Korg M3 61
Korg M3 61

M3 61, Workstation from Korg in the M3 series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Korg M3 61

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 3 reviews43 %
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la.boulanderie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg M3 61
I'm not going redétailler the features of this keyboard.


The configuration is done well but we can not say that it is simple. I would not recommend it to beginners.

Manual level, I am very upset that there is no French translation of the detailed manual. We must also print or even the detailed manual of over a thousand pages in English but is more convenient to have a book in front rather than a computer.


At the sound, I find it really interesting, whatever the style (especially with the free extension proposed by Korg).

Personally I prefer the Roland sounds which have changed little in 15 years. I am less familiar with the Yamaha that looks as impressive.

The contribution of Karma is a huge plus for living and evolving sounds.


I have this keyboard for 3 years. It replaced my old Ensoniq MR 61 as well but in a different era. I like the look of high-tech and Korg in the dark all these lights is very nice. The zippers are a bit fragile though I had no problem. I love the quality of the keyboard is very quiet and not too plop plop when you play it.

My use of this keyboard is a bit special because I use it mainly master keyboard and rather as a workstation. I do not use the sampler and sequencer little. I use the sounds in alternation with the plugin that I may have. I will come to him for pianos, organs, and very often but mostly for making tablecloths Karmalisées.

I used it for a show or I provided only the keyboards and guitar. I had prepared sounds and sequences that I threw at As the show. The preparation for this show forced me to return to the beast and so I used the many possibilities of the machine (the Karma of course, the pads ,...). I think it had some effect on viewers because it was not just building a start sequence and is played over it, it was a real live game which fitted elsewhere in the work of the actors.

For me this keyboard can be used to do many things and if there is inventive enough to do. I think it is fairly complex for a beginner to tackle. You should know that I am not keyboardists guitarist but my use of keyboards is a little empirical (but just the Korg makes things interesting for those who are not very technical) and my opinion should be considered in this context. A real pleasure

fredmiami's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Showman"

Korg M3 61


edition easy and intuitive to own korg


Swiss Army exellente invoice for the scene we can do absolutely everything, exellent sound palette, sampler correct.
A worthy successor korg korg favorites such as the M1, the T series, newts.


+ A year, I had a roland yamaha (very good acoustic sounds) Kurzweill, navigation & publishing continues to korg is a winner!
it sounds very clean.

soundphase's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg M3 61
I use the M3 (rack only, without extension Radias). I have a XV5080 (Roland) and Motif-Rack (Yamaha).

I use all via Sonar XL. (Cakewalk)

it is a "workstation" and not a synthtiseur is - that with a keyboard alone, of course you have a drum track, an automatic accompaniment trs complex of rpart one or more solos on the keyboard.

In dtail
- A little less than 128 voice polyphony. (126 or 120) on 16 "tracks," rpart of 16 midi channels
- Controller for PM: sliders, pads and touch screen (x / y). If you take the keyboard, you have two more switches on / off a joystick and a "ribbon". Sounds are prprogramms to use these controllers.
- It is capable of "sampler" (I have yet to begin on this)
- It possde a squenceur Intgr: Since Sonar, I extend mode "squenceur", which allows me to combine a track "Sonar" a "Prog" or "Combi". It can also copy a "combi" complte (16 tracks) 16 tracks on the way "squenceur" in order to address each channel indpendamment.
- 4x128 "Prog" (same as "patches"), Combis and 3x128 (same as "Performance") pre-programs (new progs / combis Radias appear with the map). The combis possdent a DrumTrack.

- A 3-band per track qualiseur
- There are 5 insert effects (a wide choice trs), which can be chaining particulirement complex.
- These are 5 insert effects chainable in a second time in two parallle to global effects (equivalent to chorus / reverb usual, but you can put any effect), which chainent again, to an effect global (like compression, intgralement paramtrable)
- The sounds of drum kits, are associated individually (sound by sound) one of the five insert effects.
- A track can be associated with an insert effect (an effect that chain to the next and so on), or directly to one of two global effects a

- Ahll KARMA.
- It allows
- Batteries (fill in Intgr)
- The arpges
- The effects of atmosphere (the little sounds that almost does not notice, but which are essential)
- To grow the basic sounds in the sounds of rptant Manir trs fast (eg marimba, vibraphone)
- There are over 2000 "patterns"-pr program.
- MIDI controllers can control the Karma, PForm patterns, or effects associated with patterns ... Exceptional.

