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Wireless systems user reviews

  • Line 6 Relay G10S

    Line 6 Relay G10S - "Unbelievable clarity that releases your tone"


    SOUND: The Relay G10S is a 2.4GHz wireless system for guitar (and other musical instruments) that produces (allows for) incredible tone because of its 24-bit uncompressed digital transmission (best in class ADC and DAC provide very low noise). Am…

  • Xvive U3

    Xvive U3 - "Outstanding" has images


    I chose this for use in live sound applications. I use this with both headset and handheld mics. There are no other comparable products in this price range. PROS: 1: Can be used with any dynamic microphone--whether headset, lavalier, or handheld …

  • Sennheiser fp 35

    Sennheiser fp 35 - "Very good, simple and can cover up to 300ft without dropouts"


    Good mic, reliable, ideal for speeches, karoke, MCs. The sound is all right (80-16000 hz), not too sensitive to feedback. Vocals come through fine. It probably has a bump in the mids. It has a switch at the bottom, but no mute, some handling noi…

  • Shure GLXD24/SM86

    Shure GLXD24/SM86 - "WOW!"


    I could borrow this Shure GLXD24/SM86 (condenser, about US$ 650.-) along with a Sennheiser XSw 35 (dynamic, about US$450) for about a week and check them out. I thought it was going to be hard to decide between the two, but I was wrong. This wireles…

  • Sennheiser fp 35

    Sennheiser fp 35 - "Good mic, but ...?"


    How long have you been using it? Two years and one month. It has broken down twice in two years, but it's no longer under guarantee. And it's the exact same problem, but other than that it's a good mic. I don't like the power switch being at th…

  • Shure SLX24/SM58

    Shure SLX24/SM58 - "A solid choice for your wireless needs!"


    Well the thing to like most is that it's wireless! Your freedom of movement is no longer restricted by your cables! What's not to like? Well, if you've been dealing with wireless systems for awhile you know that when you start adding more and more wi…

  • Samson Technologies Stage 55 Lavalier System

    Samson Technologies Stage 55 Lavalier System - "Only 120 dollars??"


    The Stage 55 Lavalier is a wireless system that comes with a transmitter and receiver. It only cost 120 dollars making it one of the most affordable wireless systems that are out. It is a high quality product for this price and should not be passed …

  • LD Systems MEI 100

    LD Systems MEI 100 - "For beginners"


    I've been using this in-ear monitor for over two years. It's my first in-ear system. I had never used one before. What I like most: The price is more than OK, because it allows you to enter the in-ear world without going broke. The sound is quite al…

  • Line 6 XD-V70HS

    Line 6 XD-V70HS - "Great mic for speaking"


    The Line 6 mic element sounds great. I have previously used condensers and dynamics in my mics for various reasons, and their capsule sounds as good, and in my opinion better than any Shure…but if you are still a slave to those mics ( many Front of h…

  • Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass

    Samson Technologies Airline Systems - Guitar/Bass - "ok"


    I bought this pedal when mars music went out of business. I think I paid around 50$ for it. The sound quality was okay and at the time it was probably one of the better deals for the money. I could get out into the crowd or walk around my house while…