SD Systems LCM 82
SD Systems LCM 82

LCM 82, Microphone for Wind Instruments from SD Systems.

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toots's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

SD Systems LCM 82
System with two cardioid microphones eletret a case with fantom 9v battery or power supply
one I have (12 years ...) consists of two microphones positioned one above the left hand, the other attached to the pavilion.
This works pretty well ... but given the price paid (3500F at the time) he had some DEFAUX rédebitoires:
No trimmings between the two channels (the new boxes are much better: two volume buttons + acute severe trimming), no equ a mini-jack cable (I actually false problems -contact at this level) and a true labor of eq to the console ... far too acute to medium 2500htz.
Warning recent boxes are improved ... I also think in a aquérir if I find a dealer that sell separately microphone system
Overall Opinion
Many Folks use on very large scenes (festivals and other francophonies) it m 'made
many services ... apart from DEFAUX recorded above and the fragility of the connectors / cables ... it has the advantage of being able to move while playing, not to hide and be accurate enough (good qualities microphones) reservation made to equ.
Warning égualement wind ... it is very sensitive.
I tried a lot of things ... customs made for me by "sondiés" ... the different SM98,57,421,441, KM184, U87 and 89,4050,414 ... of course it does not worth a couple of 414 ULS (a must for me on stage protected) but on extèrieurs trays or wherever the sound engineer did not really know this instrument (ie often ... many are playing music than rock or variety), or can not afford a 414, On the KM184 or 4050. Quality award for my model for the new 7/10 8 or 9