Combi mode or squenceur is played on a midi channel (with a piano sound, channel 1 for example), and the canal is a chain of Karma, module A with the sounds associated with the channel 2 , and module B to channel 3. On channel 2, we put a battery module Karma, on channel 3, there is a module of Karma arpges violin (like the Berlin Philharmonic). Knowing that same module can possder scnes 4 or 8 (=> 4, or 8 DIFFERENT arpges, 4 or 8 batteries diffrent), accessible from pressing a key on the rack ...
We play a piano chord, and here we are with a philharmonic orchestra (timpani, drum rolls, and violins ...)

- Analog L / R + 1 6 (vrifier)
- Numrique: S / P DIF optical only (too bad there is no coaxial)
- FW card option

APRS several months of use and crushing, I turn 10. WHAT STAND!


Given the possibility of bte, to master, it is complex. It takes several weeks. One gets done.

The printed manual is a little lightweight, it must look at the PDF "paramtres" which explains step by step, all the options


- Batteries are exceptional prprogrammes
- Sounds are exceptional good (actually, it is perhaps a little better the cot of Motif XS)
- The effects are exceptionally well doss (distortions are not too heavy, rverbs are excellent, the wah-wah guitar sound real ...)
- The combis are magical, thanks to patterns of Karma (the strums of guitar, harp arpges discrete derrire the violins, arpges house / techno with Bass-Drums of discothque .. .)
- The sound is fine, although quilibrbr trs /> - MIDI controllers change the time, the sounds, but also the patterns of karma. Many dynamic

When I compare the ground-rack (not ES) and the XV-5080, I put roughly 10, even if we can always blame something (bagpipes, some steel guitars), when one truly seeks.


I use it for two weeks of fairly intensive Manir.

I tried the Motif XS at the store (1 hour), but just how "Patch". It's difficult in this case to judge and compare objectively. The reason XS seemed too close to my Motif-Rack, and I did not find any equivalent in Karma on XS.

What I like most at the moment: prprogramms patterns of Karma, the ingnieurs Korg provided an exceptional job. I did not know before Karma.
What I miss: an S / P DIF coaxial.

QualitPrix Report: 9 / 10 (can not put 10, you can always find it too expensive)

I had no Korg before and I do not regret my choice.
APRS several months of use and crushing, I turn 10. WHAT STAND!

Oscarp007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg M3 61
I possde a Triton Le 61 keys for two years.
N'tant not a musician, I encountered the problem of the lack of support and understanding. Rcemment in qute a keyboard arranger complmentaire I t stupfait to see how much he had to ruin for a sound and performance galls on Triton, both input ranges are poor and its limitations.
In discovering the M3, I naturally does not sduit first class pure design trs height refined sound it produces. J'tais party to invest EUR 700 in a PSR-3000-hand and it is 1900 euros I NWPD for the rack of M3.
Coupled with Triton LE as a keyboard I possde the best hybrid set that can be manufactured. We must now go around the possibility of all. This is quite exceptional as exprience sound ......


For the location, use a trick with a system that mcanique of Querre simple.
The edition of sounds and effects is user-friendly color touch screen the grace. Were afraid to BTIS, but this does not much intrt Submitted to the extent that the original presets are rich and well conus. Why do you want to change any price.
The manual is not explicit about trs playing midi files imported from the outside. The unit does not play like it have been designed. May be a paramtrage perform.


The sounds and arrangements are atypical, and do any other instrument brand competitor. It achte KORG sound for its avant-garde in particular, and especially if you do not want to be like everyone else is saying ball and popular accessories karaoke with friends, (although that j'adrore cel.
The style is pure without compromise, without burrs, to sounds and modern music style art of noise by exemple.Toutefois all is super comfortable in the classic guitars and orchestras for film music composition by example.
I'm looking ds Submitted patterns and other styles installed in the M3. I do not know o find .......


I use it for two days, but possde the exprience of newt, not too dpays.
What I like most is the design and the purity of sound.
What I like least is that my budget has taken a hit for a while!!
But I believe that with more money, would have the oasis may be tent. Cel said, we must also know what you want and not get the M3 for an oasis away from the poor l. These are two concepts compltement Different.