Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass
Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass

Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass, Wireless system from Samson Technologies in the AirLine series.

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wwhhhaatt 07/20/2011

Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass : wwhhhaatt's user review

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I bought this pedal when mars music went out of business. I think I paid around 50$ for it. The sound quality was okay and at the time it was probably one of the better deals for the money. I could get out into the crowd or walk around my house while playing and it did not seem to change my tone too much the farther I went. There was however a difference between it and a cable. It seemed to roll off some high end and the bass became a little less tight. Honestly it was not that bad but I am also the type of person to not get too hung up on things that can be fixed with some EQ on my amp. Having the receiver on my pedal board was awesome. I have always been a pedal board user and never wanted to run a 20 foot cable from a rack unit to my board then run through all my pedals before sending another 20 foot cable to my amp. That is just too much cabling to worry about and can add to the noise levels . This little box could be run of my pedal power and I could even mount it under the board to save some space. The main downside to this device was the transmitter. There is nothing to protect the transmitter from the dangers of a metal show. Things can get wild and having this plastic box sticking out of the guitar was always a concern. It got pulled out several times which I guess is better than it breaking but still an annoyance, especially in the middle of a song. The battery life was also less than ideal. I found myself changing the transmitter battery before every show which aside from the cost is also terrible for the environment. After a year or two I went back to a cable and only occasionally miss the freedom of wireless.