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Wireless Microphones user reviews

  • Shure EC/SM58

    Shure EC/SM58 - "Nice Wireless Microphone Similar to the SM58"


    The Shure SM58 UHF is a wireless microphone system. It is basically the wireless version of the SM58 by Shure. That microphone is a classic microphone from Shure so they decided to bring it to the wireless world. One of my favorite features of…

  • Shure Beta 87

    Shure Beta 87 - "Great sound and durability"


    The Shure Beta 87 is a supercardioid Condenser microphone designed for live use. This is a really warm, deep and rich sounding microphone that gets a very deep, studio-like sound on the stage. We are currently using two of these in our band; one fo…

  • Shure EC/SM58

    Shure EC/SM58 - moosers's review


    The Shure SM58 UHF is a wireless dynamic microphone that is designed for use on the stage for live shows and gigging. I recently used this microphone on my acoustic guitar for a live show that I played. I don't own the mic but the sound guy had a w…

Translated user reviews
  • Alto Professional MOD 16P/H

    Alto Professional MOD 16P/H - " alto pro mod 16 hf"


    hello just a little comment seen that there have not seen and that I have a this micro and very convenient for use by his side your vocal timbre because it has -> 14 different beaches karaoke style, jazz, feminine, sharp haevy and others that can c…

  • Shure BLX2/PG58

    Shure BLX2/PG58 - " Excellent micro"


    I use it for 5 months. Before I just use my wired microphone. What I like most is the perfect quality of voice reproduction, the simple installation of the receiver, the microphone is comfortable to hold and the range is spectacular! Value f…

  • Beyerdynamic TG-X 50

    Beyerdynamic TG-X 50 - blancjs's review


    I bought it at its output for my bass drum. Still requires an equalizer to properly highlight the GC in the mix. It is solid, quite heavy. Easy to place near the striking of water if you want a bit of attack. Good value for money. Used rating is …

  • Neumann KK 105-S

    Neumann KK 105-S - " Avoid it and not buy"


    I worked several years with this system SKM5000 head with Neumann K105S + EM3031 it is well on professional equipment of very good quality, however, few people outside of its pros able to properly adjust the microphone under penalty of a clings so co…

  • Shure SM86 Wireless

    Shure SM86 Wireless - " Perfect"


    I am a singer in a band, I did all last season. I am extremely happy and I wanted a wireless microphone that captures my voice as closely as possible, not more nor less, for me it is perfect. I think it's great for women's voices clear. We understa…

  • Beyerdynamic S 700

    Beyerdynamic S 700 - " Killed by TNT" has images


    It was the biggest competitor of Sennheiser SKM 4031TV and other Shure Wireless at the time. It was also the official micro Phil Collins. It was also seen on the set of Taratata, for example, many times ... With its many heads, the choice was vast.…

  • Beyerdynamic S 185 US

    Beyerdynamic S 185 US - " A must for HF Pros" has images


    The S185 is firstly a VHF (200 MHz) has interchangeable heads. It was a great competitor Sennheiser SKM 4031. It has been on the cross several TV studio (Drucker Taratata ...) with its head EM 186, EM see his head band 85. I use it for many years in…