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Roland FR-3 MIDI V-Accordion

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Roland FR-3
News Roland FR-3

Accordeon from Roland belonging to the FR series

The brand new junior member of the V-Accordion family, the FR-3, provides all the features of a traditional accordion—and a lot more! Lightweight and portable, the FR-3 seems unusually flexible for an accordion indeed...

- 37-key piano-type treble keyboard/120 bass buttons
- 7 new Orchestral Chord/Orchestral Free Bass registers with completely new sounds
- Onboard MIDI socket
- Supplied with an adapter and a battery compartment (for optional AA-type batteries)
- Bellows resistance regulator
- The FR-3 has no speakers, however the FR-3s is a complete, all-in-one model with powered speakers. Make sure you choose the right one when buying!


Accordion simulation

The FR-3 can simulate up to 10 different accordions, each including 12 Treble registers, 7 Bass/Chord registers, and 7 Free Bass registers (Free Bass and Bass/Chord are mutually exclusive). For these sounds, Roland sampled traditional acoustic accordions to provide an instrument that can emulate various accordion types, complete with their specific tuning characteristics. And although it is an electronic instrument, the FR-3 responds to bellows movement and pressure for enhanced expression. Stronger inward and outward movements create a richer, fuller sound, while lighter movements make the sound softer and quieter. There’s even a unique bellows resistance regulator that can be set to match the player’s strength or preference. Increasing or decreasing the bellows resistance is a matter of selecting one of four positions using a conveniently located wheel.

Educational functions

The FR-3 is ideal for students, say Roland. And not just because it is the smallest accordion in the world to provide a Free Bass mode, but also because it boasts an adjustable metronome. Thanks to the instrument’s MIDI functionality, students can even record their performance on their computer. “Practising has never been easier or more efficient”, adds the manufacturer.

Orchestral sounds

The V-Accordion includes 10 orchestral sounds (including Trombone, Trumpet, Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, etc.) that can be used together with the traditional accordion sounds in one of four selectable modes.

LED display

The FR-3 comes with a 3×7-segment LED for monitoring the current sound selections and setting a host of parameters. The illuminated Roland logo is interactive in that it changes colour depending on the accordion Set and section (accordion or orchestra) you select. You can even choose your favourite colour (from among 26 options), which may prove invaluable when you play in an accordion ensemble with several FR-3 users.

Ins and Outs

The FR-3 can be connected to various external devices (sequencer, arranger keyboards, etc.) using the onboard MIDI socket. Combined with a wireless system you can connect to the external outputs, the FR-3 can be used on the biggest stages while granting its player absolute freedom of movement. The FR-3 also provides a headphone socket.

The lightest member of the V-Accordion line

The FR-3 doesn’t have speakers and is therefore the lightest member of the V-Accordion family. Moreover it has a compartment for optional AA-type batteries (either one-way or rechargeable).

Also available in white.
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