Line 6 Relay G90
Line 6 Relay G90

Relay G90, Wireless system from Line 6 in the Relay series.

James... 10/12/2011

Line 6 Relay G90 : James...'s user review

« Very good unit for multiple instruments »

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I play guitar in a touring band with 3 guitarists and a bass player. We all prefer wireless when we tour. In the past we had all used our own rigs and our own wireless systems. The only issue with this was interference. Apparently (and not surprisingly) wireless systems of different brands in the same venue don't always play nice. Now 90% of the time we never had trouble, but there would always be one or two nights on tour where something weird would happen possibly because of the venue or the way we were set up onstage.

Anyway, we decided to spring for a single unit for all of us, and while we usually have a no-line 6 policy with the band, we did the research and made an exception here for what appeared to be a solid product. Features wise it's pretty abundant. 12 channels and 300 feet of range. We honestly don't use any of the XLR outs or any of that stuff. It's purely an instrument to rig interface thing for us. Line 6 pushes the no signal loss features pretty heavily with this unit which was not a huge selling point for us, since we haven't found a wireless yet that doesn't lose some signal. I have to say that this one is pretty transparent though. It does have the typical signal gain you inevitably get from every wireless but that's a fact of life. The big plus however, is the fact that we never get any interference. None at all. We've had as many as 5 transmitters running at once with no issues that we can hear at least. It's stood up to about 14 months of off and on touring in a rack. It has taken some drops too. Overall very impressive for functionality and reliability. The price is pretty decent too.