest members of the V-Accordion family, the compact FR-1x.

  • Roland FR-18 Diatonic Accordion Available

    Roland FR-18 Diatonic Accordion Available

    06/01/11 in Roland FR-18D

    Roland announces the availability of the FR-18 digital diatonic accordion.

  • [NAMM] Roland FR-18 V-Accordion

    [NAMM] Roland FR-18 V-Accordion

    01/14/11 in Roland FR-18D

    Roland announces the new FR-18 diatonic V-Accordion, presented as the world’s first digital diatonic accordion.

  • [NAMM] Roland FR-18 Video Demo

    [NAMM] Roland FR-18 Video Demo

    01/14/11 in Roland FR-18D

    New Roland FR-18 Diatonic Video on AudioFanzine

  • [Musikmesse] Roland FR-3x V-Accordion

    [Musikmesse] Roland FR-3x V-Accordion

    03/30/10 in Roland FR-3X

    Roland announced the new compact FR-3x V-Accordion with new bellows pressure-sensing circuitry, USB Flash Memory connector for external storage.

  • [NAMM] Roland FR-1 Accordion

    [NAMM] Roland FR-1 Accordion

    01/21/09 in Roland FR-1

    Roland announced the new FR-1 V-Accordion that weighs twelve pounds and can simulate up to seven different distinct accordions, access four different organ presets with rotary effect, and play along with a variety of beats by adding drum sounds to the bass and chord buttons.

  • Roland FR-1 V-Accordion

    Roland FR-1 V-Accordion

    10/09/08 in Roland FR-1

    So new that no picture is available at the time of writing, the Roland FR-1 is the latest and most affordable addition to the V-Accordion range. While this impressive entry-level instrument has many of the features of the larger V-Accordion models, its compact size and weight make it the perfect instrument for young players or stage use.

  • Roland FR-3 MIDI V-Accordion

    Roland FR-3 MIDI V-Accordion

    07/29/08 in Roland FR-3

    The brand new junior member of the V-Accordion family, the FR-3, provides all the features of a traditional accordion—and a lot more! Lightweight and portable, the FR-3 seems unusually flexible for an accordion indeed...