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Yamaha DXS user reviews

  • Yamaha DXS15

    Yamaha DXS15 - "Distortion at high volumes"


    The Yamaha DXS15 is a 15 inch 600 watt active sub with a clean sounding low end bass at moderate volumes. If you start to really crank it up you will start to notice a little amount of distortion. It does have a high power class D amplifier and it is…

  • Yamaha DXS12

    Yamaha DXS12 - "Perfect for the mobile working DJ"


    The Yamaha DXS12 is a 600 watt active subwoofer with a clean sound even at high volumes in mid-sized clubs and venues. I have worked with this sub on about 15 different occasions and the thing about it that fascinates me is that for this price you do…

  • Yamaha DXS15
  • Yamaha DXS12

    Yamaha DXS12 - " Efficient housing"


    Use additional pregnant DXR10. Using the high pass filter upstream of the speakers. Correct rendering with dynamic bass effective. Use to exit battery (GC) and especially low. Rendering music is good and adds punch missing pregnant. Versatile w…